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High tide. Surfers love it. Boat captains love it. Fishermen love it. But if you love WordPress, and we know you do, you’ll love the benefits the OceanWP (Ocean Extra + All Addons Pack) Free Download High Tide is bringing to you!

We know you fancied theOceanWP Panel Makeover and the Starboard update. But our work is never done and the summer is not over yet 😉

The High Tide OceanWP update release brings you powerful improvements and an exciting new feature. For example, the improved Google Fonts local hosting we introduced to you in the OceanWP Breeze Spring Update release. Battling GDPR regulations can be tedious, and we’ll do our best to help you as much as possible by providing you with the right means.

But the novelty we believe you’ll be interested the most is the Ocean Elementor Sections Library feature, which is tied to the Ocean Core Extensions Bundle and the Ocean Pro Demos plugin.

The OceanWP High Tide Update has been published on August 9th 2022, and in this article we’ll cover the highlights.

OceanWP Update Release 3.5.3

Load Elementor Google Fonts from Site

GDPR should not stop you from using one of your favorite page builders.

As you know, when enabling Elementor to rely on theme typography settings instead of its own, as long as all typography values in Elementor are set to default, you won’t be experiencing any problems with Google fonts but only if you’re using the OceanWP theme option to load Google fonts locally (from site).

The same sentence as above but in plain English:

  1. Set all desired font families via Customize > Typography in OceanWP;
  2. Enable Google Fonts from Site via Customize > Typography > General;
  3. Make sure Elementor is set to inherit theme’s typography settings via Elementor > Settings;
  4. When editing in Elementor, make sure the font family is always set to “Default”;
  5. No problemo.

But, Elementor’s default settings include running Elementor fonts instead of the theme’s, therefore many users are unfamiliar with this option. In addition to it, any time you’d like to make changes and select a different font family instead of the ones you assigned in the Customizer, you’d encounter a problem – Elementor would load fonts off the Google site.

This has become an issue for everyone who take GDPR seriously, especially since the free version of Elementor (which we use in our website demo templates) does not allow you to use local fonts.

OceanWP to the rescue!

This new OceanWP feature allows you to load Google fonts in Elementor from you site with a single click – no pro features required, no font upload required, no mess, only joy.

All you need to do is make sure to set Elementor to rely on theme font settings, via your WP dashboard, Elementor > Settings, then check the option to Disable Default Fonts (and colors if you wish).

Improved Google Fonts Front-End Rendering

Whether you use plugins or child themes to load fonts from site (aka custom font upload), or the new OceanWP feature that allows you to load Google fonts locally with a single click – browsers will not display “custom” fonts that are considered as insecure file types. Instead, your content will be rendered using the browser’s default font, which is usually Arial or Times New Roman.

Why is this happening and what does it mean?

This means that your WordPress website installation is using the http:// URL which is considered as unsafe (see WP Dashboard, Settings > General), or that the SSL certificate is not correctly applied, or is unable to cover everything coming from your site (fonts, images, etc).

Because of this, some (Ocean Extra + All Addons Pack)nulled users were unable to use the OceanWP Google Fonts from Site option aka the chosen font did not render on website’s front-end. But, the OceanWP development team has made sure no one is left behind 😉

If you’re facing issues with the incorrect installation URL or SSL, after the 3.5.1 OceanWP update nothing will stand between you and local Google fonts.

All you need to do, and in case of any problems, is navigate to the OceanWP Panel > Admin Settings, and Regenerate Local Google CSS files by running the Clear Data option.

Important: This feature requires the free Ocean Extra plugin to be installed and active.

OceanWP Panel: Admin Settings Section

The High Tide OceanWP (Ocean Extra + All Addons Pack) Free Download update brings one brand new section to the OceanWP Panel – Admin Settings.

The Admin Settings section contains the most important features visible or available only to website admins. You’ve already seen the feature to Regenerate Local Google CSS files. But allow us to introduce you to two more features at this time.

For more information on the Admin Settings section of the OceanWP Panel, please make sure to visit our document.

Disable Edit Links on Blog Archive Pages

The option to access any post’s WordPress edit page (and save you a couple of clicks) was introduced with the OceanWP Breeze update.

No matter how helpful, some website admins and owners prefer the old-school way. Instead of hiding these options with CSS, you can now disable this feature directly from the Admin Settings OceanWP Panel.

Important: This feature requires the free Ocean Extra plugin to be installed and active.

Disable Ocean News Notifications

What’s this you may ask? Well, it’s our brand new feature that will allow you to stay up to speed with the most relevant OceanWP news, including news about updates, promotions, webinars, courses and more.

In fact, we’d prefer dedicate an independent heading to this feature.

High Tide OceanWP Update and Ocean News Feature

OceanWP (Ocean Extra + All Addons Pack) Free Download free News feature will become available to everyone who updates OceanWP to the new 3.5.1 version and Ocean Extra to 2.2.4 version.

WordPress feed is awesome. But, as expected, it’s often overseen.

ENJOY the process


OceanWP is the favorite choice of thousands of developers, website designers, eCommerce store owners and hobby users.

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Fully Customizable

Why OceanWP (Ocean Extra + All Addons Pack) Free Download ?


OceanWP is the only real multi-purpose theme – versatile, complete and flexible. For websites with no limits.

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OceanWP Theme Review PROS & CONS (2022) | OceanWP FREE vs PRO

OceanWP is a modern popular WordPress responsive theme with over 400,000 active installations in time of writing this. In this OceanWP (Ocean Extra + All Addons Pack) Free Download theme review, I will be showing what theme offers and what are its advantages and disadvantages.

Having a website is your brand and appearance matters. Some themes look great on a desktop but not so good on handheld devices. OceanWP can adapt your website to any screen size, so it looks great whether you look it on a mobile device, tablet, or desktop.

WooCommerce integration in OceanWP is fantastic thanks to many WooCommerce tweaks built directly. For example, it has an integrated shopping cart popup and shopping cart floating bar. There’s also a quick-view mode that lets a customer see a product without leaving the page.

There are many customizable options including theme panels, header/footers, typography, images, menus, and a plethora of others that you will love to have.

OceanWP has a nice sized collection of demos that you can import into your website to give it a more professional feel without having to work from scratch. The quality of the demo themes is high.

Demos included cover e-commerce, corporate, gym, event, bakery, blog, food, design, charity, fitness, agency, music, surfing, interior, photo, scuba diving, freelance, etc.

On each page you can choose whether or not you want sidebars, headers, footers, and you’re also able to control the look of margins and logo settings.

With these choices, you can be sure that your pages will complement each other as users have all of the design control. Ocean WP was created and designed with its users in mind.

The theme is compatible with page builders, such as WPBakery, Visual Composer, Elementor, Divi (see Divi vs Elementor comparison), Beaver Builder, Site Origin, and more. It’s also compatible with WPML.

NOTE: I have compared OceanWP vs Astra theme, so be sure to check that comparison.

OceanWP Theme Review – OceanWP Free & Paid Extensions

The OceanWP theme is free. It also has many free extensions (eight) and demos (13 free demos) which you can install if you want to add more features to your site.

But it also offers several paid extensions (13 premium extensions) which you can purchase separately or all of them in Core Extension Bundle. You will also receive 60 PRO demos.

There are so many ways to customize your web pages, including both paid and free extensions that are easy to download and control.

Download Ocean WP (Ocean Extra + All Addons Pack) 




  • All Themes/Plugins presented on the website are released under GNU General Public License.
  • Unlimited use, you can install them on any site with full premium features available.
  • 100% clean files and free from viruses.
  • This item is for testing & studying purposes only and is not supported for commercial use.
  • We highly recommend buying “OceanWP (Ocean Extra + All Addons Pack) Free Download from the official site.
  • If you can’t find the latest version of the product on the site or want any Theme/ Plugin, that is not available here, please contact us. I will upload it as soon as possible.

OceanWP Changelog

### 2023.12.14 - 3.5.3

Fixed: Compatibility: PHP 8.1+: Customizer not loading due to multi-select error.

### 2023.12.11 - 3.5.2

Added: Header: Social Menu: New options: Facebook group, Slack, Threads, Mastodon.
Added: Top Bar: Social Menu: New options: Facebook group, Slack, Threads, Mastodon.
Updated: Google Fonts function: Avoid loading selected fonts in WP admin area where unnecessary.
Updated: Font Awesome Library to 6.5.1 version.
Fixed: Compatibility: PHP 8.1+: Breadcrumbs: PHP Warning:  Trying to access array offset on value of type bool in .../wp-content/themes/oceanwp/inc/breadcrumbs.php on line 1373
Changed: OceanWP Panel whitelabeling function moved to Ocean White Label plugin.
Deprecated: Header: Social Menu: Tripadvisor option due to Tripadvisor's request towards Font Awesome: https://github.com/FortAwesome/Font-Awesome/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md#5154---2021-08-04
Deprecated: Top Bar: Social Menu: Tripadvisor option due to Tripadvisor's request towards Font Awesome: https://github.com/FortAwesome/Font-Awesome/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md#5154---2021-08-04

### 2023.11.07 - 3.5.1

Added: WooCommerce: Product Archives: Filter for product thumbnail image.
Fixed: Header: Mega Menu: Incorrect position display when website layout is set to Boxed.
Fixed: Header: Current menu item color applied incorrectly on anchored links.
Fixed: Breadcrumbs: Invalid items error when navigating through paged items.
Fixed: Blog and Single Post: Meta: Vertical position when OceanWP SVG icons are in use.
Fixed: Single Post: Tags: Empty HTML renders when no tags are defined.
Fixed: WooCommerce: Attribute filter dropdown style doesn't function with Off Canvas Filter.
Fixed: Compatibility: LifterLMS: Fatal error when adding a course.
Fixed: Compatibility: LearnDash LMS: Fatal error when adding a course.
Fixed: Compatibility: WPML: OceanWP Library custom template translation through shortcodes usage.
Updated: Template: partials > single > tags.php
Updated: Template: woocommerce > loop > thumbnail > featured-image.php
Updated: Compatibility: WordPress version.

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