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Ultimate Video Player (v9.5.1) WordPress Plugin Free Download

The Ultimate Video Player WordPress Plugin Free Download stands out as a robust and responsive multimedia solution tailored for any WordPress theme, seamlessly compatible with WooCommerce. It empowers users to effortlessly incorporate video and audio content into their websites, supporting a wide array of formats and sources, including mp4, mp3, streaming from servers, YouTube, and Vimeo/Vimeo Pro.

One of the plugin’s key features is its adaptability across various devices and browsers, ensuring a seamless playback experience for users on both mobile and desktop platforms. This is achieved through the integration of multiple video engines within the plugin’s logic, enabling smooth playback regardless of the browser being used.

Ultimate Video Player WordPress Plugin Nulled offers unparalleled flexibility with support for unlimited playlists, each capable of housing an unlimited number of videos. These playlists can be easily managed and loaded from various sources, including HTML markup, XML files, mixed playlists (comprising content from Vimeo, Vimeo Pro, YouTube, and HTML5 video/audio), video and audio folders (containing mp4 and mp3 files, respectively), YouTube playlists, and Vimeo/album playlists.

Furthermore, the plugin boasts seamless integration with WooCommerce, making it an ideal choice for e-commerce websites looking to enhance their product pages with engaging multimedia content. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive feature set, Ultimate Video Player WordPress Plugin allows users to effortlessly incorporate video and audio elements into their online stores, enhancing the overall shopping experience for customers.

Another notable feature of the plugin is its support for advanced customization options, allowing users to tailor the appearance and functionality of the video player to suit their specific needs and preferences. From choosing different skins and color schemes to configuring playback controls and playlist settings, users have full control over the visual and functional aspects of the video player, ensuring a seamless integration with their WordPress theme.

Ultimate Video Player Free Download is designed with performance and scalability in mind, ensuring optimal performance even when handling large volumes of multimedia content. Whether you’re a blogger looking to enhance your posts with video content or a business owner aiming to showcase your products through engaging multimedia presentations, this plugin provides the versatility and reliability you need to succeed.

The Ultimate Video Player Nulled is a powerful and versatile multimedia solution that empowers WordPress users to effortlessly incorporate video and audio content into their websites. With its support for various formats and sources, seamless compatibility with WooCommerce, advanced customization options, and robust performance, this plugin offers everything you need to create engaging and immersive multimedia experiences for your audience.

Download Ultimate Video Player (v9.5.1) WordPress Plugin



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Ultimate Video Player WordPress Plugin ChangeLog

Version 6.4 Release Date 04.02.2019

Created a custom made vector font specially for UVP to display the button icons. This feature is optional it can be choose between a vector or image based skin for the button icons.

Version 6.3 Release Date 10.12.2018

Improved sticky mode when scrolling up/down through the page now, it is possible to specify a custom width and height for the player, added the option to show an open or close button as well as hide the playlist. Please check out this example, please scroll the page down to view this feature in action.
Fixed bug related to resume on play after the browser is closed.

Version 6.2 Release Date 01.12.2018

Added support for sticky mode when scrolling up/down through the page this way UVP will always be visible. If the video player is not in the browser viewport area, the sticky version will take over at the bottom of the page. Please check out this example, please scroll the page down to view this feature in action.

Version 6.1 Release Date 19.11.2019

Added A to B video loop / ab loop, option to loop a specific section / part of a video using two time / timestamp points, point a the start point and point b the end point, this points can be adjusted using the a to b loop controlbar. This feature can be seen in action by viewing this video, click the play button and the then the a to b loop button from the controlbar. Please watch this video tutorial for more info.
Added timestamp support in format of e=hours[h]minutes[m]seconds[s], stop the video at a specified time by setting a timestamp in the player page URL, please see this example and check the URL format it has a timestamp attached to it ex: t=0h0m20s.

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