Free Download Instantify v6.5 – PWA & Google AMP & Facebook IA for WordPress Latest Version [Activated]

Plugin With Instantify you can serve your content as a progressive web app or a mobile website using Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) or Facebook Instant Articles techonology.

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Instantify – A Modern WordPress PWA and Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles

The (Download) Instantify PWA is a cross-platform Progressive Web App that allows your visitors to fully experience your website in a modern, mobile-friendly format with instant loading, instant article saving, and advanced social sharing. The (Download) Instantify PWA is a fully responsive and scalable app that can be run on any modern browser, such as Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Safari, as well as on all mobile browsers.

WordPress Plugin Instantify (Nulled) is a lightweight plugin that allows you to add the technology of Progressive Web Apps and Google AMP to your WordPress site without having to change anything in your theme. You can even keep using your existing theme as-is with no need to change or update it at all. Now with (Download) Instantify (Nulled) installed you can take advantage of the speed and performance benefits that come with using PWA and AMP on mobile devices.

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1. Instantify PWA

(Download) Instantify (Nulled) is a modern WordPress PWA and Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles. Instantify is a WordPress plugin that provides a mobile-friendly, responsive, fast and secure experience for your WordPress website. It uses a combination of WordPress, Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles to give you a great mobile experience for your website.

(Download) Instantify (Nulled) also includes an advanced cache management system, a powerful caching system, a fast and secure content delivery network, and a great user experience.

2. Instant Articles

Instant Articles are a fast, responsive way for publishers and consumers to enjoy high-quality, fast-loading articles on their mobile devices. Instant Articles are optimized for the mobile web, meaning that they load quickly and don’t require an app. They’re also optimized for search engines, so they perform well in search results. Instant Articles are a great way to reach the highest number of readers and maximize your digital marketing efforts.

3. Instant Articles and AMP

Google has recently been pushing for a new standard of publishing – Instant Articles. Instant Articles are published by Google and other publishing platforms that use the Instant Articles format and the new standard is designed to provide a fast and engaging way for publishers to publish content to their audiences.

Instant Articles are designed for mobile devices and are designed to provide a better reading experience than standard websites. Instant Articles are also designed to load more quickly and provide more engaging content to the audience.

4. Instant Articles and Facebook Instant Articles

Instant Articles and Facebook Instant Articles are two new technologies that are making a lot of noise in the publishing industry. The Facebook Instant Articles platform is a way for publishing companies to create a PWA (progressive web app) that loads instantly on a user’s device.

The Instant Articles platform also allows for social sharing. With Instant Articles, Facebook is hoping to make its platform more engaging for users. Instant Articles are also available for Google AMP and for WordPress.

Download Instantify v6.5 [Latest Version]




  • All Themes/Plugins presented on the website are released under GNU General Public License.
  • Unlimited use, you can install them on any site with full premium features available.
  • 100% clean files and free from viruses.
  • This item is for testing & studying purposes only and is not supported for commercial use.
  • We highly recommend to buy Instantify from the official site.
  • If you can’t find the latest version of the product on the site or want any Theme/ Plugin, those are not available here, please contact us. I will upload as soon as possible.

Instantify ChangeLog

v6.5 – May 8, 2022

ADDED – Intro tutorial of admin settings
ADDED – Accent color feature from theme color
ADDED – Cache Only strategy to offline caching strategies
ADDED – New scope_extensions property to Manifest
ADDED – Support for Badging API for Push Notifications
ADDED – iOS splash screens for the latest devices
IMPROVED – Coupon overlay close action
IMPROVED – AMP performance
IMPROVED – Pull down navigation feature by disabling browser pull-down refresh
IMPROVED – Updated WorkBox to the latest version
IMPROVED – Support section in the admin menu
IMPROVED – Navigation on the admin menu
IMPROVED – Replaced URL Handlers with new handle_links Manifest property
FIXED – Navigation Tab Bar height for new iOS Safari
FIXED – Related Applications not promoting native apps

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