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Tax Help (v2.13.0) Finance & Business Accounting Adviser WordPress Theme Free Download

Tax Help Finance & Business Accounting Adviser WordPress Theme Free Download emerges as a responsive, clean, and stylish WordPress theme meticulously tailored for companies and firms specializing in tax assistance, financial services, legal counsel, and accounting. With its sleek design and versatile features, Tax Help serves as a powerful tool for businesses seeking to provide expert guidance to both corporate entities and individual clients.

Sleek Design and Modern Aesthetics: Tax Help boasts a sleek and modern design that exudes professionalism and sophistication. With its clean layout, crisp typography, and stylish elements, this theme creates an impactful visual presence that instills confidence in visitors seeking financial assistance.

Responsive and Mobile-Friendly: In an era dominated by mobile browsing, Tax Help ensures a seamless user experience across all devices. Its responsive design adapts flawlessly to various screen sizes, guaranteeing that your website remains accessible and user-friendly whether viewed on desktops, tablets, or smartphones.

Tailored for Financial Services: Designed specifically for companies and firms offering tax assistance, financial services, legal counsel, and accounting, Tax Help Finance & Business Accounting Adviser WordPress Theme Nulled provides a comprehensive suite of features to cater to the unique needs of these industries. From tax planning and financial consulting to legal advice and accounting services, this theme offers robust tools to showcase expertise and attract clients.

Versatility and Adaptability: While Tax Help is optimized for financial firms, its versatility extends beyond these sectors. Whether you operate a law company, individual finance advisor agency, or accounting business bureau, this theme offers flexibility to highlight services and expertise tailored to your specific niche.

Comprehensive Features for Business Growth: Tax Help comes equipped with a range of powerful features designed to foster business growth and client engagement. From customizable service pages and client testimonials to integrated contact forms and appointment scheduling systems, this theme provides everything needed to attract new clients and streamline operations.

Seamless Integration with Essential Plugins: Tax Help seamlessly integrates with essential WordPress plugins, allowing for extended functionality and customization options. Whether you require e-commerce capabilities, client management tools, or search engine optimization features, this theme offers compatibility with a wide range of plugins to enhance your online presence.

Dedicated Support and Documentation: Backed by a team of experienced professionals, Tax Help Free Download offers reliable support and comprehensive documentation to assist users at every stage of website development and customization. Whether setting up the website for the first time or implementing advanced features, assistance is readily available to ensure a smooth experience.

Tax Help stands as the ultimate WordPress theme for companies and firms in the tax assistance, financial services, legal counsel, and accounting sectors. With its sleek design, versatile features, and dedicated support, Tax Help Nulled provides a compelling platform to showcase expertise, attract clients, and drive business success online. Discover the potential of Tax Help and elevate your financial services business to new heights today!

Download Tax Help (v2.13.0) Finance & Business Accounting Adviser WordPress Theme



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Tax Help Finance & Business Accounting Adviser WordPress Theme ChangeLog

25.01.2024 Version 2.12 – Update

- Fix: CSS\JS\PHP fixes (shortcodes\widget layouts)

31.12.2023 Version 2.12 – Update

- Fix: CSS\JS\PHP fixes (shortcodes\widget layouts)

24.11.2023 Version 2.11 – Update

Added: Top 5 Visited Pages for Dashboard Widget;
    Added: Popup alignment for Hotspot shortcode;
    Added: Attribute "playsinline" for video on iOS;
    Added: QuickCal plugin compatibility;
    Added: Elementor 3.16.0 compatibility (flexbox containers support);
    Added: Autoupdate for "QW Extension" addon;
    Added: AI Helper: width and height parameters for Stable Diffusion;
    Added: AI Helper: new API support from Stability AI for image generation;
    Added: AI Helper: "Negative Prompt" and "Safety Checker" options to exclude non-desirable images;
    Added: AI Helper: Chat History shortcode;
    Added: AI Helper: "Upscale image" option for the Extended layout of Image Generator shortcode;
    Added: AI Helper: "System Prompt" parameter to add context for Image Generator shortcode;
    Added:  AI Helper: рarameters "System Prompt", "Max. Tokens" and "Temperature" for Text Generator and AI Chat shortcodes;
    Added: AI Helper: an option to enable/disable prompt auto-translation into English for Image Generator shortcode;
    Fixed: Loop for video autoplay;
    Fixed: Scroll for CPT Portfolio archive page on mobiles;
    Fixed: Styles for WordPress 6.3 compatibility;
    Fixed: Booked appointments fix (2.4.4 version);
    Fixed: Fly positioning on mobiles;
    Fixed: Tabs style for Switcher shortcode;
    Fixed: Icons for Х.com (Twitter) and TikTok;
    Fixed: Responsive styles for WooCommerce Extended Products;
    Fixed: Woocommerce product meta data for Blogger shortcode;
    Fixed: Legacy Widget styles in Widgets Editor;
    Fixed:  Iframe resize for RevSlider;
    Updated: GSAP JavaScript animation library to 3.12.2;
    Updated: The Events Calendar styles.

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