v2.7.1 Houzez Real Estate WordPress Theme Free Download [Nulled]

Houzez Real Estate WordPress theme Free Download is specially designed for the real estate industry. It offers easy-to-use tools that will allow you to manage your agency’s content and listings, while providing the best possible experience for your clients. Welcome to Houzez – 1# Best Selling Real Estate WordPress theme for agents, companies and real estate professional.

What’s New on Houzes WordPress Theme Free Download

New 30+ Elementor widgets to design awesome & responsive real estate detail pages

The property detail page is the most important page of an online real estate WordPress theme. Hence, with over 30+ widgets, you can design a page that best suits your preferences and needs.

Design the search system visually with the drag-and-drop search builder based on Elementor

Start designing or customizing the property search engine from our existing search templates or create your own. Therefore, you can create your search system using Elementor drag-and-drop builder.

Modern search system with multi-select options, geolocation and radius search

A modern search system with multi-select options, geolocation and also radius search is a must in order to get the best out of your marketing strategy.

Create perfect layouts. Freehand draw grids for your presentations, infographics and real estate page layouts

Grids are very important for presenting information on the screen. A grid guides the eye and makes it easier to navigate a page. For example, grids help you create layouts for presentations, infographics, and pages.

The listing composer allows you to choose which meta data or custom field to display on the listing cards

The listing composer is an innovative tool for creating customized listings. Let’s say, for example, you want to show the last three rentals on your property. With the drag-and-drop interface, you can also select which meta data will be displayed on your listing card.

The most advanced CRM system integrated on a real estate WordPress theme

The CRM system tracks the level of service to each customer for their needs, similarly in real estate. For instance, tracking your customers is essential for any business to have long-term success. With our CRM, you will be able to take customer’s information and also follow up with them through email, phone, etc.

Design custom contact and inquiry forms to collect leads and keep a record of all information in the new Houzez CRM

Lead acquisition forms are very important. They accordingly help you gather valuable information from your potential customers, allowing you to further improve your marketing strategy.

Brand new front-end property management system to drive all aspects of your real estate website

Manage all the aspects of your business from leasing, investments, and sales. Especially manage your customers’ property to keep in order the maintenance of the property and its winnings.

Generate analytics and effective insight property data to know better your customers

Keep track and be informed of visitors, members and agents, in order to provide the best user experience by generating and reading your progress reports in a few clicks and with no special training.

Create unlimited custom fields​ and connect them to the search system

We know some of our listings can have outrageous or quirky features. As a result, now you’re able to create that custom feature filter option to help your potential leads looking for that famous guitar-shaped pool.

The most completed admin options panel. No coding knowledge is required to design your next real estate project

We created the most feature rich admin panel to date. Specifically it provides you with the opportunity to manage or edit anything in your site individually also by group with no previous web knowledge required.

Property Management + Customer Relationship Management (CRM) All Integrated In One Place

Houzes Nulled as real estate WordPress theme, Houzez offers the most complete suite of integrated tools for property managers who want to run their company with unparalleled efficiency. In particular, we integrated Property Management and CRM systems for RealEstate Professionals, but our services also include things like lead generation, website management and more.

Fully responsive & mobile-friendly

Houzez Real Estate WordPress Theme Free Download is designed to be fully responsive and mobile-friendly. In particular this means that all of the property gallery images, addresses, maps, and street views will render correctly. Additionally, all of the real estate agency’s information, contact info, and details will also render correctly for any user who accesses your website from a smartphone or tablet.

One-Click Demo Import

Simply choose one of our well designed demo websites and replace its content.

30+ Drag-and-Drop Elementor Widgets For Real Estate

Houzez Theme Nulled has a library of custom real estate drag-and-drop elements that use Elementor. These widgets will help you make a website that’s ready to be shown off to your clients in a matter of minutes.
  • Search Builder Elementor Widget
  • Inquiry Form
  • Contact Form
  • Grid Builder
  • Listings Sort By
  • Listings Tabs
  • Icons
  • Section Title
  • Property Card v1
  • Property Card v2
  • Property Card v3
  • Property Card v4
  • Property Card v5
  • Property Card v6
  • Property Carousel v1
  • Property Carousel v2
  • Property Carousel v3
  • Property Carousel v4
  • Property Carousel v5
  • Property By ID
  • Property By IDs
  • Houzez Grids
  • Agent Grid
  • Agent Carousel
  • Testimonial Grid v1
  • Testimonial Grid v2
  • Testimonial Carousel v1
  • Testimonial Carousel v2
  • Price Table
  • Team
  • Partners
  • Post Blog Carousel
  • Post Blog Grid

Real Estate Search Builder

It is a web designer’s dream come true. The search builder is a clever Elementor widget that lets you design custom real estate search panels. This means that you can put together beautiful and professional-looking real estate search systems with just a few clicks.
  • Elementor Based
  • Display Search Tabs
  • Free Search Placement
  • Fully Resposive
  • Custom Fields
  • Styling Options
Houzez Real Estate Theme free download has the most powerful real estate search tool on the market, and with features like advanced search functionality and incredible filters, you won’t have to worry about anything.
  • Search Composer
  • Radius Search
  • Geolocation
  • Advanced Filters
  • Multi-select Options
  • Multi-select Options
  • Custom Fields
  • Sticky Search
  • Saved Searches
  • Search Positioning Control
  • Email Alerts
  • Customizable Colors
  • Search Criteria
  • Price Slider
  • Ajax Search

Download Houzes Theme Nulled for Free




  • All Themes/Plugins presented on the website are released under GNU General Public License.
  • Unlimited use, you can install them on any site with full premium features available.
  • 100% clean files and free from viruses.
  • This item is for testing & studying purposes only and is not supported for commercial use.
  • We highly recommend buying HOUZEZ REAL ESTATE WORDPRESS THEME Free Download from the official site.
  • If you can’t find the latest version of the product on the site or want any Theme/ Plugin, that is not available here, please contact us. I will upload it as soon as possible.

Houzez Theme Download ChangeLog

Houzez v2.7.1 Released on September 13, 2022
Please update plugins after update theme.

[New] .webp image format support for front-end create listing
[New] WPML flag and plus button for admin properties grid
[Improved] Elementor compatibility 
[Fixed] Agency picture replaced when an agent updates their picture
[Fixed] When you enable Auto Generate Property ID and you duplicate an existing property both properties are assigned with the same property id
[Updated] Houzez Theme Functionality plugin
[Updated] Houzez login register plugin
[Updated] Houzez CRM plugin
[Updated] Favethemes insights plugin
Houzez v2.7.0 Released on August 17, 2022
Please update plugins after update theme.

[New] Demo 27 https://demo27.houzez.co
[New] Demo 28 https://demo28.houzez.co
[Updated] Houzez Theme - Functionality Plugin
[Updated] Slider Revolution Plugin
Houzez v2.6.2 Released on August 05, 2022
Please update plugins after update theme.

[Improved] Features sub-features for property detail page and add new property
[Improved] Video and 360 Virtual tour for property header
[Improved] Half map search sorting
[Improved] Indian price format
[Improved] Match listings email code.
[Improved] All code which work for cron job
[Improved] Membership code
[Improved] Additional features show warning when value is empty.
[Fixed] Agent profile description not save when content include &.
[Fixed] Expiring email empty without text content
[Fixed] Warning messages on archives pages when there is no property
[Fixed] Open Street Map popup issue on hover for half map
[Fixed] Print icon show for logged in required property.
[Fixed] Google Login
Houzez v2.6.1 Released on June 22, 2022
Please update plugins after update theme.

[New] Mark as sold for admin in WP Admin 
[New] Option to exclude featured image from grid/list gallery. Screenshot https://tppr.me/bZTxo
[Improved] The address icon should be removed from the page when there is no address added for the property.
[Improved] Under the inquiry form, negative numbers are selectable which is invalid
[Improved] Half map JS code
[Fixed] Warning message on property detail page.
[Fixed] Property Features section for Elementor not working in v2.6.0
[Updated] Houzez Theme - Functionality plugin to v2.6.1
Houzez v2.6.0 Released on June 13, 2022
Please update plugins after update theme.

[New] Houzez Demo 25 Single Agent - https://demo25.houzez.co
[New] Houzez Demo 26 Real Estate Company - https://demo26.houzez.co
[New] Sub Features for property detail page https://tppr.me/pk5rR
[New] Sub Features for Add New Property. Screenshot https://tppr.me/jkH7F
[New] Indian & Pakistan prices format like 1 lakh, 1 crore .Screenshot https://tppr.me/noqm3
[New] Property content Elementor dynamic tag
[New] Custom site width control, like 1170px, 1370px etc. Screenshot https://tppr.me/vvUKl
[New] Free (Pay for featured) when expired listing return to normal
[New] Mark as Sold Property. Enable it under Theme Options https://tppr.me/wMBVs
[New] Option to set agent category and city when register from front-end dashboard for agency. 
[Improved] Properties Ajax Tabs widgets, when switch the tabs, the compare, favorite, and Lightbox preview buttons will not work.
[Improved] Sticky menu with transparent header
[Improved] WPML compatibility 
[Improved] When you scroll down compare page, picture will be sticky 
[Improved] Icon box elementor widget.
[Improved] Edit user functionality code. 
[Improved] Schedule tour CRM activity code, include tour type and message in CRM activity.
[Improved] Google map & Open Street Map JS code. 
[Improved] Keep search criterial (STATUS, BEDS, BATHS) after click on search with the HEADER SEARCH V3
[Fixed] Custom icons not show for custom fields in preview lightbox
[Fixed] Header background video not working in Safari.
[Fixed] Grid image gallery position with layout switch
[Fixed] Media icons not showing on Property banner when CSS combined in Theme Options → Optimization 
[Fixed] Floor plan is not deleting after add once from the frontend.
[Fixed] Cities selected/deselected, items count translation not working. 
[Fixed] Country parameter is not save in the Save search.
[Fixed] Elementor Icon box v2 - Icon not showing
[Fixed] Listing view for listing template v3
[Updated] Houzez Theme - Functionality plugin
[Updated] Houzez CRM, Houzez Login Register, Favethemes Insights plugins
[Updated] Slider Revolution plugin
[Updated] WP Bakery Plugin
Houzez v2.5.2 Released on March 24, 2022
Please update plugins after update theme.

[New] Elementor pro 3.6.4 compatibility 
[Fixed] Edit page not work with Elementor pro v3.6.4
[Updated] Houzez Theme Functionality plugin - Update required
Houzez v2.5.1 Released on March 22, 2022
Please update plugins after update theme.

[New] Delete option for activities in Houzez CRM
[New] Schedule v2 Elementor module
[New] Overview v2 Elementor module
[Improved] Add new property load time in front-end dashboard
[Improved] Favorite without login
[Fixed] Search by property title in front-end dashboard stopped working in v2.5.0
[Fixed] Register link not open register form on property detail page when login required to view property.
[Fixed] Blog author name and other options not working in Default Blog layout.
[Fixed] Number of images code is missing from Price Table Elementor Widget
[Fixed] Properties Sort by option not working on Parallax template
[Fixed] Floor Plan not opening on Mobile Device
[Updated] Houzez Theme Functionality Plugin
Houzez v2.5.0 Released on March 12, 2022
Please update plugins after update theme.

[New] Demo 21 https://demo21.houzez.co/
[New] Demo 22 https://demo22.houzez.co/
[New] Demo 23 MLS/IDX https://demo23.houzez.co/  (Using mls/idx plugin developed for houzez)
[New] Demo 24 MLS/IDX https://demo24.houzez.co/  (Using mls/idx plugin developed for houzez)
[New] Houzez IDX / MLS Sync by Realtyna
[New] Image gallery for properties grids and list layouts. Screenshot https://tppr.me/nSy6i
[New] Properties Ajax Tabs Elementor Module. Screenshot https://tppr.me/HLb0c
[New] Purchase code de-activate option. Screenshot https://tppr.me/SaSC8
[New] Search property by ID in front-end dashboard. 
[New] Favourite without login.
[New] Random listings option for taxonomy pages( Type, city, status, area etc)
[New] Random listings option for listings pages
[New] Disapproved listing option for admin
[New] Background color option on taxonomy grid title 
[New] 2 new property detail page versions (Minimal & Boxed)
[New] Schedule a tour version 2
[New] Property detail page sidebar form version 2
[New] Property detail overview section version 2
[New] Map for agent single page
[New] Map for agency single page
[New] Multi-select cities option for searches. 
[New] Property link tag for Add New Property email notification. 
[New] added new custom field type "URL"
[New] Notify for modify property if update approve set to YES
[New] Purchase code de-registration system
[New] Properties highlighting feature on hover for Open Street Map for Half Map.
[Improved] Agent contact form Ajax
[Improved] Emails code
[Improved] Cancelled membership email
[Improved] Add to compare
[Improved] Property features search query
[Improved] Agent custom post type & agent user synchronization 
[Improved] User packages custom post type
[Improved] Listing composer code
[Improved] WPML compatibility 
[Improved] Houzez WooCommerce Payment Addon 
[Fixed] Open Street Map info window not work in safari browser
[Fixed] PHP 7.2 incompatibility and PHP 8.0+ warning & notices.
[Updated] Houzez Theme Functionality Plugin
[Updated] Houzez Login Register Plugin
[Updated] Houzez CRM & FaveThemes Insights plugin
[Updated] Slider Resolution Plugin
[Updated] WP Bakery Plugin
Houzez v2.4.1 Released on November 17, 2021
Please update plugins after update.

[New] Submenu background color on hover option
[New] Added Bangladesh currency for membership and other payments
[New] Photo Swipe gallery for property detail elementor modules.
[New] Added BTD currency for payments
[Improved] Yelp API
[Improved] Click to call for iPad for agent profile
[Improved] Houzez Social login 
[Improved] Visible agent order for mobile view
[Improved] Half map search price change on status change
[Fixed] When users login with social it is not detecting the user's email address and not signing the user back to their account, instead is creating a new account.
[Fixed] Photo Swipe popup not working for Luxury Homes property detail page layout.
[Updated] Houzez Theme Functionality plugin
[Updated] Houzez Login Register plugin
Houzez v2.4.0 Released on October 20, 2021
Please update all plugins and save theme options after update.

[New] Stripe’s Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) compliance to Memberships and Per Listing payments. Documentation https://favethemes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/4408753821460-Stripe-API-
[New] Automatic creation of Stripe Products and Plans according to Houzez Packages plans.
[New] Tax ID for stripe - Documentation https://favethemes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4408776867604-How-to-add-stripe-Tax-ID
[New] Photo Swipe Popup gallery option. Screenshot https://tppr.me/UIvnQ 
[New] Option to delete insights data older then X number of days. Screenshot https://tppr.me/csK4e (Favethemes update plugin required)
[New] One column option for property carousel v1 WP Bakery widget.
[New] Property video option for top area for property detail page.
[New] Property 360 Virtual Tour option for top area for property detail page. 
[New] Media manager for property detail top area. https://tppr.me/KjhLy and https://tppr.me/1fF6W 
[New] Cancel PayPal subscription button
[New] Back to top option, it can be enabled in Theme Options → General
[Improved] WPML compatibility. Check documentation https://wpml.org/documentation/theme-compatibility/creating-multilingual-real-estate-sites-with-houzez-theme-and-wpml/
[Improved] Property Meta code and review meta code
[Improved] Review system, allow author, editor review to be assigned from admin panel. 
[Improved] Stripe recurring payment
[Improved] PayPal recurring payment
[Improved] Single property Open Street Map for mobile devices.
[Improved] Houzez CRM plugin
[Improved] Favethemes Insights plugin
[Improved] Message detail page access
[Improved] Print property code
[Improved] Login/Register Modal elementor widget
[Improved] Space between the lead prefix and the contact name. For example: Dott. Mario Rossi.
[Fixed] Matched Properties email footer content show default content
[Fixed] Property Grids elementor module, item tools not clickable
[Fixed] Buyer role can access leads with direct link
[Fixed] Leads date translation 
[Fixed] Multi Agent only show first agent for print property
[Fixed] Land Area break layout when comma use as input.
[Fixed] Properties expired before recurring payment complete
[Updated] Stripe API
[Updated] PayPal API
[Updated] Houzez CRM plugin
[Updated] Houzez Theme Functionality plugin
[Updated] Houzez Login Register plugin
[Updated] Favethemes Insights plugin
[Updated] Slider Revolution Plugin
[Updated] WP Bakery plugin.
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