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v3.0.1 Houzez Real Estate WordPress Theme Free Download [Nulled]

Houzez Real Estate WordPress theme Free Download is specially designed for the real estate industry. It offers easy-to-use tools that will allow you to manage your agency’s content and listings, while providing the best possible experience for your clients. Welcome to Houzez – 1# Best Selling Real Estate WordPress theme for agents, companies and real estate professional.


What’s New on Houzes WordPress Theme Free Download

New 30+ Elementor widgets to design awesome & responsive real estate detail pages

The property detail page is the most important page of an online real estate WordPress theme. Hence, with over 30+ widgets, you can design a page that best suits your preferences and needs.

Design the search system visually with the drag-and-drop search builder based on Elementor

Start designing or customizing the property search engine from our existing search templates or create your own. Therefore, you can create your search system using Elementor drag-and-drop builder.

Modern search system with multi-select options, geolocation and radius search

A modern search system with multi-select options, geolocation and also radius search is a must in order to get the best out of your marketing strategy.

Create perfect layouts. Freehand draw grids for your presentations, infographics and real estate page layouts

Grids are very important for presenting information on the screen. A grid guides the eye and makes it easier to navigate a page. For example, grids help you create layouts for presentations, infographics, and pages.

The listing composer allows you to choose which meta data or custom field to display on the listing cards

The listing composer is an innovative tool for creating customized listings. Let’s say, for example, you want to show the last three rentals on your property. With the drag-and-drop interface, you can also select which meta data will be displayed on your listing card.

The most advanced CRM system integrated on a real estate WordPress theme

The CRM system tracks the level of service to each customer for their needs, similarly in real estate. For instance, tracking your customers is essential for any business to have long-term success. With our CRM, you will be able to take customer’s information and also follow up with them through email, phone, etc.

Design custom contact and inquiry forms to collect leads and keep a record of all information in the new Houzez CRM

Lead acquisition forms are very important. They accordingly help you gather valuable information from your potential customers, allowing you to further improve your marketing strategy.

Brand new front-end property management system to drive all aspects of your real estate website

Manage all the aspects of your business from leasing, investments, and sales. Especially manage your customers’ property to keep in order the maintenance of the property and its winnings.

Generate analytics and effective insight property data to know better your customers

Keep track and be informed of visitors, members and agents, in order to provide the best user experience by generating and reading your progress reports in a few clicks and with no special training.

Create unlimited custom fields​ and connect them to the search system

We know some of our listings can have outrageous or quirky features. As a result, now you’re able to create that custom feature filter option to help your potential leads looking for that famous guitar-shaped pool.

The most completed admin options panel. No coding knowledge is required to design your next real estate project

We created the most feature rich admin panel to date. Specifically it provides you with the opportunity to manage or edit anything in your site individually also by group with no previous web knowledge required.


Property Management + Customer Relationship Management (CRM) All Integrated In One Place

Houzes Nulled as real estate WordPress theme, Houzez offers the most complete suite of integrated tools for property managers who want to run their company with unparalleled efficiency. In particular, we integrated Property Management and CRM systems for RealEstate Professionals, but our services also include things like lead generation, website management and more.

Fully responsive & mobile-friendly

Houzez Real Estate WordPress Theme Free Download is designed to be fully responsive and mobile-friendly. In particular this means that all of the property gallery images, addresses, maps, and street views will render correctly. Additionally, all of the real estate agency’s information, contact info, and details will also render correctly for any user who accesses your website from a smartphone or tablet.

One-Click Demo Import

Simply choose one of our well designed demo websites and replace its content.

30+ Drag-and-Drop Elementor Widgets For Real Estate

Houzez Theme Nulled has a library of custom real estate drag-and-drop elements that use Elementor. These widgets will help you make a website that’s ready to be shown off to your clients in a matter of minutes.
  • Search Builder Elementor Widget
  • Inquiry Form
  • Contact Form
  • Grid Builder
  • Listings Sort By
  • Listings Tabs
  • Icons
  • Section Title
  • Property Card v1
  • Property Card v2
  • Property Card v3
  • Property Card v4
  • Property Card v5
  • Property Card v6
  • Property Carousel v1
  • Property Carousel v2
  • Property Carousel v3
  • Property Carousel v4
  • Property Carousel v5
  • Property By ID
  • Property By IDs
  • Houzez Grids
  • Agent Grid
  • Agent Carousel
  • Testimonial Grid v1
  • Testimonial Grid v2
  • Testimonial Carousel v1
  • Testimonial Carousel v2
  • Price Table
  • Team
  • Partners
  • Post Blog Carousel
  • Post Blog Grid

Real Estate Search Builder

It is a web designer’s dream come true. The search builder is a clever Elementor widget that lets you design custom real estate search panels. This means that you can put together beautiful and professional-looking real estate search systems with just a few clicks.
  • Elementor Based
  • Display Search Tabs
  • Free Search Placement
  • Fully Resposive
  • Custom Fields
  • Styling Options
Houzez Real Estate Theme free download has the most powerful real estate search tool on the market, and with features like advanced search functionality and incredible filters, you won’t have to worry about anything.
  • Search Composer
  • Radius Search
  • Geolocation
  • Advanced Filters
  • Multi-select Options
  • Multi-select Options
  • Custom Fields
  • Sticky Search
  • Saved Searches
  • Search Positioning Control
  • Email Alerts
  • Customizable Colors
  • Search Criteria
  • Price Slider
  • Ajax Search

Download Houzes Theme Nulled for Free




  • All Themes/Plugins presented on the website are released under GNU General Public License.
  • Unlimited use, you can install them on any site with full premium features available.
  • 100% clean files and free from viruses.
  • This item is for testing & studying purposes only and is not supported for commercial use.
  • We highly recommend buying HOUZEZ REAL ESTATE WORDPRESS THEME Free Download from the official site.
  • If you can’t find the latest version of the product on the site or want any Theme/ Plugin, that is not available here, please contact us. I will upload it as soon as possible.

Houzez Theme Download ChangeLog

Houzez v3.0.1 Released on February 01, 2024

[Important] Install Houzez Studio Plugin, Update required plugins, Clear Cache, CDN
[Improved] Header builder navigation for tablet and mobile 
[Improved] Houzez WooCommerce addon
[Fixed] Incompatible Archive issue on some hosting
[Fixed] Property title no break on mobile 
[Fixed] Listing layout v7 mobile view
[Updated] Houzez Theme Functionality Plugin
[Updated] Languages PO files

Houzez v3.0 Released on January 30, 2024

[Important] Install Houzez Studio Plugin, Update required plugins, Clear Cache, CDN
[New] Houzez Studio Library, allow to import sections, pages from pre-defined designs. https://houzez.co/features/houzez-studio/
[New] Demo 35 https://demo35.houzez.co/
[New] Demo 36 https://demo36.houzez.co/
[New] Demo 37 https://demo37.houzez.co/
[New] Demo 33 English version https://demo33-eng.houzez.co/
[New] Header, Footer and megamenu builder. 
[New] Listings template list view v4. https://demo37.houzez.co/listings-list-v4/
[New] Taxonomies cards elementor widget, it has two variations
[New] Taxonomies cards carousel elementor widgets
[New] Taxonomy grids elementor widget
[New] Taxonomy grids carousel elementor widget
[New] Taxonomies Lists elementor widget
[New] Navigation menu elementor widget
[New] Create listing, login modal, currency switcher, language elementor widgets
[New] Country, state, city, area importer. Option can be found in admin under Houzez → Import Locations
[New] LINE APP & Telegram button for listings grid/list v7
[New] Listings button composer https://monosnap.com/file/Wvby8tYcotPZ8IWnKESMunz3wEkAEj
[New] LINE APP option for agents and agencies 
[New] Option to add price placeholder when create listing, now user can hide original price and add placeholder like "Price on Request" etc. Original price will be use for searches, before if user add text instead of price there there is problem to keep these listings in search. Note: Save Theme Options after update theme to make it work.
[New] In Theme Options: Added an option to auto-delete expired listings after "X" number of days.
[New] Auto-delete user uploaded media when Admin deletes user listings.
[New] Option for agency to allow their agents to use agency package. Option can be found in frontend dashboard under My Profile menu. Screenshot https://tppr.me/UJj0S3 if this option enabled then all agency agents will use agency package and cannot have their own package. 
[New] Back to search option on property detail page if user access property from search page. 
[New] Widget area for mobile menu
[New] Admin user can approve, disapprove, mark as sold, mark as featured agents, agencies listings in front-end dashboard. 
[New] Admin/Manager can access all invoices and print
[New] Admin user can assign/manage properties of other users in front-end dashboard. 
[New] Manager/Editor role users can approve/assign and manage other agents, agencies etc properties in front-end dashboard
[New] Agency user can manage their agents properties in front-end dashboard.
[New] Added properties count in front-end. 
[New] Show Featured listings on top in random order for all listing templates
[New] Show Featured listings on top in random order for searches
[New] Show Featured listings on top in random order for all properties elementor widgets
[New] Show featured listings on top in random for similar properties
[New] Option to show/hide Home link in front-end dashboard (Theme Options → General)
[New] Option to disable footer for half map template and half map search (Theme Options → General)
[New] Added label taxonomy in Elementor grid builder widget
[New] Option to show short description for grid v1, v2 and v4. Options can be enable in Theme Options → Listing Options
[New] Full width post option for blog single post
[New] Changed twitter icon with X icon
[New] Add image width and height tags for listings grids images gallery
[New] Import/Export, bulk delete and search for CRM Leads
[New] Export and Search for CRM Inquiries 
[New] Agency can set profile picture, reset password and add other details for their agents
[New] Admin user can add agents from front-end
[New] Reviews approve/unapproved buttons in admin panel
[New] Updated facebook login code, option to link existing account to facebook
[New] Properties by countries filter option for listings templates. 
[Improved] Reviews system
[Improved] All property carousel widgets
[Improved] Listing by agent and agency for listings templates and elementor widgets
[Improved] Default location for google map when no listings found
[Improved] Auto Complete keyword search. 
[Improved] Blog posts carousel widget, added styling options, carousel options
[Fixed] Multiple inquiries delete button only delete one inquiry 
[Fixed] Duplicate h1 for property detail page
[Fixed] Favourites button missed for mobile

Houzez v2.8.6.1 Released on August 10, 2023

[Important] Houzez Theme Functionality plugin update required, Clear Cache, CDN
[Fixed] Upload media button disappearanced in WordPress 6.3 [New] Back to home button for front-end dashboard [Updated] Houzez Theme Functionality plugin to v2.8.4 (update required)

Houzez v2.8.6 Released on August 08, 2023

[Important] Plugin update required, Clear Cache, CDN
[New] Listings sort by Alphabetically options for all listing templates, Elementor modules, search pages etc [New] Auto activate login tab when user register successfully [New] Option to approve re-activated listings by admin. This option can be enabled/disabled in theme theme options → add new property [New] Option to disable minimum one image restriction while add new property. Under Theme Options → Add New Property → Required Form Fields [New] Added footer for half map. [New] Made the search by property id work with multiple values like:IDs 4658,8524,68754 [New] Properties by agency for all listing template, Elementor widgets etc [New] On listing pages the ability to choose between opening a property link on the same tab or in a new tab. Settings can be found in Theme Options → Listing Options [New] Back to home button for front-end dashboard [Improved] Stripe payment gateway code. [Improved] Fields builder code [Improved] Land area icon for listing grid v2 [Improved] WPML translation [Updated] Houzez theme functionality plugin [Updated] Slider Revolution plugin. [Updated] WP Bakery Plugin [Updated] Houzez CRM plugin

Houzez v2.8.5 Released on July 03, 2023

[Important] Houzez CRM plugin update required. Clear Cache, CDN
[New] Added featured listing to total remaining number of listings when user deleted listing. [New] Added Agencies page and agency detail page strings in Theme Options under Translation. [Improved] Hide additional fields which value is empty [Improved] Create listings without logged-in code [Improved] Search builder widget codebase [Improved] Houzez CRM plugin security, update to v1.3.5 required [Fixed] Houzez CRM security issue reported in v1.3.3 [Updated] WooCommerce 

Houzez v2.8.4.2 Released on June 18, 2023

[Important] Clear Cache, CDN
[Improved] Property details v3 and v4 top gallery touch for RTL languages [Improved] Property breadcrumb [Improved] Property address builder
[Improved] Agents v1 and Agencies layout for mobile devices [Fixed] Mortgage calculate take decimal numbers as integer

Houzez v2.8.4.1 Released on June 16, 2023

[Important] Clear Cache, CDN
[Fixed] Header v4 and other layout issues when minify or combined CSS files. [Fixed] Not found lazyload image [Fixed] Mortgage calculate not show graph when disable some options for calculator in theme options [Fixed] Non numeric value warning in membership dashboard page

Houzez v2.8.4 Released on June 15, 2023

[Important] Clear Cache, CDN, Update all required plugins
[New] Italian demo https://demo33.houzez.co/
[New] Spanish demo https://demo34.houzez.co/
[New] Added Demo 30 English version in demo import https://demo30-eng.houzez.co
[New] Added Demo 32 English version in demo import https://demo32-eng.houzez.co
[New] Refactoring agency page code to improve performance.
[New] Option to enable/disable login required for add to favorites. Theme Options → General https://monosnap.com/file/jHg7kvrz1xdZjC5VG0EK16p1wPQ3X2
[New] Listings Gird v7 for similar properties layout
[New] Custom link option for create listing header button
[New] Editor and Manager roles can approve/disapprove listing from wp admin panel.
[New] Visible images limit and number of images in a row option for property detail luxury homes layout
[New] Saved search button for mobiles
[New] Email notification to admin when property submit from draft.
[Improved] Improved Mortgage Calculate for property detail page
[Improved] Properties search query
[Improved] Compared properties functionality
[Improved] Property grid v7 and property carousel v7 border styling
[Improved] Compatibility with PHP 8.2.0
[Improved] Print Property images size
[Improved] Listing preview price display and made favourite text to translatble in theme options
[Improved] Fields builder code
[Improved] Search builder tabs responsive position 
[Improved] Gallery image caption
[Improved] WPML translation
[Improved] Half map template pagination when back to search
[Improved] Ongoing overall code improvement. 
[Improved] Advanced Search Widget in the sidebar
[Improved] Property detail page gallery slider js code for RTL languages
[Fixed] Google map default view not working for property detail page. 
[Fixed] Agents link not show on mobile for agencies
[Fixed] Duplicate overview section on mobile 
[Fixed] On Hold, Expired, Disappeared filters not working in front-end dashboard
[Fixed] Documents not save when saving listing as draft
[Fixed] Street Address not show in inquiry email
[Fixed] Multi-agents email contact form not working 
[Fixed] Room icon missing for overview section
[Fixed] Lazyload image not found error
[Fixed] Room icon missing for listings grids
[Fixed] listing documents not delete in draft mode
[Fixed] Sold properties not searchable 
[Fixed] Sub-listing bedrooms and area size placeholder not translatable 
[Updated] Houzez theme functionality plugin
[Updated] Houzez Login Register plugin
[Updated] Slider Revolution plugin
[Updated] WP Bakery plugin

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