Gravity Perks Free Download

Gravity Perks Free Download v2.3.6 All Addons Pack

Gravity Perks free download itself is not a single plugin. It’s a collection of 32 perks for Gravity Forms free download, each one of them specifically designed to enhance the overall user experience.


Gravity Perks Review – What is Gravity Perks?

The Gravity Perks free download plugin integrates with Gravity Forms and provides perks that you can manage from a single location. Gravity Perks nulled provides 32 Gravity Forms add-ons, which they call “perks.” Each one of them adds its own unique features to Gravity Forms. One of the advantages of using this plugin is the fact that everything in it is modular. You can pick and choose the features you want. You don’t have to worry about your site slowing down due to bloated code information from features that you don’t want or need. Enable what you need, and leave disabled those “perks” which you will not use. Gravity Perks download only loads the perks you have installed and activated to minimize its footprint on your website’s performance. Some perks are only used for simple tasks, like setting a limit on the number of words or characters that can be used in specific text fields. Other perks are a bit more advanced. The advanced perks can be used for functions such as adding eCommerce fields to calculate shipping costs, tax, subtotals, discounts, etc. The features are referred to as “perks” because you’ll need to install the main Gravity Perks plugin nulled before you can access any of them. From there, you can install individual perks that you wish to use. Because everything is modular, you have complete control over what codes end up on your site’s server.

Which Features Gravity Perks Free Download Bring?

Here are all Perks that you have access with Gravity Perks free download plugin: 1. GF Auto Login The GF Auto Login perk allows you to login users automatically once they’re registered on your site using a Gravity Forms. You can automatically redirect users to a URL, WordPress page, or display them a text confirmation. 2. GF Better User Activation This perk can be used to manage your User Registration Activation page. Pick a particular page on your website and modify it as you see fit. Users will then be brought to this page automatically after they’re registered on your site. 3. GF Blacklist This perk can be used to validate field values against WordPress’ Comment Blacklist validation. The GF Blacklist feature can be set up to evaluate a single field, multiple fields, or all fields that are contained within a form. An error message will be displayed to the end-user if any content they’ve entered into the form has been blacklisted. 4. GF Conditional Logic Dates Conditional Logic Dates perk can be used to show or hide fields according to times and dates. The perk lets you use conditional logic to set date fields in your forms. The perk integrates perfectly with the conditional logic UI that’s already in Gravity Forms. 5. GF Conditional Pricing Conditional Pricing perk allows you to create your own pricing levels for each Gravity Forms product field. It’s a real time saver for people who just want to have a one product field with a variable price. There’s no need anymore to create different product fields. The simple interface makes it incredibly easy to determine pricing levels for even the most complicated price variations. 6. GF Copy Cat This perk can be used to copy the values from one field to another field after the respective checkbox has been selected. It’s a nice feature that comes in handy in certain situations, such as when a customer’s billing and shipping addresses are the same.


In this case example, information that the user enters into particular fields can be copied from the billing address fields to the shipping address fields. The GF Copy Cat feature can also be used for copying data into different fields after the information has been entered. For instance, a customer’s first and last name could automatically populate into a Name section of a credit card field once the person has filled in that information on one of the forms. 7. GF Date Time Calculator Date Time Calculator perk allows you to add time and date fields to any Gravity Forms calculations that are done. You can use any date, number, and time combinations to create an almost endless amount of calculations. These calculations can be added to any field that usually supports them. You can use this option to draft forms that track order shipment hours and days, offer time-based pricing, use birth dates to see how old a particular customer is, and other time and date-related calculations. 8. GF Disable Entry Creation To function correctly, Gravity Forms requires an entry to be created. The GF Disable Entry Creation perk lets you delete this entry and any associated files that go along with it automatically after the submission process is complete. 9. GF Easy Passthrough This perk simplifies the transfer of information between different Gravity Forms. Creating an easy passthrough configuration eliminates the need for customizing specific confirmation query strings and creating dynamic parameter names. 10. GF eCommerce Fields The eCommerce Fields perk can be used to add several eCommerce field types to Gravity Forms. You can add a discount, subtotal and tax pricing fields. The plugin also helps to improve shipping and coupon field functionality of Gravity Forms’ Coupons and Shipping fields. It also provides support for coupon, discount, and subtotal merge fields as well as order summary merge tags that appear in order notifications and confirmations. 11. GF Email Users You can use this feature to email customers that have filled out forms on your site that contain email fields. 12. GF Expand Textareas This perk makes it easier to work with text areas. It opens expanded text areas in a modal window every time it is used. The text area is larger than most text boxes, which makes it more readable and simpler to navigate, especially when scrolling through large amounts of text. 13. GF Limit Checkboxes The GF Limit Checkboxes perk allows you to set limits on the number of checkboxes that a user can select in a certain time period. You can set maximum and minimum limits, which can be applied across multiple different fields. 14. GF Limit Choices This perk can be used to limit the number of checkboxes, radio buttons, drop-down menus, and other similar options that can be used in a multi-choice field. It also works with option and product field input types. 15. GF Limit Dates You can use this perk to limit the number of dates that can be chosen in Gravity Forms Datepicker fields. Its granular control lets you control the date range in forms. 16. GF Limit Submissions The GF Limit Submissions perk lets you decide how many times your forms can be submitted, who can submit your forms, where your forms can be submitted, and where your forms can be sent. Submission limits can be created according to the page that a particular form is being submitted from, a person’s role or IP, the user submitting the form, or any field value on the form. 17. GF Live Preview You can use this perk to preview your forms before they go live on your website. You no longer need to first configure the Gravity Forms shortcode and publish the page to see how the form will look on the frontend. 18. GF Media Library This perk allows you to add any uploaded images or documents into your WordPress Media Library automatically any time a form is submitted. 19. GF Multi-Page Navigation The GF Multi-Page Navigation perk allows easier navigation through multi-step forms. For most pages, Gravity Forms default the “previous” and “next” page navigation buttons should suffice. However, for more detailed, complex forms or forms that span multiple pages, this add-on comes in handy. 20. GF Nested Forms Having a nested form option gives you the ability to choose a form that will be used to gather “child” entries that will be added on to the “parent” form after submission. All information in the child form is presented in a clear, concise table on the parent form. Data contained in the child form can be added, edited, or deleted. 21. GF Pay Per Word This perk lets you create product fields that calculate the total based on how many words are contained in a Post Body or Paragraph field. The Pay Per Word function automatically counts the number of words in the designated field and uses the pre-determined cost per word to calculate the total price for each Pay Per Word item. 22. GF PayPal One-time Fee You can use this feature to add a one-time charge to the first payment of a PayPal subscription. For instance, you may decide to add an initial setup fee for the provided service. PayPal itself doesn’t support subscriptions or one-time fees added to subscriptions. But it supports the trial period. Using this, the plugin can simulate a one-time nominal fee for various PayPal subscriptions. 23. GF Placeholder (deprecated) The GF Placeholder perk gives you the ability to import HTML5 placeholders to any Gravity Form fields. Placeholders are brief hints that appear inline in form input areas and help users fill out form fields. NOTE: Gravity Forms now includes this feature. Perk is no longer required unless you want to add extra placeholders for any List fields that you may have. 24. GF Populate Anything Populate Anything perk can be used to populate and filter field values and choices with Gravity Forms entries, databases, posts, taxonomies, terms, and users. Values and choices can be filtered according to values that were already added to selected data fields. This allows you to retrieve and populate current information each time a user interacts with one of your forms. 25. GF Post Content Merge Tags You can use the GF Post Content Merge Tags perk to merge tags within your WordPress content. You only need one confirmation page for multiple forms. This feature can help improve your confirmation page layouts and style. 26. GF Preview Submission This feature gives you the option of adding simple submission previews to forms. This perk allows your users to review the information they’ve entered before confirming their submission. 27. GF Price Range The Price Range function can be used to set your maximum and minimum price ranges for your User Defined Price product fields. It adds a simple user interface where you can set your maximum and minimum price range. The perk automatically enforces this price range every time the particular form is opened. If the user enters a price that’s outside the price range, a validation error will appear. 28. GF Read Only This perk lets you set certain form fields to be read-only. Read-only fields will be visible but can’t be edited. Site users can “read” field values but can’t change them in any way. This option can be useful when you want to present data in a form that users can’t modify. For example, you may want to set specific text areas or paragraphs as read-only information. 29. GF Reload Form The GF Reload Form function lets you add a special link into the confirmation message for any of your AJAX-enabled forms. The link will reload your form with additional submissions once clicked. This will occur without requiring the page to refresh. You can also select to have the page reload after a certain number of seconds have elapsed. 30. GF Terms Of Service This feature gives you the ability to add a Terms of Service section to your Gravity Forms. It can be added in the same way as any other field. Some of the perk’s options include shortcode and HTML support and mandating site users to scroll down to the bottom of the terms of service agreement before they can agree to them.


31. GF Unique ID The GF Unique ID perk allows you to add a unique ID field type. This field will generate a new unique ID for each entry after it’s been submitted. Numeric, sequential, and alphanumeric IDs are just some of the available options. 32. GF Word Count Word Count perk lets you set word limits for a paragraph, single line, and post body text fields. You can set maximum and minimum amounts of words for your fields. Any form using this feature that’s been submitted will review the form and count how many words are contained. The form will be returned with an error message if the minimum is not met or if the maximum is exceeded.

How To Install Gravity Perks Nulled?

You need to have installed and activated Gravity Forms plugin to be able to use Gravity Perks free download. After you install and activate Gravity Perks nulled, plugin new option called “Perks” will be added in the Gravity Forms tab. After the Gravity Forms plugin and Gravity Perks download are activated, you can decide which perks to add. You can do this by going to Forms → Perks in your WordPress dashboard. Find the perk that you want and select the “Install Perk” button next to it. Gravity Wizz (Gravity Perks) will then install the chosen plugin (perk) for you. The perk you selected will display in your regular plugins menu. You can activate or deactivate plugins at any time using the “Forms → Perks” section of your WordPress dashboard. Every perk that you install will add their own custom settings, according to the features and functions that the perk provides. A new “Perks” tab that displays those settings will appear in your field settings section. In the Manage Perks menu, you can easily see all the perks that you have installed as well as links for each perk documentation. Here you can also deactivate perks.

Gravity Perks Download PROS and CONS

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using Gravity Perks Download: PROS:
  • Collection of 32 add-ons for Gravity Forms, which bring various options.
  • You can install only perks you intend to use, so you don’t have to worry about site speed issues due to bloated code information from features that you don’t want or need.
  • Manage all perks from a single location.
  • The 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Gravity Perks seamlessly integrates with Gravity Forms’ existing interfaces.
  • Extensive documentation for every perk.
  • New perks are regularly added.
  • Very simple to use.
  • Each perk is a separate plugin, so if you, for example, install all of them, you will have 32 new plugins in your WordPress dashboard + main Gravity Perks plugin.
  • No free version.
  • The price of $249 to get access to more than three perks is not for every pocket.

Gravity Perks Free Download Review Conclusion

Gravity Forms is one of the most adaptable WordPress plugins on the market today. It creates forms and does a whole lot more. You can instert Gravity Forms using shortcode manually, using  “Add Form” button that appears in the toolbar if you are using Classic editor or using Gutenberg block. The plugin’s default installation adds a good amount of features. This is enough for WordPress site users, but the additional add-ons that are offered provide even more functionality. Allowing site users to create their own accounts, adding the ability to accept online payments, creating PDF files, and running surveys are just some of the many options that add-ons offer. Gravity Perks nulled makes the choices easier for you by supplying an impressive array of add-ons tailored to your individual needs. All you have to do is to install Gravity Perks and then add whatever perks are ideal for your forms. All of the add-ons have been created specifically for Gravity Forms. Gravity Perks free download has three pricing tiers. The Basic plan costs $49, but only allows you to use one perk that can be used on a single website. The Advanced plan, at $129 per year, allows you to use three perks across three different sites. The PRO plan is priced at $259 per year. It allows you to use an unlimited number of perks on an unlimited number of websites. Each plan offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can try all of the features for 30 days and get a full refund if you’re not completely satisfied after that time.

Download Gravity Perks Nulled Free




  • All Themes/Plugins presented on the website are released under GNU General Public License.
  • Unlimited use, you can install them on any site with full premium features available.
  • 100% clean files and free from viruses.
  • This item is for testing & studying purposes only and is not supported for commercial use.
  • We highly recommend buying Gravity Perks Free Download from the official site.
  • If you can’t find the latest version of the product on the site or want any Theme/ Plugin, that is not available here, please contact us. I will upload it as soon as possible.

Gravity Perks Free Download ChangeLog

Gravity Perks 2.0 Change Log

Added GP_Plugin and GP_Feed_Plugin to integrate with Gravity Forms Add-on Framework.
Added support for announcements; short banner messages with news and updates about Gravity Perks.
Added support for new license types (Basic, Advanced, Pro).
Added license toolbar on Manager Perks page.
Added GRAVITY_PERKS_VERSION constant for managing plugin version.
Fixed a myriad of notices.
Removed a myriad of unused legacy code.
Removed settings page.

# Changelog

## 2.2.7

	- Fixed positional tooltip issues introduced in Gravity Forms 2.5.6.
	- Added `gperks_tooltips_initialized` jQuery event to be used by Perks adding tooltips after initial load.

## 2.2.6

	- Fixed a potential issue where some perks may display settings in the wrong tab.
	- Updated field setting group label styles.

## 2.2.5

	- Added ASM Select so perks no longer need to include this individually.

## 2.2.4

	- Added additional helper styles for Gravity Forms 2.5 field settings.
	- Fixed issue where some perks relied on a script file that was loaded in footer.
	- Fixed issue where Perk minimum requirements would not be enforced in some situations.

## 2.2.3

	- Added support for customizing Gravity Forms tooltips.
	- Updated admin scripts to be output to the footer.
	- Added default styles for new `.gp-tooltip-right`. Used by tooltips that are close to the right side of the screen (particularly in the field settings).
	- Added new styles for child settings in Gravity Forms 2.5.
	- Fixed issue where Perk minimum requirements would not be enforced in some situations.

## 2.2.2

	- Fixed issue where minimum requirement admin notices were not displayed in WordPress dashboard. Gravity Forms 2.5 no longer shows notices on their settings pages.
	- Fixed issue where double notices were displayed on plugin row.
	- Fixed issue where perks' init was not correctly halted when min requirements were not met in Gravity Forms 2.5.

## 2.2.1

	- Fixed issue where request URL was not logged accurately.
	- Updated affiliate URL.
	- Added support for Gravity Forms 2.5. (#9)
	- Added support for disabling animation when toggling settings.
	- Added styles for Select2 with .gp-selectwoo selector.
	- Added support for enabling import/export of feeds for a given Gravity Perk by using the gravityperks_export_feeds_PLUGIN-SLUG filter.
	- Fixed styling of plugin row notices and disable auto-updater if license is not registered.

## 2.2

	- Added full support for Gravity Forms 2.5!
	- Added gf-legacy-ui body class on admin pages to allow perks to target specific styles to versions of Gravity Forms prior to 2.5.
	- Added support for a Perks tab for field settings in the GF 2.5 form editor.
	- Added helper functions for determining if a given version of GF is active.
	- Added default styling for GF 2.5's implementation of SelectWoo.
	- Fixed tooltips on Manage Perks page to work with GF 2.5.
	- Fixed issue where license setting did not have autocomplete disabled.

## 2.1.11

	- Fixed issue where extraneous HTTP requests checking for announcements would be sent from the WordPress admin dashboard when used in conjunction with W3 Total Cache's Object Caching.

## 2.1.10

	- Fixed issue where checking for add-on-specific requirement would create infinite recursion.

## 2.1.9

	- Removed deprecated Markdown library.
	- Added security enhancements.

## 2.1.8

	- Fixed potential warning if the Gravity Perks updater isn’t provided the optimal data format.

## 2.1.7

	- Updated perk settings view to require "manage_options" capability instead of "update_plugins".

## 2.1.6

	- Fixed an issue where certain API calls going to Gravity Wiz (such as checking for announcements) weren’t being cached.

## 2.1.5

	- Added security enhancements to perk settings API.

## 2.1.4

	- Fixed fatal error introduced in 2.1.3.

## 2.1.3

	- Fixed security issue.
	- Fixed notice generated when fetching available perks and no license key is specified.

## 2.1.2

	- Fixed several fatal errors that occurred when running older versions of Gravity Forms.
	- Fixed issue where unmet minimum requirements did not prevent GP_Plugin-based perks from initializing.
	- Updated minimum required version of Gravity Forms to fix fatal errors where GFAddon::meets_minimum_requirements() did not exist.

## 2.1.1

	- Fixed issue where Gravity Wiz API wouldn't have its cache cleared

## 2.1

	- Updated licensing and updates API for significant performance improvements.

## 2.0.12

	- Fixed issue with usage of WP_CONTENT_DIR; replaced with WP_PLUGIN_DIR

## 2.0.11

	- Added GP_Late_Static_Binding::Perk_value_pass_through() method.

## 2.0.10

	- Added support to disable API SSL verification with “edd_sl_api_request_verify_ssl” filter

## 2.0.9

	- Fixed fatal error that could occur when Gravity Forms was not loaded.

## 2.0.8

	- Fixed notice that could occur when Gravity Forms was deactivated.
	- Improved Perk installation experience by reducing the number of calls to
	- Updated API to use HTTPS

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