PeepSo Ultimate Bundle Free Download

v6.3.6.0 PeepSo Ultimate Bundle Free Download + Gecko Theme Nulled

PeepSo Ultimate Bundle free download is a super-light and free social networking plugin for WordPress that allows you to quickly and easily add a social network or an online community right inside your WordPress site.


PeepSo Ultimate Bundle nulled is highly efficient and user-friendly, similar to Facebook in terms of easy use – but with better productivity. Social network for WordPress – in just a few clicks! Why would you want to send your users to a Facebook group where they can be targeted by ads from your competition? Why send your users away from your own site? It is hard enough to get quality traffic to your website. With your own community people will keep coming back. Get them to visit your site once, and they will return for other people they met within your own community, as well as for practical features of your website that keep them engaged.


Our PeepSo Free Bundle, designed to set any community to an amazing start. It is truly and completely FREE and at your disposal! When we say it’s free, it’s actually free. No signup. No credit card. No hassle. Check out what you get in PeepSo Free Bundle on top of all the features that PeepSo Foundation has to offer:
  • Friends – Friend connections and “friends” privacy level on posts, with up to 50 connections per user.
  • Chat – Live chat and messages between two or more users.
  • Photos – Upload photos and create photo albums.
  • Audio & Video – Share video links from a multitude of supported providers with a theater view. Live stream videos from YouTube and others.
  • Widgets – Feature Hashtags, recent Photos and Videos and more, wherever you wish within your community.
  • PeepSo Theme: Gecko – Create an amazing-looking community effortlessly. Our theme is fully included in every single bundle we have on offer. If you want to use PeepSo plugins with any other theme, feel free to do so! Gecko Theme is not required to run PeepSo plugins.
To get PeepSo Bundle download, make sure PeepSo is installed and activated. Then go to the backend of your site, PeepSo, Installer and simply activate the PeepSo Free Bundle. That’s it. You can learn more about PeepSo Free Bundle here. Our primary goal in development of this social networking plugin for WordPress is to provide those who want to create a community with WordPress a superior alternative to the existing solutions, with a modern and intuitive look and feel, lots of great features and scalability. What sets PeepSo Ultimate Bundle license key apart from other social networking solutions is its lightness, practicality and stellar design. PeepSo + Gecko Theme nulled works right out of the box, enabling you to start a full social network inside your WordPress site. There’s no need to hire a developer, mess with code, or hack another plugin to make it look and work the way you want it. It simply works.

Some of the features that PeepSo Ulimtae Bundle plugin nulled offers are:

  • Frontend user profiles with avatars and cover images
  • Frontend user registration
  • Frontend user login
  • Frontend user listing with search and filtering
  • User profiles
  • User Hover cards
  • Hashtags
  • User can create their own posts
  • Followers system – users can follow each other
  • Unique Views counter on user posts
  • Custom Reactions on user posts
  • Scheduled Posts that are published at specified time and date
  • Customizable Profile Fields with multiple/single select, date, text, country, social and more…
  • Blog Posts integration with comments and reactions
  • Activity Stream of the entire community
  • Activity Stream filtering by: all community posts, following, saved posts, scheduled posts
  • Activity Stream for user profiles
  • Activity Stream filtering for showing / hiding own posts
  • Activity Stream sorting posts by latest posts or recently commented posts
  • Users can post poll questions for others to vote on
  • Users can save posts, use that feature as Favorite list
  • Search in Activity Stream Posts
  • Users can share their status updates with different privacy settings
  • Real time onsite user notifications
  • User email notifications
  • Email Digest notification system
  • Notification previews
  • Dedicated user roles
  • External links redirect warning
  • Markdown support in Posts, Comments and user Profile Fields
  • Built-in security including brute force protection
  • Nested Comments under user posts within your community
  • Built-in wordfilter – censor any kind of unwanted language from posts, comments and chat
  • Pinned Posts – these are great for making announcements
  • Built-in GIPHY integration. Users can use gifs in posts, comments and chat
  • Assign custom badges to users based on your preference, LearnDash integration or membership level (PMP Integration)
  • Post and Comment edit history indication
  • PeepSo Profile widget with real time notifications
  • PeepSo Online Members widget showing who’s online
  • PeepSo Latest Members widget showing latest members
  • PeepSo Hashtags widget showing tag cloud of the most used hashtags in posts throughout the entire community
  • PeepSo UserBar Widget showing user navigation and notifications anywhere on your site
  • Coherent configuration
  • Dashboard with an Overview of your Community
  • RTL support
  • Built-in community SEO & OG configuration
  • Ability to share user profiles on other networks like: Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Ability to share user posts on other networks like: Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Built-in GDPR Compliance Settings
  • Easy assets, css, template overrides
  • Location for Posts and profiles
  • Tagging users in posts and comments
  • Moods for posts
  • And many, many more…
Read all about PeepSo features here: On top of all the previously mentioned features you’ll also get:
  • Stability – it is rock solid! You can sleep well and not worry about anything.
  • Upgrades will never break anything on your site.
  • Works out of the box – 1st time. Everytime. Period.
  • Lots of Features – and PeepSo is free. Forever.
  • Always ahead of the curve. We’re ready to support latest WP, PHP, MySQL and more.
  • Fanatical Support – Yes. We proudly and dilligently support our plugins. No, you don’t have to pay for support. It’s included.
PeepSo is totally free. Install it and see how it works! PeepSo has a range of extensions that allow you to fully empower Your Community.


Our bundles are tailored to fit every type of community and make it shine. Whether it’s socializing, business, or both – we got you covered.


  • Chat – Live chat and messages between two or more users.
  • Friends – Friend connections and “friends” privacy level on posts. Automatically create friend connections.
  • Groups – Open, closed and secret groups as well as announcement (read only) groups.
  • Photos – Upload photos and create photo albums.
  • Audio & Video – Upload Video and Audio files or share links from supported providers. Live stream videos from YouTube and other supported providers.
  • Email Digest – Keep bringing users back with automated newsletter that contains summary of the most relevant content from your community.
  • User Limits – Decide which users have access to which features, based on their User Role or profile completeness.
  • BadgeOS – Gamification system for community engagement – reward your users with points and achievements.
  • myCRED – Points for community engagement – reward your users with points within myCRED.
  • Social Login & Invitations – Social login options for users, plus a social invitations system for other people to join.
  • LearnDash – Monetize Your Community with online courses.
  • Tutor LMS Pro Free Download – Create and sell beautiful online courses and let Your Community grow.
  • Advanced Ads – Targeted ads based on user profiles, group membership, roles and more.
  • WPAdverts – Monetize your community with classified ads.
  • Paid Memberships Pro – Paid memberships for exclusive community experience.
  • WooCommerce, Dokan and Product Vendors – Create a community behind your brand and get social proof. Includes integration with WooCommerce Product Vendors and Dokan.
  • Easy Digital Downloads – Monetizing your community with digital goods has never been easier.
  • WP Events Manager – Let your community create, attend and manage events.
  • Mobile App with MobiLoud – A great solution to create a mobile app for your community.
  • Early Access – Ultimate Bundle subscribers get access to features sooner than anyone else.
  • PeepSo Theme: Gecko – Create an amazing-looking community effortlessly. Our theme is included in every single bundle we have on offer. If you want to use PeepSo plugins with any other theme, feel free to do so! Gecko Theme is not required to run PeepSo plugins.
  • Access to our Exclusive Community.


We offer translations for PeepSo nulled that are maintained by volunteers, and depending on necessity they are checked and/or completed by professional translators. Translations are shipped with plugins and work out of the box for a number of languages. If you find your language is missing, you can contact us.


If you want to see how social networking on WordPress looks live, you can visit our demo site. You will be able to log in as a real user (username: demo, password: demo) and take PeepSo for a test drive. The demo includes most of the premium plugins so you’ll be able to see them in action. Some like Email Digest, however, cannot conform to demo environment.


PeepSo automatically generates pages for you with shortcodes to allow you to start fast. Here is the list of pages and shortcodes available. Use the shortcodes to display the content in case you’ve deleted the automatically generated page.
  • User Profile – [peepso_profile]
  • Recent Activity – [peepso_activity]
  • Members – [peepso_members]
  • Password Recovery – [peepso_recover]
  • Password Reset – [peepso_reset]
  • Site Registration- [peepso_register]
  • External Link Warning – [peepso_external_link_warning]


To get a social network on your WordPress site up and running, follow these steps:
  • Login to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Choose “Plugins”.
  • Click “Add new”.
  • Search for “PeepSo”.
  • Click “Install”.
  • Go to “Appearance -> Menus”
  • Select the menu you’d like to link to your social network.
  • Add the page “Recent Activity” to that menu
  • Save.
Your new social network will now be displayed on your site.


Check out our GitLab repository of our PeepSo Hello World Plugin. It’s a great starting point for your own PeepSo plugins. It showcases how things connect and comes with well documented code.


The same team that created PeepSo and its plugins had also created the theme: Gecko. Relying on third party themes pushes everything out of our hands; no control over the actual display – not entirely anyway. So a proof of concept was created, and we’ve received amazing feedback from the community. With Gecko we have close to limitless possibilities to showcase PeepSo and its plugins in the most stunning way. You can get the theme here: PeepSo Theme: Gecko. Gecko Theme is included in every single one of our bundles.


More plugins are currently being developed to extend PeepSo’s functionality. To get your desired plugin, see our PeepSo Pricing Page.

Download PeepSo Ultimate Bundle Free




  • All Themes/Plugins presented on the website are released under GNU General Public License.
  • Unlimited use, you can install them on any site with full premium features available.
  • 100% clean files and free from viruses.
  • This item is for testing & studying purposes only and is not supported for commercial use.
  • We highly recommend buying PeepSo Ultimate Bundle Free Download from the official site.
  • If you can’t find the latest version of the product on the site or want any Theme/ Plugin, that is not available here, please contact us. I will upload it as soon as possible.

Peepso Nulled ChangeLog

Gecko Theme
[Multi] Show photo storage used by members.
[PeepSo] Option to reverse activity stream, showing oldest posts first.
[PeepSp] Allow admins to hide post header.
[PeepSo] Optimize PeepSo URL Segments
[PeepSo] Less invasive PeepSaAjax verification script
[PeepSo] Optimize PeepSo URL Segments
[PeepSo] Less invasive PeepSaAjax verification script

FEBRUARY 7, 2024

Gecko Theme
[Multi] Show photo storage used by members.
[PeepSo] Option to reverse activity stream, showing oldest posts first.
[PeepSp] Allow admins to hide post header.
[PeepSo] Small improvements with username change text.
[Plugin] json_encode doesn't work in PeepSoAjaxResponse.

JANUARY 26, 2024

Gecko Theme
[Almighty Support] 1.3.1 and "On Behalf" compatibility
[BadgeOS] new triggers
[Woo] 8.4 compatibility

JANUARY 19, 2024

Gecko Theme
[Multi] Display Ad title and description when initiating chat with Ad owner from the WP Adverts listing
No changes

JANUARY 17, 2024

Gecko Theme
[PeepSo] VIP Strings can't be translated
[PeepSo] Sort by most followers by default
[Groups] Fix duplicated queries
[Search] Properly search for participants
[Social Login] Fix Apple ID login
[Almighty Support] Wrong notifications link in email digest
[Events Manager] Can't edit events in profile
[Give WP] Fix the missing stream integration

JANUARY 1, 2024

[PeepSo] Fix HTML showing in the stream.
No changes

DECEMBER 29, 2023

[PeepSo] Fix the license check issue
No changes

DECEMBER 20, 2023

[Groups] Popular Group Posts widget
[WP Adverts] Remove expired activity stream items related to expired ads
[Videos] Reduce flickering on activity stream when video is being played for the first time
[PeepSo] Fix PHP 8.3 deprecation warnings and notices
[Multi] Fix the issue with email digest and WP Events Manager
Groups widget style support

DECEMBER 13, 2023

Fix for vulnerability issue
No changes

NOVEMBER 28, 2023

[PeepSo] Full compatibility with PHP 8.3
[Woo] Compatibility with Woo 8.3.0
[PeepSo] Fix possible XSS issue on the installer page
No changes

NOVEMBER 15, 2023

[Photos] Query improvement for community photos widget
[PeepSo] Query improvement for user search
[Videos] Add ability to search video title
[Email Digest] Query improvements
[PeepSo] Fix the issue with link previews in comments
[WooCommerce] Fix the issue with "High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS)"

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