Dokan Pro Free Download v3.9.10 Business Plan [NULLED]

Dokan Pro Free Downloading is the best front end multi-vendor marketplace on WordPress, powered by WooCommerce. It helps you to build your own marketplace similar to Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Magento like marketplaces in under 30 minutes.


Dokan Pro free download is the fastest way to start eCommerce and earn through commissions with products ranging from digital, physical to variable products. Hear what reputed WordPress influencer and online business strategist, Darrel Wilson, has to say about Dokan Pro Nulled.


  • “Great Platform to start and grow your business with. Provides the ability to grow our startup to a global level with a low financial burden.”
  • “Dokan is a product with a huge potential. And has evolved during the last years. We have implemented a stable marketplace environment serving hundreds of satisfied customers using this tool.”
  • “Best Multivendor WordPress Plugin Available.”
  • “I have been using Dokan for 3 years. Overall experiences with the software are awesome!”
  • “Best investment we made last year.”
  • “Excellent product. Ease of use. Saved hundreds of work hours with lots of additional benefits.”


To provide a comprehensive frontend experience, vendors have a personalized customizable dashboard on the store frontend. They can easily navigate and control everything from there. Backend access is restricted to the admin only. This sets Dokan apart from others. However, all of our modules are frontend compatible so that both the admin and vendors can enjoy the benefits of being part of Dokan. Dokan Pro comes with a free responsive eCommerce theme – Dokani, that has widgets specially made for Dokan.


Dokan Pro Nulled
Dokan Pro Nulled
Your business operations with Dokan Pro Free Download come with the assurance of being smooth and fast. Everything will work to your expectation because that is how the experience is designed, taking into account the best intuitive practices from popular eCommerce activators like WooCommerce, Bigcommerce etc.


We regularly keep our versions updated for flawless operation and integration with dependable services. We don’t just work on keeping things compatible, but we also follow an approach of adding trendy new features to Dokan with every update.


You can have unlimited vendors and vendors can create unlimited products. Create marketplaces that offer –
  • Physical product
  • Downloadable product
  • Variable product
  • Bookable products through the Dokan WC Bookings Integration
  • Auction products through the Dokan Simple Auction Integration
You can choose which marketplace to create with freedom of imagination. Customize your store with Elementor Integration and its simple drag and drop attribute.


Profit doesn’t only rely on sales. Dokan allows multiple ways of earning – through vendor commissions or product-based commissions. You can also create subscription packs that allow you to charge for product uploads, product limits and time.


As an admin, you can use Dokan in a way where you can control everything that happens in your marketplace. Product publishing, vendor registration, subscription renewal, and every other vendor activity can be rerouted through you. In the Pro Version, there are additional stunning features, updates, and scope for powerful modules to provide more admin power and control while improving the marketplace functionality.


Admin can extend flexibility to individual vendors to have control over their shipping based on various conditions including setting rates, tracking shipments with available integrations, and much more.
  • Vendor Table rate shipping (Pro) – Multi-vendor support on setting shipping rates based on location, price, weight, shipping class, or item count of the shipment.
  • Delivery Time (Pro) – Let customers choose the time and date they want their product delivered.
  • ShipStation (Pro) – Enable vendors to import, manage, and ship orders hassle-free with the leading shipping application for online marketplaces.


Dokan is compatible with more than 70+ plugins so that you don’t have to worry about anything when it comes to compatibility. From Shipping plugins, Payment plugins to Wallets, you have the complete peace of mind when building Dokan for a global audience.


Now never get bored with the old fashioned appearance of your store. Have full control over your store customization with the Elementor module for Dokan. Simply get the customizer to be able to customize the global outlook of the vendor store pages. Drag & drop more than 12 incredible store widgets made exclusively for Dokan and place it anywhere you want it. Save as many customized templates as you want to use it whenever you need it.
  • Elementor Customizer (Pro): Get the complete store customization authority for the vendor store page to change its default appearance hassle-free.


Marketplace with Independent Stores

  • Every seller gets their own store with a unique URL and branding.
  • Beautiful storefront styles with contact details and widgets
  • Store location map on the store front. (Dokan Pro Free Download)
  • Single product can be offered by different merchants. (Dokan Pro Free Download)

Frontend Dashboard For Each Seller

  • Vendors can manage products, control orders from customers, and make withdrawals right from the site frontend.
  • WordPress backend and administrative settings can only be accessed by admin.

Earn From Each Sale

  • A part of the sale value is sent to admin as commission.
  • Commission rate can be customized.
  • Per vendor percentage override. (Pro)
  • Reverse Withdrawal – With Reverse Withdrawal, Admin can collect commissions from vendor which can not be collected via regular commission system, such as when vendors ship orders with cash on delivery.

Simple Product Management

  • Create and manage your products from the frontend.
  • Create variable or downloadable products. (Dokan Pro Free Download)
  • Your vendors will have support for Zonewise shipping management. (Dokan Pro Nulled)
  • Vendors have the option to manage product attributes. (Dokan Pro License Key)
  • Vendors can manage downloadable product permission, expiry date and download limit. (Pro)

Detailed Reports on important aspects of your marketplace (Pro)

  • Vendors can see their sales report, generate statements and overview from the frontend.
  • Admins can overview orders and filter by sale, by date, top vendors or top earners.
  • Let Vendors easily switch from another marketplace to your using Export/Import feature.(Pro)
  • Vendors will be able to create coupons advanced management features. (Pro)

The vendors have the capability to manage and offer discounts for each product

  • Set expiry and restriction for coupons.
  • The customer can leave reviews for a product/vendor they are satisfied with. A review cannot be modified by the vendor. (Pro)
  • All product reviews are managed by vendors (with admin override), and make decisions on whether to display the review on their site.


  • Admin can view and manage vendor list.
  • Admin can view him as well as every vendor’s earning reports individually.
  • Dokan Pro Free Download has update and support option for the customer.
  • Advanced settings for the admin –
    • General Settings
      • Admin can enable/disable the map on the store page.
      • Admin can enable/disable the contact form on the store page.
      • Admin can also enable/disable the store sidebar from theme.
    • Selling Options
      • Admin can manage new product status.
      • Admin can set the order status for withdraw.
      • Admin can seth threshold withdraw day for the vendor.
      • Admin can change the vendor store URL.
      • Admin can also enable/disable the permission of review editing for the vendor.
  • Widgets
    • Best vendor widget
    • Featured vendor widget
    • Store contact widget
    • Store location widget
    • And much more.


Dokan comes with a number of extended features that help your marketplace stay one step ahead of the competition. And more innovations and features are brought with regular and timely releases.
  • Stripe Express (Pro) – Utilize popular payment gateways – Apple Pay and Google Pay, to execute transactions like schedule payouts, request payments, and more.
  • Minimum Maximum Order (Pro) – Let your merchants set a minimum or maximum limit upon order amounts (quantity or price).
  • Product Advertising (Pro) – Let the Vendors promote their selected products. This will enhance their chance of attracting more customers, and you as the admin can charge for this, thus resulting in more income for both Admin and Vendors.
  • Product Subscription (Pro) – Let your vendors sell subscription-based products and services easily from the frontend of your website.
  • Request for Quotation(Pro) – Customers can communicate with vendors by requesting quoted prices on wholesale orders.
  • Rank Math SEO (Pro) – Let your vendors manage their product SEO with an easy-to-navigate frontend dashboard and drive traffic to your eCommerce site.
  • Dokan MANGOPAY Integration (Pro) – Make smooth transactions with split payments, multi vendor support and run your business operations in Europe with ease using Mangopay.
  • Dokan Paypal Marketplace (Pro) – Make your marketplace payment system smoother than ever with the advanced PayPal integration with all PayPal Commerce Platform (PCP) features.
  • PDF Invoice: Create automated multi seller invoices with templates & download in PDF.
  • Product Duplicator: Enable vendors to copy a product that another seller is already selling.
  • Ajax Live Search (Pro): Turn your regular search bar into an instant advanced product searching tool.
  • Geolocation (Pro): Let your customers search by location.
  • Live Chat (Pro): Let your vendors give quick real-time support to registered users & customers.
  • Seller Verification (Pro): Verify your vendors using their social profiles, phone and even their photo ID.
  • Stripe Connect (Pro): Famous for its low fees, use Stripe to all handle all your payments in real time and much more.
  • Wirecard(Moip) (Pro): Get to use the popular payment system Wirecard previously known as Moip with Dokan.
  • Elementor Customizer (Pro): Get the complete store customization authority for the vendor store page to change its default appearance hassle-free.
  • Subscriptions (Pro): Create highly customized subscription packs and charge vendors as you like.
  • Vendor Review (Pro): This feature enables your customers to post a review for each store available on your site.
  • Vendor Staff Manager (Pro): Let the sellers of your multivendor marketplace a unique opportunity to appoint an unlimited number of staffs to manage their personal eCommerce stores.
  • Dokan WooCommerce Booking (Pro): Allows vendors to create & sell bookable products and customers to customize their booking orders.
  • Dokan Simple Auctions (Pro): Offer your vendors to enable auction-able products selling feature.


This may have bugs and lack of many features. If you want to contribute to this project, you are more than welcome.


Dokan Lite uses Appsero SDK to collect some telemetry data upon user’s confirmation. This helps us to troubleshoot problems faster & make product improvements. Appsero SDK does not gather any data by default. The SDK only starts gathering basic telemetry data when a user allows it via the admin notice. We collect the data to ensure great user experience for all our users. Integrating Appsero SDK DOES NOT IMMEDIATELY start gathering data, without confirmation from users in any case.


This may have bugs and lack of many features. If you want to contribute on this project, you are more than welcome. Please fork the repository from Github.

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  • All Themes/Plugins presented on the website are released under GNU General Public License.
  • Unlimited use, you can install them on any site with full premium features available.
  • 100% clean files and free from viruses.
  • This item is for testing & studying purposes only and is not supported for commercial use.
  • We highly recommend buying Dokan Pro Free Download from the official site.
  • If you can’t find the latest version of the product on the site or want any Theme/ Plugin, that is not available here, please contact us. I will upload it as soon as possible.

Dokan Pro Changelog

February 12, 2024
Dokan Pro 3.9.10 Released Banner

New: We’ve added support for PHP 8.2.
Fix: Are special characters causing trouble? Not anymore! We’ve fixed an issue where HTML entities appeared in the store category name.
Fix: We’ve sorted out the percentage calculation glitch for address and payment info in the Dokan seller setup wizard.
Fix: We’ve addressed the issue where product input fields were showing on variable product variations.
Fix: All variations now come with a menu order, as they should.
Fix: Fixed an issue where Marketplace coupons weren’t applied if they excluded a product.
Fix: We’ve made sure coupons meant for one vendor stay with that vendor only.
Fix: We’ve ensured coupons generated for specific vendors or stores only work for their products.
Fix: No error messages for invalid coupons? Problem solved! You’ll now see error messages on the cart page for invalid coupons
Fix: No error messages for invalid coupons? Problem solved! You’ll now see error messages on the cart page for invalid coupons.
Fix: [Auction] Vendors are unable to add downloadable files for auctionable products. Fixed! Now, downloadable files save correctly for auctionable products.
Fix: [Store Review] Resolved an issue where, after deleting Store Reviews from the WP Admin Dashboard > Dokan > Store Review screen, the review count would remain unchanged at the top of the review list. Now, the review count updates properly after deleting reviews.
Fix: [TableRateShipping] If you were encountering fatal errors with the Google Distance Matrix API, worry no more! We’ve eliminated those errors, even when the API takes longer to respond.
Fix: [RequestForQuote] Fixed the inconsistency in Priority between the “Add to Cart” and “Add to Quote” buttons on the Simple and Variable Products page. Now, the buttons behave consistently across product pages.
Fix: [RequestForQuote] No more “X” button clutter! We’ve removed the “X” button from Quote Details after the quote has been converted to an order.
Fix: Fixed issues where some strings in Dokan shipping settings and related screens couldn’t be translated using WPML, improving localization for multilingual users.

=v3.9.9 Jan 29, 2024=

– **update:** [VendorStaff] Added Single Step Product creation from support for Vendor Staff while adding Auction and Booking products.
– **fix:** [Auction] Fixed an issue where the Auction products are not appearing on the vendor dashboard’s auction listing page when the HPOS feature is enabled.
– **fix:** Fixed an issue where the regular price wasn’t displayed as strike-through when the sales price was present.
– **fix:** Fixed a fatal error while trying to update an order from the admin panel if the HPOS feature is enabled.
– **fix:** [VendorDiscount] Fixed a PHP warning under the cart page if a customer clicks on the order again on a completed order from the My Account page.
– **fix:** [LiveSearch] Fixed an issue where the reverse withdrawal and product advertisement payment products are showing on the live search result
– **fix:** [StoreSupport] Fixed an issue where the customer’s email is not triggering if the site’s default admin email address is different than the registered admin email.
– **fix:** Fixed a console error after updating a store category from the Dokan single vendor edit page.
– **fix:** Fixed misleading email subject and title for Product Replacement Request Notifications to Vendors. When a customer sends a replacement request for a product with a warranty, the email notification sent to the vendor has a misleading subject and title. The email subject mentions “A new refund request” and the title refers to “Refund request.” This can confuse the vendor, as the request is a replacement request, not a refund request. These issues have been resolved.
– **fix:** Fixed a WPML translation issue where the product attribute’s name wasn’t translatable with WPML. – **fix:** Fixed an issue where the delivery time date time picker wasn’t translatable.
– **fix:** Fixed an issue where the Connect with Stripe button was not translatable in Stripe Express.
– **fix:** Fixed a translation issue where the mobile number field placeholder was not translatable.
– **fix:** Fixed a translation issue where the title of table rows on the Return Requests page on the vendor dashboard cannot be fully translated. The word “on” is always untranslated.
– **fix:** Fixed a translation issue where the vendor and customer support ticket status and number hash are not translatable.

January 12, 2024
Dokan Pro 3.9.8 Released Banner

Fix: We’ve fixed an issue with the Appsero plugin update checker. You can now enjoy a smoother experience with this problem addressed in our latest update.

January 11, 2024
Dokan Pro 3.9.7 Released Banner 2

Fix: [Stripe Express] In this update, we’ve enhanced the performance of the Stripe Express module. Previously, users experienced delays when loading the Add to Cart button and proceeding to the checkout page. With this release, we’ve successfully addressed and resolved the loading time issue, ensuring a smoother and quicker experience for you.

December 15, 2023
Dokan Pro Released Banner 3.9.6

Fix: An issue was fixed where the Dokan Subscription product switched to Simple Product after saving from the WordPress Admin Panel –> Products –> Edit Product page.
Fix: We resolved a fatal error when attempting to renew a subscription within the WordPress Admin Panel. Specifically, this issue occurred while navigating to WooCommerce > Subscription > Edit a single subscription that included a line item coupon.

December 12, 2023
Dokan Pro Released Banner 3.9.5

Chore: Removed the PayPal Adaptive Payment Gateway module from Dokan Pro.
Update: Replaced the ambiguous text “RMA Requests” with “Returns & Refunds” in the My Account menu list.
Update: Vendors will now see a new notification showing the count of new Refund and Return requests beside the Return Request menu.
Update: Introducing a new email named “Dokan Send Refund Request Conversation Notification to Vendor and Customer.” This email will be triggered when a vendor or customer replies to any RMA Request Conversation, notifying the other party.
Fix: Now, vendors can request a refund even if they set the line item quantity to 0 manually. Previously, this led to an unwanted validation error, but now the request will proceed as intended.
Fix: Fixed an issue where the product reviews widget in the vendor dashboard remained visible even after disabling it from WooCommerce’s settings.
Fix: Resolved missing assets on the RFQ page when using WPML.
Fix: Fixed a fatal error caused by a type casting error under the vendor coupon Order Discount section.
Dokan – WPML Integration version 1.0.9
New: Added a new filter called dokan_get_translated_page_id for added support. This filter allows us to obtain the translated Page ID from any Page ID.
Update: Updated Dokan for compatibility with WordPress Version 6.4.2.
Update: Updated Dokan for compatibility with WooCommerce Version 8.2.2.

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