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WordPress User Registration Premium Free Download’s drag and drop form builder lets you create custom registration forms of any kind for your WordPress site. Go for simple forms or create complex multi-step forms.

It’s all up to you. Moreover, this free, lightweight, and 100% responsive plugin comes with a beautifully designed login form ready for you to use. It automatically creates a user profile account for WordPress users as well.

The best thing is that there are unlimited customization options for each field and form. To add more extendibility to this, you get premium addons to include extra functionalities in your registration forms. So, you’ve got yourself a fantastic WordPress User Registration Premium Addons free download and login plugin.

User Registration Premium – Best WordPress Registration form plugin

Creating WordPress User Registration form and Login form has never been so easy. Absolutely no coding required. Trusted by 70000+ users

Creating WordPress User Registration Forms has never been so easy

WordPress User Registration plugin free download is the best WordPress registration form and login form plugin with easy drag and drop form builder. Create any type of registration form within a minute.
The best thing about the plugin is that it offers unlimited customization options for each registration fields and form.


  • Easy Drag and Drop Builder: Simply drag and drop the form fields into a blank slate and create a registration form in no time. No code, no fuss.
  • Custom Form Fields Apart from Default User Fields: User Registration premium nulled removes the limitations posed by the default WordPress fields while registering users. Use custom form fields like Country, Privacy Policy, and Profile Picture to design any kind of form you need.
  • Email Notifications for Users: Send customized email notifications to your users as soon as they complete the registration process. Additionally, you can send notifications regarding payments and changes made to profile details as well.
  • Beautiful User Profile Account Page: User Registration premium free download automatically creates a WordPress user profile account for all your registered users. Even better is the fact that you’re still in complete control of the customization of this page.
  • In-built Login Form: No need to make a separate login form for users as you get an in-built login form with User Registration. Just redirect your users to this page from the registration page.
  • Strong Spam Protection with Google reCaptcha and Honeypot: Block spam attacks like fake user registration and spam submissions with our Google reCaptcha and honeypot feature. Just enable the features for selected forms from the plugin settings.
  • Assign User Roles and Capabilities: Assign default WordPress user roles like Editor, Author, Subscriber, and more while creating registration forms. This lets you control who has access to which sections of your website and what actions they can perform.
  • [Premium] Multi-Step Form: Long and detailed forms can look dull and crammed. That’s why we’ve created multi-step forms that let you break long forms into multiple sections for a cleaner and engaging presentation.
  • [Premium] Collect Payments via Credit Cards and PayPal: User Registration works flawlessly with both PayPal and Credit Cards(Stripe). So, you’ll have no problem collecting payments from users during registration using these payment gateways.
  • [Premium] Create Easy Content Restriction Rules: Enable content restriction to posts, pages, and categories with the premium Content Restriction addon. You can also create advanced custom content access rules based on roles, capabilities, user state, and more.
  • [Premium] Register Users Using Social Profile Account: Now, your users can directly register and log in using their existing social accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google. The data from the social account used in registration is then imported to the corresponding user profile.
  • [Premium] WooCommerce Integration: Integrate WooCommerce with our plugin and add WooCommerce Shipping/Billing Address fields to your user registration forms.
  • [Premium] Collect Geolocation Data for Users: This premium addon enables you to collect and save the geolocation data of users who register on your website. And it’s pretty easy when you have fields like Country, City, and Postcode.
  • [Premium] LearnDash Integration: Integrating LearnDash with WordPress User Registration Plugin Nulled allows you to add a LearnDash course field in your registration form. This automatically enrolls the users into their specified LearnDash course.
  • [Premium] Set Fields Visibility: Hide specific user registration fields in the published forms and user profile page. You can decide whether the field is visible in the registration form or profile details, or both.
  • [Premium] Import Users: User Registration plugin lets you import users to any registration form on your WordPress website. Just upload the CSV file with user information and map it with the registration form of your choice.
  • [Premium] Connect Registration Forms with 1000+ Services via Zapier: Zapier passes information to all the applications your registration forms are connected with. This helps you save time by automating tasks like collecting form responses, sending texts and reminders.
  • [Premium] Integrations with Email Marketing Services: Promote your business with the correct email marketing tools like MailChimp and MailerLite. Integrating them with User Registration adds all your registered users to subscriber lists directly.
  • [Premium] Drag and Drop Multi File Upload: The multiple file upload feature is perfect for when you need to collect more than one document or image file. You only have to set the maximum file upload limit from the field options.
  • [Premium] Smart Conditional Logic: Now, you can personalize registration forms for users and make them more interactive with conditional logic. Show different users specific fields based on their previous input.


Here’s a brief look at the features that make User Registration one of the best WordPress plugins for user registration and login.

  • [Premium] User Registration Data in Graphs and Charts: Receive accurate stats on every user registration form through graphs and charts. You can view the total, approved, denied, and pending registrations your website receives in a day, week, month, or a specific period.
  • [Premium] Live Form Designer Tool: You might find the default form template a bit boring. So, User Registration Premium Addons Nulled offers a live form designer for you to customize form elements like Field Styles, Form Wrapper, and Button Styles without writing any code.
  • [Premium] Invite Codes for Registration: User Registration allows access to the registration page to only users with an invitation code. You can either create a code on your own or generate random codes
  • Easily Import Export Forms: If you own multiple websites, you don’t have to create registration forms from scratch every single time. You can save time by exporting and importing forms as JSON files which include form settings as well.
  • [Premium] Front-end Listing: If you want to display all your registered users on your website, the Front-end Listing addon is your answer. Users and guests alike can view individual profiles of your users from this front-end list.
  • [Premium] Customize My Account: Manage the in-built My Account page by adding custom tabs as well as editing and deleting default tabs. User Registration also allows you to edit design elements of the page such as Color, Buttons, Navigation, and more.


  • Schools and Universities
  • Ecommerce websites
  • Business agencies
  • Online magazines
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Online certification programs
  • Conference and seminar organizers
  • Workshops
  • Restaurants
  • Sports event organizers
  • Government offices
  • Job board websites
  • Forums
  • Medical institutions
  • Bloggers
  • Gym and yoga studios


  • Employee Registration
  • Event Registration
  • JobSeeker Registration
  • Appointment Form
  • Document Application Form
  • Social Registration
  • Student Registration
  • WooCommerce Registration
  • Multi-Step Registration
  • Course Registration

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  • All Themes/Plugins presented on the website are released under GNU General Public License.
  • Unlimited use, you can install them on any site with full premium features available.
  • 100% clean files and free from viruses.
  • This item is for testing & studying purposes only and is not supported for commercial use.
  • We highly recommend buying “User Registration Premium WordPress Plugin free download” from the official site.
  • If you can’t find the latest version of the product on the site or want any Theme/ Plugin, that is not available here, please contact us. I will upload it as soon as possible.

User Registration Premium ChangeLog

= 2.2.3 – 27/09/2022
* Enhance – Delete forms when plugin uninstalled. ​
* Tweak – Install pages notice when onboarding skipped​.
* Tweak – Display notice to select my account page in settings.​
* Tweak – Change text typo and grammatical mistake in settings labels.​
* Dev – Function to get all form fields added.​
* Dev – Trigger added for field removal in JS.​
* Dev – Trigger added for handling field error messages.​
* Fix – Number field accepting text inputs.​
* Fix – Tooltip not properly displayed in form settings.​
* Fix – My Account vertical layout nav width responsiveness.​
* Fix – Required field issue in edit profile when field is conditionally hidden.​
* Fix – One time draggable fields inside a row not reinitialized after deleting it.​
* Fix – User with email confirmed but not approved by admin are not shown as pending in users table.

= 2.2.2 – 06/09/2022
* Enhance – Parse smart tag values in appropriate format to display​.
* Refactor – Remove field icon code.​
* Refactor – Replace jQuery tiptip with Tooltipster for tooltip​.
* Tweak – Double quoted main font family ignored by browsers.​
* Tweak – Replace incremental file name function with WordPress default.​
* Tweak – Revert content overrider not saving code back to old working one.​
* Tweak – Settings option label made consistent​.
* Fix – Flatpickr localization issue.
* Fix – File type valid value format.​
* Fix – Select All option translation issue.​
* Fix – Conditional Logic enabled required field issue. ​
* Fix – Invalid argument error in foreach when updating pro.​
* Fix – Redirection after registration not working with block.​
* Fix – Error thrown when uploaded file is not found in upload directory.​
* Fix – Ajax Submission not working in edit profile when required field empty.
* Fix – Lost password not working when no default account page with forgot password endpoint​.

= 2.2.1 – 28/07/2022
* Enhance – Display Keyboard Shortcuts Popup when (Ctrl + H) is pressed.
* Enhance – Toggle introduced in metabox settings.
* Tweak – Added trigger after edit profile ajax submission.
* Dev – Replace str_contains with strpos in settings title capitalization function.
* Fix – Quick Links Content Toggle Issue.
* Fix – Remove whitespace before form fields.
* Fix – Form Field icon issue in firefox browser.
* Fix – Undefined index field_name in country field.
* Fix – Date Range not accepting end date in access rule.
* Fix – Required option value for field not rendered dynamically in form builder.
* Fix – File upload path permission denied due to no existence of file directory.

= 2.2.0 – 14/07/2022
* Feature – Approve User via Email Token Link​
* Refactor – Settings title, options and tooltips typos change. ​
* Refactor – Added new Misc settings tab for all advanced global settings.
* Tweak – Added missing translations.​
* Tweak – Make translatable Registration URL on Login form.​
* Dev – Hook after user meta update.​
* Dev – Validate unique field compatibility​
* Dev – Date format filter for registered log in users table.​
* Fix – Plugin path with invalid slashes.​
* Fix – Profile Picture removed when profile updated.​
* Fix – Email templates content overrider texts not saving.​
* Fix – Undefined Std::class $plugin in add new plugin page.
* Fix – Undefined Std::class $version in view details action.
* Fix – View details link in plugins row action broken for addons.​

= 2.1.8 – 08/06/2022
* Feature – Native date Field.
* Enhance – Profile Picture and File Upload to different folder.
* Dev – Social connect with login option.
* Dev – Proper escaping on left out htmls.
* Dev – Hook for notice in registration form.
* Dev – Hook for customize edit profile fields.
* Dev – Filter hook for admin action redirect in users section.
* Tweak – URL to pricing page from extensions menu.
* Tweak – Filter to change lost password page button text.
* Tweak – Remove Add User Registration Form button from wp-editor in URCMA settings.
* Fix – Popup issue with wpcover block.
* Fix – Learndash login conflict with prevent core login feature.
* Fix – Country field value issue in edit profile when placeholder is set.

= 2.1.7 – 29/04/2022
* Tweak – Country full name in smart tags.
* Fix – Lost password when no account page.
* Fix – Multiple form invisible recaptcha issue.
* Fix – Lost password functionality in multisite.
* Fix – Wrong label of save changes button in settings.
* Fix – Bypass prevent core reset password on multisite.
* Fix – Wrong sanitization for valid extensions in profile pic.

= 2.1.6 – 20/04/2022
* Enhance – Active status on emails settings.
* Enhance – Keyboard shortcut in form builder.
* Dev – Geolocation auto complete address and map compatibility.
* Dev – PDF toggle, image upload, image choice and radio choice settings compatibility.
* Dev – Incorrect password error message handled and filter added when ajax login enabled.
* Tweak – Ring Loader css added.
* Tweak – Elementor widget icon added.
* Tweak – Licences tab removed from settings tab of free version.
* Fix – Permission callback error in restapi.
* Fix – Translation issue with user registration.
* Fix – Profile Pic upload issue from edit profile.
* Fix – ReCaptcha conflict with all in one seo plugin.
* Fix – Undefined index title in payment settings tab.
* Fix – Invalid argument supplied in admin settings file.
* Fix – Default reset password and myaccount design issue.
* Fix – Invalid email error message handled when ajax enabled.
* Fix – User status keep switching to pending only after admin approval from admin user list.
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