PublishPress Series Pro (v2.12.0) Free Download

PublishPress Series Pro Free Download is a robust publishing plugin designed to streamline the organization of posts into cohesive issues or series. This innovative tool is ideal for a wide range of content creators, including magazine publishers, newspaper editors, short-story writers, educators, comic artists, and anyone who regularly publishes multiple posts on the same topic.

One of the standout features of PublishPress Series is its ability to help content creators organize their posts into cohesive issues or series. This is particularly beneficial for publishers who want to present their content in a structured and organized manner, allowing readers to easily navigate between related posts and explore a specific topic in depth.

With PublishPress Series, content creators can easily create and manage issues or series directly from the WordPress dashboard. The plugin provides intuitive tools for organizing posts, allowing users to group related content together and define the structure of their series or issues. This makes it easy to create a cohesive narrative or thematic collection of posts that resonate with readers.

PublishPress Series Pro Nulled also offers advanced customization options, allowing content creators to tailor the appearance and functionality of their series or issues to suit their specific needs. Users can customize the layout and design of their series pages, choose from a variety of display options, and add custom metadata to enhance the presentation of their content.

Another key feature of PublishPress Series is its flexibility and versatility. The plugin supports a wide range of content types, including posts, pages, custom post types, and even WooCommerce products. This allows content creators to organize and present a diverse range of content in a cohesive and structured manner, making it easy for readers to explore related topics or themes.

PublishPress Series also offers powerful scheduling capabilities, allowing content creators to plan and schedule their series or issues in advance. Users can define publication dates for individual posts within a series, set up recurring publication schedules, and even automate the publishing process for maximum efficiency.

In addition to its organizational features, PublishPress Free Download offers robust management tools for content creators. The plugin provides detailed insights into the performance of series or issues, allowing users to track views, engagement metrics, and reader feedback. This helps content creators understand which topics resonate with their audience and optimize their content strategy accordingly.

PublishPress Series is a versatile and powerful publishing plugin that offers a wide range of features for organizing and managing posts into cohesive issues or series. Whether you’re a magazine publisher, newspaper editor, short-story writer, educator, comic artist, or any other type of content creator, PublishPress Nulled provides the tools and resources you need to create engaging and structured content experiences for your audience.

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PublishPress Series Pro ChangeLog

v2.12.0- 2023-08-17

* Changed: Replaced Pimple library with a prefixed version of the library to avoid conflicts with other plugins;
* Changed: Replaced Psr/Container library with a prefixed version of the library to avoid conflicts with other plugins;
* Changed: Change min PHP version to 7.2.5. If not compatible, the plugin will not execute;
* Changed: Change min WP version to 5.5. If not compatible, the plugin will not execute;
* Changed: Updated internal libraries to latest versions;
* Changed: Refactor some occurrences of "plugins_loaded" replacing it by a new action: "plublishpress_<name>_loaded" which runs after the requirements and libraries are loaded, but before the plugin is initialized;

v2.11.5- 2023-07-20

* Update: Allow users to re-order drafts series, #815
* Update: Add series metabox order settings, #814
* Update: Add series upgrade action button to settings, #810
* Fixed: Scheduled posts publish with no part, #821
* Update: Small text change for migration, #816
* Update: French translation update for Series Free - June 2023, #812
* Update: ES-IT Translation updates June 2023, #809
* Update: Series PRO ES-FR-IT Translation Updates July 2023, #825

v2.11.4- 2023-06-15

* Update: Remove auto series part feature
* Fixed: Series Order is broken with Multiple Series, #774
* Fixed: Editing Series order not updating, #746
* Fixed: Navigation is broken by draft posts, #783
* Update: Remove unpublished series parts in frontend, #782
* Fixed: Text in missing for Multiple Series, #773
* Fixed: Add a link to Manage Series if no series are available, #728
* Fixed: Remove the banner for Blocks, #770

v2.11.3- 2023-05-30

* Fixed: Multiple Series is not working in Pro, #769
* Fixed: "Post Types" no longer appears in Series Pro, #768
* Fixed: plugins_loaded hooks are not executed anymore, #771

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