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v6.22.6 WooCommerce Product Bundles Free Download

WooCommerce Product Bundles Free Download Meet Product Bundles: A beautifully-crafted

WooCommerce plugin that covers almost every bundling need under the sun — from creating discount packages,to selling custom skateboards, computers, furniture, and even personalized cupcake boxes!


Product Bundles is compatible with the new Cart and Checkout blocks — a customizable,conversion-optimized checkout experience coming soon to WooCommerce.

Create bulk discount packages

Adding a bundle to your catalog is probably the most straightforward way to offer a few related products together.

To make the offer more appealing, you can discount the entire package, or individual items.

Want to give higher discounts to customers who purchase more?

With WooCommerce Product Bundles Nulled, you can create dynamic bulk discount rules in seconds!

Offer personalized boxes

Ever tried to build personalized, pick-and-mix boxes using the Grouped Product type?

The WooCommerce Product Bundles Free type is the feature-packed alternative you’ve been looking for.

With Product Bundles, you can: control the minimum or maximum quantity of items that customers must add to their box;choose among multiple layout options.

You can even use Product Bundles to offer personalized subscription boxes,thanks to its deep integration with WooCommerce Subscriptions and the All Products for WooCommerce Subscriptions add-on.

Create assembled products

Use multiple, inventory-managed parts to create assembled products. Create and ship assembled and unassembled bundles.

Recommend add-ons and essentials

Boost your average order value by adding Frequently Bought Together recommendations to popular products, and use discounts to maximize their impact.

Offer more engaging upsells like every other product in your catalog, bundles can be promoted anywhere on your store with shortcodes and upsells.

Need an easy way to recommend all bundles that contain a product?

It’s possible, thanks to Product Bundles’ integration with Product Recommendations.


With WooCommerce Product Bundles Free Download,

Create physical, virtual, or downloadable bundles.
Tailor the pricing and shipping setup of your bundles to suit your needs.

Group simple, variable and subscription products together — or pick specific variations.
Recommend optional items, and let customers choose the quantities they want.

Offer bulk quantity discounts with dynamic pricing rules.
View in-depth revenue analytics for bundles purchased in your store.

Quickly identify bundles with insufficient stock and restock their contents.
Get notified when bundles run low in stock.

Tweak the appearance of individual bundles and bundled items in every WooCommerce template.
Tailor every detail to your needs with easy-to-use snippets and mini-extensions.

Need REST API support? Looking for a specific filter or action hook? Chances are you’ll find the answer in our documentation.


If not, our team is here to save the day!

Want to offer subscriptions, memberships, personalized add-ons, or to accept donations?

Planning to add one-page checkout or multi-currency features to your store? We have your back!

With WooCommerce Product Bundles Free Download are one of the best ways to boost your store’s revenues.

Shoppers may not show up to your store to purchase a bundle, but once they see a convenient and discounted product bundle,

it can be hard to turn down.

Using these With WooCommerce Product Bundles Nulled plugins for WooCommerce you can:

Create as many product bundles as you want
Set custom prices for your bundles

Add discounts using percentages or fixed amounts
Let customers choose their own products to bundle

Add variable and digital products to bundles
Once you install one of these plugins, you’re sure to see a lift in sales.

Keep reading to see which plugins topped our list.Table of Contents hide
Product bundle WooCommerce plugins

1. WooCommerce Bundled Products

2. YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles

3. Product Bundles

4. Composite Products

5. WooCommerce Product Bundles

Which WooCommerce bundle plugin is best for you?
Product bundle WooCommerce plugins

Plugins from a variety of developers have been included below.

There are simple plugins with only the bare-bones essentials as well as highly advanced bundling plugins.

Review each one carefully to choose the best option for your site.

Here are my top picks for the best WooCommerce product bundle plugins.

WooCommerce Bundled Products

WooCommerce Bundled Products plugin

Plugin Description

WooCommerce Product Bundles Free Download is a simple yet flexible solution for creating product bundles with WooCommerce.

Using this plugin, you can create new products that are designated as bundles and choose exactly which products to include in the bundle.

You can set a custom price for the bundle or use the combined total of the items with a fixed discount applied.

Using the discount might be more effective from a marketing standpoint even if the price comes out the same.

On the WooCommerce Product Bundles Nulled page, shoppers can clearly see which products are included and there’s an “Add all to Cart” button that makes it clear the price is for the whole bundle.

One other reason to like this plugin is that you can select any combination of products for your bundles.

You can combine both physical and digital products and add specific product variations if you’d like.

If you’re looking for a straightforward way to sell product bundles with WooCommerce, this is one of the best plugins available.

Download WooCommerce Product Bundles




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Product Bundles Changelog

Version 6.22.6

RELEASED ON 2024.01.17
Deferred plugin scripts for WordPress 6.3+ installs.
Added a warning to inform users about how to correctly translate the percentage (%) characters in strings to avoid fatal errors.
Fixed the integration between Product Bundles and Flatsome.
Fixed the integration between Product Bundles and Quickview.

2023.11.29 - version 6.22.5

* Fix - Resolved PHP notice triggered when using Product Bundles together with Payment Plugins for Stripe WooCommerce.
* Fix - Fixed incorrect cart price for Name Your Price bundled variation.
* Fix - Resolved an issue with adding Bundles with optional items to orders via the mobile app.

2023.10.17 - version 6.22.4

* Tweak - Re-designed Product Data > Shipping notice about Unassembled Bundles.
* Tweak - Declared compatibility with the cart/checkout Blocks.
* Fix - Resolved a compatibility issue with Zapier related to the existence of the order object in REST API context.
* Fix - Important: Security improvements.

2023.08.28 - version 6.22.3

* Fix - Important: Updated the 'bundle-add-to-cart-wrap.php' template to resolve an issue that prevented Bundle notices from showing up when the mini-cart block was used.
* Tweak - Use admin theme colors in admin.
* Fix - Ensure that the 'Currently editing' notice shows up in the block-based Single Product Template when editing a Bundle.
* Fix - Fixed an issue that prevented the Minimum/Maximum size validation from running on the block-based Single Product template. 

2023.07.19 - version 6.22.2

* Fix - Prevent a fatal error concerning the 'wc_print_notice' function when editing a single product block with a bundle product.

2023.07.05 - version 6.22.1

* Fix - Resolved an issue with Bundle totals in the block-based cart when the number of displayed decimals was 0. 

2023.07.03 - version 6.22.0

* Tweak - Important: The 'Form Location' option is no longer supported when using a block theme. Use the following snippet to force its use: 'add_filter( 'woocommerce_bundle_has_legacy_product_template', '__return_true' );'
* Fix - Improvements in block support for the single product template.
* Fix - Resolved a compatibility issue with Points and Rewards that made a 'Earn at least 0 points by purchasing this product' message show up when purchasing a Product Bundle with optional components.

2023.06.22 - version 6.21.1

* Fix - Removed duplicate tooltip under Product Data > Inventory.
* Tweak - Changed the Product Data > Inventory > Sold Individually dropdown to radio buttons for Product Bundles. 
* Tweak - Re-designed the Product Data > Bundled Products and Product Data > Shipping empty states. 
* Tweak - Updated tooltip messages under Product Data > Inventory. 
* Fix - Fixed error that was triggered when creating a new product, tracking was enabled and WooCommerce 7.8 was active.

2023.06.19 - version 6.21.0

* Fix - Important: Security improvements.
* Fix - Fixed an issue that charged subscription bundled items add-ons twice.

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