Advanced Local Pickup PRO (v1.7.0) Free Download

The Advanced Local Pickup PRO Free Download plugin is a powerful tool designed to enhance the functionality of the WooCommerce Local Pickup shipping method, making it easier and more convenient to handle in-store pickups for online orders. By extending the capabilities of the standard Local Pickup option and creating a dedicated local pickup fulfillment workflow, this plugin streamlines the process of managing in-store pickups for both store owners and customers.

One of the key features of the Advanced Local Pickup plugin is its ability to provide a more convenient and streamlined pickup experience for customers. With the standard WooCommerce Local Pickup option, customers are typically required to manually select the local pickup option during the checkout process. However, with the Advanced Local Pickup plugin, customers can enjoy a more seamless checkout experience by automatically being presented with the local pickup option based on their proximity to the pickup location.

This automatic selection feature helps to reduce friction in the checkout process and ensures that customers are aware of the local pickup option, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates and improved customer satisfaction. Additionally, the plugin allows customers to easily select their preferred pickup location from a list of available options, further enhancing the overall pickup experience.

For store owners, the Advanced Local Pickup PRO Nulled plugin offers a range of features designed to streamline the management of in-store pickups. One such feature is the ability to create custom pickup locations and define specific pickup hours for each location. This allows store owners to accurately communicate pickup availability to customers and ensures that orders are ready for pickup at the designated time.

Furthermore, the plugin provides store owners with detailed order management tools specifically tailored for local pickup orders. Store owners can easily view and manage pickup orders from within the WooCommerce dashboard, track the status of each order, and generate pickup reports to gain insights into pickup trends and performance.

In addition to streamlining the pickup process, the Advanced Local Free Download plugin also offers advanced customization options to meet the specific needs of individual stores. Store owners can customize the pickup notification emails sent to customers, add custom pickup instructions, and even integrate with third-party services to offer additional pickup-related services, such as curbside pickup or contactless pickup options.

The Advanced Local Pickup plugin is a valuable tool for WooCommerce store owners looking to enhance their local pickup fulfillment process. By extending the capabilities of the standard Advanced Local Nulled shipping method and creating a dedicated local pickup workflow, this plugin helps to streamline the pickup experience for both customers and store owners, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction and increased efficiency in managing in-store pickups.

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Advanced Local Pickup PROChangeLog


Fix – the vulnerability issue of security
Dev – Tested with WooCommerce 8.5.1


Fix – the HTML is no support in additional content in processing email
Dev – Tested with WooCommerce 8.4.0


Improved – Improve the settings design
Dev – Tested with WordPress 6.4
Dev – Tested with WooCommerce 8.2.1
Dev – Compatibility with PHP 8.2
Fix – PHP message: PHP Deprecated warning
Fix – the database error on plugin activation
Fix – the vulnerability issue of security


Improved – Improve the settings design
Dev – Tested with WordPress 6.3
Dev – Tested with WooCommerce 7.9.0

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