v.2.13.0 – v2.9.8 WooCommerce PDF Invoices Packing Slips Professional Free Download

WooCommerce PDF Invoices Packing Slips Professional Free Download


This extension supercharges our free WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips Professional + Templates Addon Free Downloadplugin with the following features:

Email/print/download PDF Credit Notes & Proforma InvoicesGive custom titles filenames to the PDF document

Send out order notification emails (with or without PDF documents) to specified email addresses (suppliers,warehouse managers etc) at specific order statuses.

Export PDF documents in bulk by date range + status (save as ZIP with individual
files or to Dropbox)
Attach up to 3 static files (for example a terms & conditions document) to the
WooCommerce emails of your choice.
Use separate numbering systems and/or format for proforma invoices and credit
notes or utilize the main invoice numbering system.
Customize the shipping & billing address format to include additional
customfields, font sizes etc.without the need to create a custom template.

Use the plugin in multilingual WPML and Polylang setups.

Save all the invoices conveniently in your Dropbox. All you have to do is activate theplugin, authorize with Dropbox (which takes just 2 clicks) and the invoices will be uploaded automatically. You can choose betweenuploading all documents that are emailed (to the shop admin or the customer) or uploading the PDF files separately based on the order status, or a combination of both.

Additionally, you can export invoices and packing slips directly from theWooCommerce order listing in bulk.

This extension is fully compatible with both our premium templates.

The way you track invoices in WooCommerce can be different, depending on the

type of store you are running and what information you need.

That being said, a great way to get order information and packing slips is to usethe WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips Professional + Templates Addon FreeDownload

WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips Professional + Templates AddonNulled will provide you with an easy to read invoice PDF.By default,WooCommerce tracks orders and gives you somewhat of a basic order information layout that includes customer name and other information.

However, we know that WooCommerce invoices are kind of limited, so there are alot of different third-party plugins to extend functionality when it comes to this.

What is an Invoice PDF?

An invoice PDF is an invoice you receive for tracking and recording purposes thatare provided to you in the file format.

You can then take this file then email, print, or save it on your computer to helpyou keep track of records.

There are a couple of different ways to get a generated PDF invoice every timesomeone creates an order on your store website.

One of the best ways to handle this is to install a plugin that will generate not onlythe invoice

PDF but also a packing slip PDF that you can print and use when shipping tocustomers.

Let’s dive into the plugin we are going to use today and then get it set up together.

WooCommerce PDF Invoice and Packing Slips

WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips Professional + Templates Addon Free

Download is a WooCommerce extension plugin that automatically adds a PDF invoice to the order confirmation emails sent out to your customers.

The plugin comes with a basic template that you can modify while adding yourown business information.

It also gives you the ability to create and modify team plates if you know how to write a title code.

Not only does it generate a detailed invoice PDF, but it also provides a package slip for your customers.

You can print that out and send it to them.

The plugin is part of the massive WooCommerce ecosystem that allows you toquickly and easily sell physical and digital goods online.

The WooCommerce PDF Packing Slips plugin comes with a lot of features, none ofwhich will slow your site down.

Some of the main features include:

The ability to Automatically attach invoice PDF to WooCommerce emails of your choice.

Download the PDF invoice from the main admin order page.

Generate PDF invoices and packing slips in bulk when needed.

Fully customizable HTML/CSS invoice templates.

Download invoices from the “My Account” page.

The ability to run sequential invoice numbers.

Available in over 15 languages.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Basically, this plugin gives you everything you need and more to create detailedinvoices and packing slips to keep track of orders properly in WooCommerce.

Let’s jump right into the plugin setup and get you going.

Note: The setup tutorial below assumes that you already have

WooCommerce installed and running on your website.

Setting Up PDF Invoices and Packing Slips

Step 1: Install and Activate the Plugin

In order to start generating WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

Professional + Templates Addon Nulled, you first need to install and activate theplugin.

You can do this by heading over to the Plugins page of the WordPress admin dashboard.

You will see a search field on that page. Search the plugin by name.

When it pops up, go ahead and install and activate it from there.

Step 2: Access the PDF Invoices System

Once the plugin has been installed and activated, you need to access the systemso we can get it set up and running properly.

To do this, click on WooCommerce > PDF Invoices.

Access the invoice PDF system

You will see this is a new and available option to click through once the plugin hasbeen activated.

Step 3: Configure PDF Invoices

At this point, you are on the main configuration page for the invoice PDF plugin.

You have a couple of options here for set up.

You can run the setup wizard they provide,or you can simply go through the configurations yourself.

If you want to run the setup wizard, simply click on that button link when you see it.

Run setup wizard

I am actually going to go through the settings with you below.

You will notice there are three tabs on this configuration page. They include:





These are all the general settings for the PDF invoice plugin.

Go through them and fill out everything according to what you want for your

WooCommerce shop.

This includes items like templates, shop name, description, logo, address, andbasically all the other info you want showing on the invoice PDF.


Now click on the “Documents” tab. Under this tab, you can see there are twoclickable links.

One his for invoices, the other is for packing slips.

On the “invoices” link you see a lot of information and configurations that you canattach to your invoice.

This will also include where to attach it, as well as adding dates and invoice numbers.

Go ahead and go through all this and create the configurations you want.

Invoice link

Now, click on the “packing slip” link.

The same concept applies.

Select the information you want to be displayed on a customer packing slip.

Packing slip link


Finally, click on the “Status” tab to finish configurations for the plugin.

You will see there are a few options to choose from.And at the bottom of the page, you can view the network status for the plugin.

Staus tab

That’s it! WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips Professional + Templates Addon Free  is now fully set up and will automatically start working on customer orders.

Next time a customer places an order on your shop, an invoice PDF,along with a packing slip (both of which are filled with the information you wanted from settings) will appear on your “Orders” page with the rest of the order.

Creating an Invoice PDF for Past Orders

Once the above configurations are all set, then the plugin will begin adding forms to all new orders.

However, you can also generate both PDF invoices and packing slips for past orders.

Simply go to the “Orders” page in WooCommerce.

Click on any order you want to create an invoice PDF or packing slip for.

Scroll down a little within that order to the right and you will see button options for both.

Create invoice pdf when needed

You can see that you are also able to set an invoice number and date if needed.

This helps with tracking your past invoices using paper numbers.

Simply click on any of those buttons to generate and create the specified item and you are all set.

Final Thoughts

WooCommerce provides us a fantastic option to install and immediately start selling physical and digital goods from our own online store.

That being said, oftentimes you need to add an extension to the plugin so that you can have more functionality in one place or another.

In this case, we want to create full packing slips and invoice PDFs.

The plugin above is an easy way to get this all done without having to write any custom code of your own.

Simply install and activate the plugin, set it up accordingly, and it will begin automatically working from there.

Have you been tracking orders in WooCommerce with any type of PDF invoice?

Have you found that it can be hard to track orders with the default info only?

Download WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips Professional + Templates Addon




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  • 100% clean files and free from viruses.
  • This item is for testing & studying purposes only and is not supported for commercial use.
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  • If you can’t find the latest version of the product on the site or want any Theme/ Plugin, that is not available here, please contact us. I will upload it as soon as possible.

WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips Professional  ChangeLog

2.13.0 (2022-09-28)

New: summary of invoices bulk export document
New: expandable "Disable for" setting
New: add action hooks before and after the shop logo: wpo_wcpdf_before_shop_logo& wpo_wcpdf_after_shop_logo
New: replaces shipping address setting checkbox with selector
New: action hooks before/after creating PDF file for cloud storage: wpo_wcpdf_cloud_storage_before_creating_pdf_file & wpo_wcpdf_cloud_storage_after_creating_pdf_file
Tweak: updated languages POT file
Tweak: enhance dependencies notices
Tweak: updates the network admin url
Translations: updated French
Fix: check order type for Credit Note if using parent data
Fix: don't require local root path access for FTP
Fix: PHP8.1 compatibility (deprecated FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING)
Fix: in bulk export settings, change "Order Date" to "Refund date" if Credit Note is selected
Fix: escape query args for urls
Fix: mistranslated string in Spanish translations
Updated updater to 2.1.3
Marked tested up to WooCommerce 6.9
2.12.1 (2022-05-09)

Translations: Updated Portuguese
Marked tested up to WooCommerce 6.5
2.12.0 (2022-03-17)

New: Setting to change the labels for the document number & date
New: hook to prevent uploading files to the cloud (wpo_wcpdf_custom_cloud_service_allow_upload)
UI: Fill in the document icon sheet with white
2.11.2 (2022-03-07)

Tweak: improved styling for static file uploads
Translations: Updated Spanish, Dutch & template (POT)
Updated updater to 2.1.2
Marked tested up to WooCommerce 6.3
2.11.1 (2022-02-17)

Fix: duplicate invoice numbers being generated when the setting "Create automatically for" was overlapping with attachments for order status emails
Templates: New action hook before the document label (wpo_wcpdf_before_document_label)
Development: several layout & integration tweaks for upcoming PDF preview functionality
Marked tested up to WooCommerce 6.2
2.11.0 (2022-01-31)

New: Setting to auto-generate document for selected order status(es)
New: "Disable for" setting for the packing slip document
New: more detailed error logging during bulk export
Fix: More reliable check for custom templates missing Proforma and Credit Notes
Fix: Allow non-historical text settings when using WPML
Fix: Support for child order documents other than Credit Note
Fix: Added a missing document init hook in Pro document abstract
Templates: Updated Proforma & Credit Note template with new hooks & functions (Simple)
Tested up to (and compatible with) WooCommerce 6.1 & WordPress 5.9
2.10.1 (2021-12-08)

New: Root folder setting for FTP upload
Fix: Various improvements/fixes to the FTP/SFTP upload & connection test
Fix: Remove unused tightenco/collect package
Translations: Updated French
Updated bundled updater to 2.1.1
2.10.0 (2021-10-27)

New: Allow license activation directly via bundled updater (optional)
New: SFTP/FTP upload option for cloud synchronization
Fix: Notices on legacy WPML/Polylang document settings translations
Fix: Dropbox connection on staging sites using LocalWP
Fix: Select refunds by refund date instead of order date when bulk exporting Credit Notes
Fix: Settings scripts not loading on sites with branded or translated plugin name for "WooCommerce"
Tweak: Reduce database calls for Keep PDF feature
Tweak: Delete temporary file after cloud upload
Translations: Improved internationalization of the plugin
Translations: Updated Spanish, Portuguese & French
Tested up to (and compatible with) WooCommerce 5.9
2.9.2 (2021-08-05)

New: Show warning if filename is not unique
Fix: don't add cloud bulk actions if not enabled
2.9.1 (2021-07-29)

Fix: Fallback for servers without the PHP intl extension
Tweak: Add the prefix 'item-' to the default PDF order items class
2.9.0 (2021-07-26)

New: Support for refresh tokens for Dropbox (long lived access tokens will be deprecated from September 30, 2021)
New: filter to increase bulk export chunk size
New: Add cloud service bulk actions for all documents
Tweak: Use document date instead of upload date for Dropbox folder structure
Fix: prevent notice for incorrectly registered languages
Fix: remove deprecated jQuery
2.8.0 (2021-05-25)

New: Option to configure document language for non-multilingual setups
New: Filter for custom date type in bulk export (wpo_wcpdf_export_bulk_date_type_options)
Fix: export ordering when using date type other than order date
Translations: Added Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese & French
Translations: Updated translation template and bundled translations
Tested up to (and compatible with) WooCommerce 5.4
2.7.4 (2021-04-13)

Fix: From date option missing in bulk export (ZIP)
Fix: jQuery deprecation notices
Hooks: allow overriding credit note button visibility (wpo_wcpdf_show_credit_note_button)
Hooks: programmatically trigger cloud upload (wpo_wcpdf_cloud_storage_upload_document)
Translations: Added Portuguese
2.7.3 (2021-02-05)

New: WPML & Polylang support for Custom Blocks (Premium Templates)
Fix: Dropbox error on PHP 7.2.5 or lower
Fix: Errors on bulk export page when ZipArchive library is not installed
Fix: Error in invoice number column for orders with multiple refunds but no credit note for all of them
Fix: Keep PDF on server for orders with multiple refunds but no credit note for all of them
Fix: Width of totals in Proforma Invoice and Credit Note when using the Simple template
Tested up to (and compatible with) WooCommerce 5.0
2.7.2 (2020-12-23)

Fix: Failsafe for sites using PHP5.6
Tweak: Allow dismissing the Cloud Storage notice for incompatible PHP versions
2.7.1 (2020-12-21)

Fix: Plugin conflicts when different versions of Guzzle are used by other plugins (Mollie Payments for WooCommerce, WooCommerce Bookings)
Fix: WPML shipping method title language changed when generating PDF in a language different from the order language
2.7.0 (2020-11-23)

New: Added user interface messages for bulk export errors
New: Order refunded trigger for Order Notification email
New: Refactored Dropbox integration
New: Setting to enable/disable customer notes on Proforma Invoice
New: Redesigned document icons
Fix: Fatal error when using "Empty body" setting on Order Notication email in combination with WP5.5
Fix: Update third party libraries such as Guzzle
Fix: prevent errors during mass plugin updates (when WooCommerce is temporarily unavailable)
Tweak: Moved Dropbox authentication notices inside settings tab for better visibility
Translations: Added Formal Dutch
Tested up to (and compatible with) WooCommerce 4.8 & WordPress 5.6
2.6.6 (2020-09-07)

Fix: Positive prices setting for credit notes with WooCommerce 4.4
Fix: Namespace declaration errors
Tweak: Don't show 'Download Zip' button if PHP ZipArchive not found (showing inline error)
Translations: Updated German
Tested up to (and compatible with) WooCommerce 4.5
2.6.5 (2020-08-18)

Feature: WPML & Polylang language setting extended to specific languages
Fix: WPML loading country name in incorrect language when overriding order language
Fix: WPML translated settings always in order language (when overriding order language)
Fix: WPML language getting 'stuck' on bulk export
Fix: duplicate order notification sending on specific email configurations
Fix: Product deprecation notices
Tested up to (and compatible with) WooCommerce 4.4 & WordPress 5.5
2.6.4 (2020-07-15)

Fix: Updated vendor libraries for Dropbox integration
Fix: 'remove empty lines' in custom address formatting when placeholder only contains whitespace
Fix: Spanish translation for template notice
Tested up to (and compatible with) WooCommerce 4.3
2.6.3 (2020-06-23)

New: Setting to show packing slip in My Account
Fix: WPML & Polylang force xtranslations reloading when user language is not site default
Fix: Polylang Product names translation
Translations: Updated POT & Dutch
2.6.2 (2020-06-02)

New: Setting to send Order Notification with empty email body (for emailing PDF to printers)
New: Hook to add custom triggers for Order Notification email
Tweak: Bulk export "Only existing documents" option enabled by default
Tweak: Sanitize custom filename overrides for archived PDF files
Changed: Archived document regeneration now works with buttons from free base plugin
Compatibility: Order Notification email sending for WooCommerce Order Proposal statuses
Tested up to (and compatible with) WooCommerce 4.2
2.6.1 (2020-04-27)

Fix: Compatibility with Subscription renewal orders for Order Notification email
Fix: Reset per-order settings when regenerating stored PDF file
Fix: Translation for static text column in Polylang
Changed: shorter my account button text ("Credit Note" instead of "Download Credit Note (PDF)")
Changed: wpo_wcpdf_filename_archived_pdf filter arguments
Tweak: Reduced plugin filesize, removing unnecessary font files
Translations: Updated Dutch
2.6.0 (2020-04-14)

Feature: Option to keep PDF files on the server instead of on-the-fly generation
Dev: Filter for WPML & Polylang to allow force reloading translations
2.5.1 (2020-03-23)

Fix: Syntax error on older PHP versions
2.5.0 (2020-03-23)

Feature: Option to hide virtual and downloadable products on packing slip
Fix: Customizer label translations in Polylang
Improved: WPML & Polylang compatibility for custom textdomains
Tested with WP5.4 and WooCommerce 4.0
2.4.1 (2020-01-21)

Fix: WPSearch compatibility - prevent fetching number on bulk document
Fix: WooCommerce German Market compatibility (Credit Note totals)
Fix: Disable credit note functionality for unreadable orders
Translations: Updated POT file
Tested up to (and compatible with) WooCommerce 3.9
2.4.0 (2019-12-02)

Feature: Setting to use order date for Proforma & Credit Note dates
Fix: only apply wpo_wcpdf_custom_attachment_condition filter for order emails in static file attachment
Translations: Updated Spanish (Nota de Abono is now Factura Rectificativa by default)
2.3.0 (2019-10-31)

Feature: Option to bulk export by document date (instead of order date)
Feature: Use original order details for fully refunded orders with incomplete refund data
Fix: Set Premium Templates defaults for credit note & proforma during first installation
Fix: Properly log errors when server doesn't allow ZIP creation (for bulk export)
Fix: WooCommerce Email Control compatibility
Dev: Filter for number store of Pro Documents
Tested with WP5.3 and WooCommerce 3.8
2.2.20 (2019-10-10)

Feature: Added setting to disable proforma for specific order statuses
Dev: Allow overriding recipient address of Order Notification via filter
2.2.19 (2019-09-23)

Fix: Packing Slip numbers errors
Fix: WPML issue when deactivating/activating plugin
Tweak: Show notices when Dropbox activation fails
Dev: Allow hooking into bulk zip download process
2.2.18 (2019-08-26)

Fix: Invoice attachments for refund emails
2.2.17 (2019-08-20)

Fix: Credit note attachment to refunded email for WooCommerce 3.7
Fix: Bulk download without allowing popup
Fix: Automatically convert slashes in folder names for Dropbox
2.2.16 (2019-08-12)

Fix: Credit note filenames when not using credit notes numbering
Feature: Filter for credit note order IDs
2.2.15 (2019-06-24)

Feature: single refund email attachments for WooCommerce 3.7
Feature: WPML Media Translation for static file attachments
Feature: {{document_date}} placeholder for filenames
Feature: {{date_completed}} and {{date_paid}} placeholders for custom blocks
2.2.14 (2019-04-29)

Fix: Bulk export Credit Notes with "only existing" option enabled
Dev: Filter for packing slip number store
Dev: Added woocommerce_email_enabled_ filters to emails
Marked tested up to WooCommerce 3.6
2.2.13 (2019-03-25)

Fix: Load correct translations when admin user profile language is set to different locale
Fix: Static attachment for partially refunded order email
Feature: Enable WPML media translation for header logo
2.2.12 (2019-03-11)

Fix: Billing or shipping address showing 'view' when empty in some instances
Fix: Prevent crash when trying to show non-existing original invoice number in credit note
Fix: Updated email action hooks
2.2.11 (2019-01-23)

Feature: Improved facilities for third party plugins to hook into bulk actions
Fix: Notices when Polylang is installed but not fully setup yet
Tweak: Only autoload dropbox when enabled
2.2.10 (2018-12-04)

Fix: Prevent polylang errors when languages have not been setup yet
Fix: Document exist check with version 2.2.5 of free core plugin
Translations: Added Slovak
2.2.9 (2018-10-18)

Feature: Option to always use the latest settings for Proforma Invoices & Credit Notes
Fix: prevent direct loading of template files
2.2.8 (2018-10-10)

Feature: Document settings are now saved per order - changing settings after a PDF has been created will no longer affect the output
Feature: Button to remove documents
Fix: WPML & Polylang theme translations reloading
Fix: Polylang error when no locale found for order
Fix: Error handling for ZIP downloads
Fix: Base plugin check for Dropbox
Tweak: remove unit tests from vendor libraries
2.2.7 (2018-09-10)

Fix: PHP 5.6 compatibility
2.2.6 (2018-09-10)

Feature: 3rd party documents in dropbox upload by status list
Fix: packing slip date when changing to attaching status via order details page
Dev: Added actions and filters to make bulk export more flexible
Updated vendor libraries for Dropbox (guzzle/symfony/tightenco)
2.2.5 (2018-07-23)

Fix: Broken my account buttons when using `wpo_wcpdf_process_order_ids` filter to remove documents
Updated spanish translations
2.2.4 (2018-04-22)

Feature: Template action hooks before & after addresses
Fix: Improve thickbox unloading for dropbox queue
Tested up to WooCommerce 3.4
2.2.3 (2018-04-11)

Feature: bulk export option to export only existing documents and/or skip free orders
Fix: WPML date localization
Fix: Polylang user profile language override
Fix: Only show credit note button when there's also an invoice
Tweak: improved filters for dropbox upload paths
2.2.2 (2018-02-27)

Feature: Added placeholders for usage in filename settings: {{order_status}}, {{order_date}}, {{order_time}}, {{order_total}}
Translations: Updated German (Important: Gutschrift is now called Rechnungskorrektur by default!)
Tweak: Address customization now also uses double accolades instead of square brackes for placeholders (old settings still work too)
Fix: Add classmap to autoloader
Fix: Use absolute paths for plugin class includes
Fix: Remove stray '>' in hour edit field
Fix: improved file headers for zip downloading
2.2.1 (2018-01-31)

Fix: issue when packing slip date was not initiated/read correctly
2.2.0 (2018-01-29)

Feature: Setting to change document names & filenames
Feature: Packing slip numbers & dates
Feature: Bulk export to ZIP
Feature: WPML setting to switch between site language and customer language for PDF (sitewide)
Feature: My Account settings for Proforma
Fix: WPML refund tax label registration
Fix: Textdomain for some Pro strings
Fix: PHP7.1 notice for Dropbox extension
Templates: Use title getter instead of string
2.1.1 (2017-11-21)

Fix: Only show Dropbox bulk actions if Dropbox is enabled
Fix: Check for credit note existence (fixes deleted refunds issues)
Fix: Prevent accessing order properties as meta
Fix: WPML tax labels for credit notes
Fix: Only save document numbers & dates when edited
2.1.0 (2017-09-18)

Feature: Upload your PDF invoices automatically to Dropbox! THe full functionality of the former Dropbox extension has been merged into the Professional extension.
2.0.3 (2017-09-05)

Fix: Order notification email header & subject
Fix: Backend error reading/changing proforma & credit note dates
Fix: WC2.6 Compatibility for tax strings in Simple Credit Note
Fix: Correct dutch translation for Credit Note = Creditnota
Fix: Attachment of Credit Note to Partial refund email
Tweak: Auto enable Credit Notes upon install
2.0.2 (2017-07-25)

Fix: only attach credit note when there is an invoice for the order
Fix: prevent save actions on refund that has just been deleted
Fix: apply custom proforma & credit note number filters
UI: better number & date editing interface
2.0.1 (2017-07-18)

Big compatibility update for 2.0 of main plugin
Document settings are now split over separate pages
Improved document number reliability
Improved WPML & Polylang integration
Fix: Taxes for Credit Notes in Simple template
1.5.2 (2017-04-12)

Fix: Refund parent order date (credit note number parameters)
Updated compatibility classes
Translations: Updated Italian
1.5.1 (2017-03-29)

Fix: Emails enabled in Email settings
1.5.0 (2017-03-28)

WooCommerce 3.0 compatible
Requires PHP version 5.3 or higher
Fix: global plugin object loading in wrapped cron methods
Fix: WPML - remove deprecated lang URL parameter
1.4.7 (2017-02-08)

Feature: new template action hooks wpo_wcpdf_before_document & wpo_wcpdf_after_document
Fix: Improved Polylang & WPML compatibility
Fix: IE/Edge hour pattern for proforma & credit note date
Translations: Added Slovenian
1.4.6 (2016-10-10)

Fix: Credit Note & Proforma time pattern
Fix: Polylang credit note email translations
Fix: positive credit notes setting (WC 2.6)
Allow partially refunded attachment (same email with two different ids)
Translations: Added Norwegian
1.4.5 (2016-07-05)

Feature: Polylang integration
Feature: Allow line breaks in custom fields (setting)
Fix: WC2.6 Packing Slip quantities for refunded orders
Translations: Added formal German
1.4.4 (2016-04-12)

Fix: WPML Credit note language (using original order language setting now)
Translations: Updated French & POT
1.4.3 (2016-02-25)

Feature: Allow order language filtering - wpo_wcpdf_wpml_language (WPML)
Fix: Credit note numbers when using main invoice numbering
Fix: WPML language on thank you page (when sending invoice directly)
Translations: Updated German
Translations: define text domain in plugin headers
1.4.2 (2015-11-11)

Feature: Option to show original invoice number on credit note
1.4.1 (2015-10-21)

Fix: Warning when free version is not activated
1.4.0 (2015-10-19)

WPML Compatibility: Settings strings translations can/should now be entered directly in the regular plugin settings
Fix: Several WPML related issues
Feature: option to send order notification to customer
1.3.9 (2015-08-27)

Feature: Setting to disable proforma invoices entirely
Fix: Proforma & invoice date functions fixed for credit notes
Fix: Workaround for bug in WPML
Tweak: Formatted proforma & credit note numbers are now also stored
Tweak: Filter to control static file attachment (wpo_wcpdf_custom_attachment_condition)
Translations: updated German
1.3.8 (2015-07-09)

Fix: Line breaks for WPML string translation
Fix: php notice for missing proforma hour & minute from date
Tweak: WPML compatibility filter
Translations: Added swedish
1.3.7 (2015-05-28)

Feature: Setting to use positive prices on Credit Notes - recommended for all German users!
Feature: Edit proforma numbers & dates
Templates: Better address checks
Tweak: php filenames changed (fixes fatal errors in specific php/server configurations)
Tweak: checks to show proforma numbers in credit notes (only for custom templates)
Translations: Updated POT & Dutch
Translations: Added Italian
1.3.6 (2015-03-31)

Feature: Before & after item meta actions in Simple template
Tweak: added sku & weight classes to Simple template
1.3.5 (2015-03-23)

Feature: Updated simple template to work with new template settings for alternative address, email & phone
Feature: several new template actions
Feature: update proof alternative translations (place them in wp-content/languages/plugins/)
Feature: Credit note number shown in order list (in the invoice number column)
Feature: Option to automatically send credit note email when status is set to refunded
Tweak: Better address replacements + automatically remove empty lines (setting)
Translations: updated POT and Dutch
Fix: WooCommerce version variable
1.3.4 (2015-02-12)

Fix: Initialize default settings after install
1.3.3 (2015-02-12)

Fix: order notification emails for 'Order processing' trigger
1.3.2 (2015-02-02)

Fix: German translation error
Fix: line breaks between static file upload fields
1.3.1 (2015-01-29)

Feature: Catch email result and add custom action wpo_wcpdf_pro_email_sent
1.3.0 (2015-01-27)

Feature: Separate order notification email (with or without PDF documents) can now be send to emails you specify at a specific order status
Feature: Attach up to 3 static files
Feature: Option to subtract refunded quantities from packing slip (requires version 1.5.3 of main plugin)
Translations: Updated POT & Dutch (user contributed translations are very welcome!)
1.2.1 (2015-01-15)

Feature: WPML language parameter in URLs
Fix: Reset text domain for pro translations (for WPML)
Translations: Added German
1.2.0 (2014-11-24)

Fix: WPML language switcher
Fix: static file attachments
Feature: Added credit note email type (customize to your needs by copying to your (child) theme, look at your theme's invoice email for inspiration)
My Account buttons for Proforma Invoices & Credit Notes
Extended the attachment options to include credit notes
1.1.0 (2014-11-07)

Disable credit note functions for WC2.1 and older (to avoid crashes)
Add credit note button in order list for refunded orders
Sync Simple template updates
Option to hide WP Overnight Sidekick notice
1.0.0 (2014-11-03)

First release
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