(v1.7) Perfect Support Ticketing & Document Management System Free Download

A Perfect Support Ticketing & Document Management System Free Download is a crucial tool for businesses of all sizes to efficiently manage customer inquiries, support requests, and internal document workflows. This system combines ticketing functionality with robust document management capabilities to streamline communication, improve response times, and enhance productivity across the organization.

At its core, a support ticketing system serves as a centralized platform for receiving, organizing, and resolving customer inquiries and support requests. When a customer submits a ticket through various channels such as email, web forms, or live chat, the system automatically generates a unique ticket ID and categorizes the inquiry based on predefined criteria. This categorization helps prioritize tickets and ensures that they are routed to the appropriate department or individual for resolution.

The Perfect Support Ticketing & Document Management System Nulled also provides a user-friendly interface for support agents to view, manage, and respond to tickets efficiently. Agents can track the status of each ticket, assign ownership, add comments or notes, and communicate with customers directly through the platform. Additionally, automated notifications and reminders help ensure timely responses and follow-ups, improving customer satisfaction and retention.

In addition to ticketing functionality, a robust document management system is essential for organizing and accessing internal documents, knowledge base articles, and resources related to customer support. By centralizing document storage and version control, this system ensures that support agents have access to up-to-date information and resources needed to resolve customer inquiries effectively.

Document management features may include:

  1. Document Repository: A centralized repository for storing and organizing documents, including manuals, guides, FAQs, troubleshooting tips, and other resources relevant to customer support.
  2. Version Control: Ability to track document revisions and maintain a history of changes, ensuring that agents always have access to the latest version of documents.
  3. Search and Retrieval: Powerful search functionality to quickly locate relevant documents based on keywords, categories, or tags, saving time and improving productivity.
  4. Access Control: Role-based access control to restrict access to sensitive documents and ensure that only authorized users can view or modify certain files.
  5. Collaboration Tools: Collaboration features such as document sharing, commenting, and annotations to facilitate teamwork and knowledge sharing among support agents.
  6. Integration: Seamless integration with the Perfect Support Ticketing Free Download to associate documents with specific tickets or customer inquiries, providing context and additional information for agents.

By integrating ticketing and document management functionalities into a single system, businesses can streamline their support operations, improve response times, and enhance the overall customer experience. Whether it’s resolving technical issues, answering product-related questions, or providing general assistance, a Perfect Support Ticketing Nulled empowers businesses to deliver exceptional customer support while maximizing efficiency and productivity across the organization.

Download (v1.7) Perfect Support Ticketing & Document Management System



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Perfect Support Ticketing & Document Management System Changelog

Version 1.6 - January 31, 2023:

NEW: Add custom fields in tickets (document)
NEW: Sorting of documentation  (document)
NEW: Ticket Reminder to support agents. (document)
NEW: Other agents replied notifications when having multiple support agents
NEW: 2 new Reports. Only displayed to Admin role
FIX: Checkbox Icon issue

Version 1.5 - June 13, 2022:

NEW: Add Departments in products (document)
NEW: Support timing with close days (document)
NEW: license checker or License validator added to easily validate & get information for any license
NEW: Filter by agent added in ticket list

IMPROVEMENT: List ticket search field improved.
IMPROVEMENT: Changed signature field to "Default Support agent reply template". Here you can define the default template for reply
IMPROVEMENT: Moved "Purchase/License sources" inside Settings
IMPROVEMENT: Moved "Products / Services" inside Settings
IMPROVEMENT: Duplicate check for tickets - tickets with same subject check added

Version 1.2 - June 15, 2021:

Minor bug fixes from version 1.1
Note: If you're using 1.1 then updating to 1.2 is not required.

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