(v1.16.0) WooCommerce Tab Manager Free Download

WooCommerce Tab Manager Free Download, you can take complete control over your product page tabs, empowering you to create customized tabs tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Customize Your Product Page Tabs

WooCommerce Tab Manager offers a range of powerful features that allow you to customize and manage your product page tabs with ease. Whether you’re looking to add new tabs, rearrange existing tabs, or remove unnecessary tabs, WooCommerce Tab Manager gives you the flexibility to tailor your product pages to suit your unique requirements.

Visual Drag-and-Drop Interface

One of the standout features of WooCommerce Tab Manager Nulled is its visual drag-and-drop interface, which makes it easy to create and manage product page tabs. With this intuitive interface, you can effortlessly add new tabs, reorder tabs, and customize tab content using a simple drag-and-drop process. This user-friendly approach eliminates the need for complex coding or technical expertise, allowing you to customize your product pages quickly and efficiently.

Create Local and Global Tabs

WooCommerce Tab Manager allows you to create both local and global tabs, giving you maximum flexibility in organizing and presenting product information. Local tabs are specific to individual products, allowing you to tailor tab content based on the unique characteristics of each product. On the other hand, global tabs are applied to multiple products, making it easy to maintain consistency across your product catalog and streamline tab management.

Dynamic Tab Content

With WooCommerce Tab Manager, you can create dynamic tab content using a variety of elements, including text, images, videos, and more. This allows you to showcase product specifications, features, additional information, and multimedia content within custom tabs, providing valuable context and enhancing the overall shopping experience for your customers.

Conditional Tabs

Another powerful feature of Tab Manager Free Download is the ability to create conditional tabs, which are tabs that are displayed conditionally based on specific criteria. For example, you can create tabs that are only displayed for certain product categories, specific user roles, or based on other custom conditions. This allows you to tailor tab content to different audience segments and provide targeted information to enhance engagement and drive conversions.


WooCommerce Tab Manager is a powerful tool that gives you complete control over your product page tabs, allowing you to create customized tabs tailored to your specific needs and preferences. With its visual drag-and-drop interface, support for local and global tabs, dynamic tab content options, and conditional tab functionality, WooCommerce Tab Manager empowers you to enhance the shopping experience for your customers and drive sales on your e-commerce website. Take charge of your product page tabs today with Tab Manager Nulled and unlock new possibilities for customization and engagement.

Download (v1.16.0) WooCommerce Tab Manager



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Tab Manager Free ChangeLog

2023.06.20 - version 1.16.0

 * Fix - Register admin tab layout page properly to avoid deprecation messages in PHP 8+
 * Misc - Add compatibility for WooCommerce High Performance Order Storage (HPOS)

2022.11.30 - version 1.15.0

 * Misc - Require PHP 7.4 and WordPress 5.6

2022.08.15 - version 1.14.2

 * Fix - Replace deprecated usages of `is_ajax()` in favor of `wp_doing_ajax()`
 * Misc - Require WooCommerce 3.9.4 or newer

2021.03.16 - version 1.14.1

 * Tweak - Simplify the paths in the Tab Manager admin screen to add a global tab by using a button only
 * Tweak - Add support for the WooCommerce Navigation admin feature
 * Localization - Update Italian translation

2020.12.07 - version 1.14.0

 * Misc - Add compatibility for WooCommerce 4.7
 * Misc - Require PHP 7.0 or newer

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