TutorLMS Attendance (v1.1.0) Free Download

The TutorLMS Attendance Free Download Add-on emerges as a powerful tool, enabling educators and administrators to track online course attendance and gather valuable insights into student participation. Whether allowing students to mark their own attendance or empowering instructors to take charge, this add-on brings a new dimension to the TutorLMS platform, enriching the online learning environment.

Key Features:

1. Student Attendance Tracking:

The TutorLMS Attendance Nulled Add-on introduces a robust attendance tracking system, enabling educators to monitor and analyze student attendance patterns. This feature provides valuable data on student engagement, helping instructors tailor their teaching strategies based on real-time insights.

2. Student Self-Marking:

One of the standout features of the add-on is the ability for students to mark their own attendance. This self-marking functionality fosters a sense of responsibility and accountability among learners, encouraging them to actively participate in their online courses.

3. Admin and Instructor Attendance Marking:

In addition to self-marking, administrators and instructors can take an active role in marking attendance for students. This flexibility allows for a more hands-on approach, ensuring accurate attendance records and facilitating personalized interactions with learners.

4. Insightful Data Collection:

The TutorLMS Attendance Add-on serves as a data collection powerhouse, providing educators and administrators with insightful information about student behavior. From attendance trends to patterns of engagement, this data becomes instrumental in refining course content and delivery.

5. Configurable Attendance Settings:

The add-on offers configurable attendance settings, allowing educational institutions to tailor the attendance tracking process to their specific needs. Whether adjusting marking periods or defining attendance criteria, administrators have the flexibility to customize the system according to their requirements.

6. Integration with TutorLMS Platform:

Seamlessly integrated with the TutorLMS platform, the Attendance Add-on becomes an extension of the existing online learning environment. This integration ensures a cohesive user experience, minimizing disruptions and simplifying the adoption of attendance tracking.

7. Attendance Reports and Analytics:

Generate detailed attendance reports and analytics to gain a comprehensive view of student participation. Track individual and collective attendance data, identify trends, and leverage analytics to make data-driven decisions for optimizing the online learning experience.

8. Automation of Attendance Processes:

The add-on facilitates the automation of attendance processes, saving valuable time for educators and administrators. Automated tracking and reporting reduce manual workload, allowing educators to focus on delivering quality content and fostering student engagement.

Benefits for Educators and Institutions:

1. Enhanced Student Engagement:

The ability to track attendance provides educators with insights into student engagement. By understanding attendance patterns, instructors can tailor their teaching methods to better capture and maintain student interest throughout the course.

2. Promotion of Accountability:

Enabling students to mark their own attendance fosters a sense of accountability and responsibility. Learners become active participants in their educational journey, contributing to a more collaborative and engaging online learning community.

3. Personalized Instructor Interaction:

Admin and instructor attendance marking allows for personalized interactions with students. Educators can identify learners who may need additional support or engagement, fostering a supportive learning environment.

4. Data-Driven Decision Making:

Attendance reports and analytics provide educators and administrators with the data needed for informed decision-making. Identify trends, assess the effectiveness of instructional strategies, and make adjustments to continually improve the online learning experience.

5. Customizable Attendance Settings:

Configurable attendance settings cater to the specific needs of educational institutions. Whether adjusting marking periods, setting criteria, or implementing specific attendance policies, institutions can tailor the system to align with their unique requirements.

6. Seamless Integration:

The integration with the TutorLMS Free Download platform ensures a seamless experience for both educators and students. The Attendance Add-on becomes an integral part of the existing learning environment, minimizing disruptions and simplifying the adoption of attendance tracking.

7. Time Savings with Automation:

Automating attendance processes saves valuable time for educators and administrators. With the system handling tracking and reporting tasks, educators can redirect their efforts toward delivering quality content and engaging with students.


The TutorLMS Attendance Add-on is a transformative tool that elevates the online learning experience by providing educators and administrators with the means to track attendance and gather valuable insights into student behavior. From self-marking capabilities to configurable settings and automated processes, this add-on is designed to enhance engagement, promote accountability, and empower educators with data-driven decision-making tools.

By seamlessly integrating with the TutorLMS Nulled platform, the Attendance Add-on becomes an essential component in creating a dynamic and effective online learning environment, ensuring that both educators and students thrive in the digital realm of education.

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TutorLMS Attendance ChangeLog


New : User Tracking
New : Minimum attendance
New : Attendance calendar on frontend
New : Import/export attendance
New : Debug logs
Fix : UI issues


Update : POT file for translation


Update: License Module.


Initial Release.

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