Seraphinite Bulk Discounts for WooCommerce Extended (v2.4.5)
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(v2.4.5) Seraphinite Bulk Discounts for WooCommerce Extended Free Download

Seraphinite Bulk Discounts for WooCommerce Extended Free Download emerges as a powerful tool designed to empower WooCommerce store owners with a comprehensive and feature-rich solution for implementing bulk discounts. Let’s delve into the key features, benefits, and applications that make Seraphinite Bulk Discounts a must-have extension for WooCommerce businesses seeking to optimize their pricing strategies.

Key Features:

1. Dynamic Bulk Pricing:

Seraphinite Bulk Discounts for WooCommerce Extended allows store owners to set up dynamic bulk pricing rules. Define specific conditions, such as quantity thresholds or cart totals, to trigger discounts. This dynamic pricing approach enables businesses to tailor discounts based on customer behavior and purchase patterns.

2. Tiered Discount Structures:

Implement tiered discount structures with ease. Define multiple pricing tiers with corresponding quantity thresholds, and specify the discount percentage or fixed amount for each tier. This flexibility allows for the creation of nuanced and compelling discount schemes.

3. Product-Specific Discounts:

Customize bulk discounts on a per-product basis. This feature is invaluable for businesses offering a diverse range of products with varying profit margins. Set product-specific quantity discounts to optimize pricing for each item in your catalog.

4. Category-Based Discounts:

Apply bulk discounts to entire product categories. This feature is particularly useful for businesses with extensive product catalogs spanning different categories. Effortlessly implement category-wide discounts to drive sales for specific product groups.

5. Percentage or Fixed Amount Discounts:

Choose between percentage-based or fixed amount discounts for ultimate flexibility. Whether aiming to provide percentage discounts to incentivize larger purchases or offering fixed amount discounts for specific products, Seraphinite Bulk Discounts for WooCommerce Extended Nulled accommodates both options.

6. Schedule Discounts in Advance:

Plan and schedule discounts in advance with the ability to set start and end dates. This feature is beneficial for businesses running promotional campaigns or seasonal sales, allowing them to automate the activation and deactivation of bulk discounts.

7. Display Discount Information:

Enhance transparency by displaying discount information on product pages. Customers can easily view the available bulk discounts, encouraging them to explore quantity-based savings and potentially increase their order size.

8. User-Friendly Interface:

The extension features a user-friendly interface within the WooCommerce settings. Configure and manage bulk discounts effortlessly without the need for extensive technical expertise. The intuitive design streamlines the discount setup process.

9. Compatibility with Product Variations:

Seraphinite Bulk Discounts Free Download seamlessly integrates with product variations, ensuring that businesses can apply bulk discounts across different product attributes. This compatibility enhances the extension’s versatility for businesses with varied product options.

10. Minimum and Maximum Quantity Limits:

Set minimum and maximum quantity limits for bulk discounts to refine eligibility criteria. This ensures that discounts are applied within specified quantity ranges, preventing unintended discounts on smaller or larger orders.

Benefits and Applications:

1. Increased Average Order Value:

Implementing dynamic bulk pricing encourages customers to explore larger quantities or additional products to unlock discounts. This strategy can lead to an increase in the average order value, contributing to higher revenue.

2. Enhanced Customer Loyalty:

By offering enticing bulk discounts, businesses can cultivate customer loyalty. Shoppers are more likely to return to a store that provides value through cost savings, fostering long-term relationships and repeat business.

3. Strategic Seasonal Promotions:

Schedule bulk discounts for specific seasons, holidays, or promotional periods. This enables businesses to strategically align their pricing strategies with peak shopping times, capitalizing on increased customer engagement.

4. Customized Product Pricing:

Tailor pricing for individual products or categories based on profit margins and sales objectives. Seraphinite Bulk Discounts for WooCommerce Extended allows for granular control over pricing, ensuring a customized approach to product discounts.

5. Incentivized Cross-Selling:

Utilize bulk discounts to incentivize cross-selling. By offering discounts on complementary products or related categories, businesses can encourage customers to explore additional offerings, resulting in a more comprehensive shopping experience.

6. Effective Inventory Management:

Implementing bulk discounts strategically can aid in inventory management. Encourage the clearance of excess stock or promote the sale of specific products by applying targeted quantity discounts.

7. Streamlined Sales Campaigns:

Plan and execute sales campaigns seamlessly with the ability to schedule bulk discounts in advance. This feature simplifies the management of promotional activities, allowing businesses to focus on delivering value to customers.

8. Competitive Pricing Strategies:

Stay competitive in the e-commerce landscape by employing flexible and competitive pricing strategies. Seraphinite Bulk Discounts enables businesses to adapt their pricing dynamically, responding to market trends and customer expectations.

9. Transparent Discount Communication:

Displaying bulk discount information on product pages fosters transparency. Customers appreciate knowing the potential savings available through bulk purchases, contributing to a positive and trustworthy shopping experience.

10. Data-Driven Decision-Making:

Leverage the insights gained from bulk discount analytics to inform future pricing strategies. Data on customer response, order quantities, and discount effectiveness can guide businesses in making informed decisions for ongoing optimization.

Elevate Your WooCommerce Pricing Strategy with Seraphinite Bulk Discounts for WooCommerce Extended

Seraphinite Bulk Discounts Nulled emerges as a versatile and powerful extension that empowers WooCommerce store owners to implement dynamic bulk pricing with ease. From tiered discount structures to product-specific and category-based discounts, this extension provides the flexibility and customization needed to optimize pricing strategies for diverse product catalogs.

By enticing customers with attractive bulk discounts, businesses can enhance customer loyalty, increase average order values, and strategically align their pricing with seasonal promotions. Elevate your WooCommerce store’s pricing strategy with the robust features and benefits offered by Seraphinite Bulk Discounts for WooCommerce Extended, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce.

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Seraphinite Bulk Discounts for WooCommerce Extended ChangeLog


Decreasing CPU using while asynchronous tasks execution.
Direct link to a new plugin version in plugins list.
Forced overwriting temp files if the existed one is a directory.
License activation and upgrade to full version.
License block in base plugin version.

'Upgrade to base plugin version is not supported' error on some hostings.
Admin Interface: Elements' widths are broken if other plugins use the CSS class name "block".
Decrypting is not working after changing salts.
Discounts for variable products are displayed only for the first item in the products' list.
Possible warning while theme customization about 'cannot modify header information'.
Restoring and importing settings without privileges.

Support for currency discount per item.

Wrong formatting of localized text leads to site 500 error.

Decreasing CPU using while asynchronous tasks execution.
Limiting log files to 2 MB size and maximum 50 count.

Discount is applied to subscription renewal.
Localization is unavailable when Translate Press plugin is used.

Auto-renaming (while activation or upgrading from Base version) plugin's directory to appended by '-ext' to avoid external wrong overwriting by Base version.
Updating multiple products via batch request.

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