v5.0 WP DataTables and Charts Manager for WordPress Free Download


 wpDataTables Tables and Charts Manager Free Download is a powerful responsive Tables, Spreadsheets and WP DataTables Tables and Charts Manager for WordPress Free Download Plugin.

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WPDataTables Tables Free Download
WPDataTables Tables Free Download

With “wpDataTables Free Download” you can create responsive WordPress tables and charts.

Resize the browser window to see how a responsive WordPress table works. Play around with the WordPress table to see how the charts and the sum row adjust. Cells in the Price column are highlighted depending on the revenue.

Live demo.

Create Tables and Charts in WordPress in three basic steps

Provide table data

Upload your file, paste a MySQL query, provide a URL, or just input the data manually.

Configure if you want

Fine-tune your table – if you want it to be responsive, editable, have conditional formatting, etc.

Publish in a post or page

Once you’re satisfied with the table, insert it in a post or page using standard WP Editor or Visual Composer.


WP DataTables and Charts Manager for WordPress Nulled with wpDataTables plugin are natively responsive, and can be used on any device types.

Very Large Tables

wpDataTables works really quick with large tables, up to millions of rows. All the operations will be handled by the MySQL server.

Advanced Filters and Search

wpDataTables allows you to create individual filters for your dataset, which is quite a handy way to quickly narrow down the results of your WordPress table.


wpDataTables can be made editable – and WordPress users can edit the content of the WordPress table inline, or in a generated form.


With this WordPress tables plugin it is possible to highlight cells, rows, columns depending on their content – in Excel this feature is called Conditional Formatting.


Each WP DataTables and Charts Manager for WordPress Free Download can be used as a data source for creating WordPress charts.

Charts are rendered by 3 powerful engines and can change in real-time.

wpDataTables Review (2021) – The Best WordPress Table and Charts Plugin

earching for the best WP DataTables Tables and Charts Manager for WordPress Free Download plugin?

In our hands-on wpDataTables features review, we’re going to take a look at one of the top plugins in this space.

It lets you create tables from virtually any source, including a simple table builder or importing tables from Google Sheets, Excel, MySQL queries, and more. It works for simple content tables (like a product comparison table) or huge data tables with millions of rows.

What’s more, you can also take any of your tables and turn them into eye-catching charts and graphs.

Overall, it’s just generally a really user-friendly and flexible plugin for working with data and charts. Or, thanks to a recent update, it now works great for product comparison and pricing tables, too.

We originally wrote our wpDataTables review a few years ago. But now, we’re completely rewriting this review in February 2021 to account for new feature changes, such as a new setup wizard, simple table builder, and more.

wpDataTables and Charts Manager Free Download Review: A Quick Overview of the Features

I’ll show you all of wpDataTables’s features in more depth as I get into the hands-on review section. But to kick things off, I want to quickly run over the key features of the plugin.

This is by no means a complete list, as the plugin has tons of features. But here’s a quick look at the high-level features that you get.

You can create two high-level types of tables:

  • Simple tables – you can use a visual editor to create product comparison tables, pricing tables, etc. I think of these as “content tables”.
  • Data tables – these are detailed tables that contain anywhere up to even millions of rows of data.

You can create both types of tables manually using intuitive editors. Or, you can import/sync data tables from external sources such as:

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For the tables themselves, you’ll get tons of advanced features such as:

  • Front-end editing
  • Conditional formatting
  • Formulas
  • Custom sorting/filtering
  • Lots more

In addition to tables, you can also create tons of different chart types using your choice of three rendering engines.

Overall, there are a lot of features, so keep reading our wpDataTables review to see everything that it has to offer.

Hands-On With wpDataTables

For this section, I’m using the premium version on my site, though all of the basic features would be the same for the free version.

Checking Out the Basics

When you first activate wpDataTables, it gives you this nice welcome screen with some tips for getting started:

  • Simple table – this is a new option that makes a great choice for more formatted tables such as product comparison tables or pricing tables.
  • External data table (linked) – create a data table that’s linked to an external source such as Excel, Google Sheets, a custom SQL query, JSON, etc. The plugin will automatically keep the data synced with your external source.
  • Manual data table – create your own data table using an Excel-like editor.
  • External data table (import) – import your data from an external source. Unlike the previous external option, though, this one won’t sync after you import the data.
  • Database query to WordPress – use a graphic interface to query data from the WordPress database (e.g. a list of posts).
  • Database query to MySQL database – use a graphic tool to generate a query to any SQL database, even external ones.

If you launch the table wizard, your first choice is what kind of table you want to construct. You now have six options:

View Documenation of WpDataTables Nulled

Download WP Data Tables And Charts Manager




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WP DataTables and Charts Manager For WordPress ChangeLog

Version 5.0 (Released 26.09.2022)
New major update with awesome features, some improvements and bug fixes:

Feature: New data source type: Nested JSON.
Feature: JSON authentication.
Feature: Caching data for non-server-side tables (Excel, CSV, Google sheet, XML, JSON, Nested JSON and PHP array).
Feature: Auto update cache for non server-side tables (Excel, CSV, Google sheet, XML, JSON, Nested JSON and PHP array).
Feature: Update manual tables: Replace data within an existing table.
Feature: Update manual tables: Add data into an existing table.
Feature: Update manual tables: Replace the entire table with new data.
Improvement: Improved error handling.
BugFix: Fixed issue with saving CSS rules in a simple table.
BugFix: Fixed tab index for Google sheet API in main settings.
Other small bug fixes.
Version 4.5 (Released 20.07.2022.)
New update with an amazing feature, some improvements, and bug fixes:
Feature: Added single cell shortcode.
Improvement: Improved separate connections performance.
Improvement: Added Highcharts accessibility module.
Improvement: Changed type of mysql_table_name column to TEXT.
Improvement: Added a new hooks for PDO dsn and for MySQLi link connection: wpdatatables_filter_pdo_connection_dsn and wpdatatables_filter_mysqli_connection_link
BugFix: Fixed issue with Gutenberg and editable tables for media upload.
BugFix: Fixed issue with date format m/Y and Google sheet.
BugFix: Fixed issue with fatal error with old versions of Avada theme.
BugFix: Fixed issue with conditional formatting if cell contains HTML.
BugFix: Fixed issue with sanitized SQL queries.
Other small bug fixes
Version 4.4 (Released 13.06.2022.)
New update with improvements and bug fixes:
Feature: Added options for responsive actions – icon, row or cell.
Improvement: Compatibility with the latest version of Elementor.
Improvement: Improved error handling during activation and deactivation of a license.
Improvement: Automatically close the date picker after a date has been chosen.
BugFix: Fixed issue with Divi editor blocks not working when only one table or chart has been created.
BugFix: Fixed issue with ’%’ symbol in string cells for separate connection tables.
BugFix: Fixed issue with foreign keys for PostgreSQL database.
Other small bug fixes
Version 4.3 (Released 18.05.2022.)
New update with feature, some improvements and bug fixes:
Feature: Added new placeholders VAR4 , VAR5 , VAR6 , VAR7 , VAR8 and VAR9 .
Improvement: Average calculation function will not count empty cells anymore.
Improvement: Remove unnecessary files from Divi integration.
BugFix: Fixed issue with conditional formatting on front-end.
BugFix: Fixed issue with number format in Highcharts tooltips.
BugFix: Fixed Fixed issue with position of Clear filters button when are used Edit table buttons.
BugFix: Fixed issue with Google charts when using Grouping and Follow table filtering options.
Other small bug fixes


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