BuddyBoss Platform Pro Free Download v2.1.4 + Theme [NULLED]

BuddyBoss Web is packed with everything you need to create a course or community website.


The “BuddyBoss Theme Free Download” and “BuddyBoss Platform Pro Free Download” turns your website into a fully functional social networking platform, much like Facebook, with open or private groups, private messaging, and deep LearnDash integration.

BuddyBoss Theme Free Download: An Overview

If you’ve ever wanted to create an online community for your company or business, the BuddyBoss Theme free download is the only theme you’ll ever need. It’s a one-of-a-kind theme on a league of its own, and it comes with a free plugin called the BuddyBoss Platform.

When used together, the BuddyBoss Theme Nulled and Platform Pro Nulled can help anyone, even non-techies, to build a social networking site that’s on par with modern social networking sites. You’ll have advanced features commonly purchased separately in other themes, and you’ll be able to integrate it with many WordPress plugins as your needs expand and evolve.

Buddy Boss Theme and Buddy Boss Platform Free Download: Brief History

Let’s back up a little: how did the BuddyBoss Platform Pro Free Download come into fruition?

The Buddy Boss Theme and Platform are actually a replacement for BuddyPress, a WordPress plugin that lets you create a social networking site. Although innovative, BuddyPress had a lot of limitations and has a whole community of third-party plugins for some more advanced features like creating a forum. Using a lot of add-on plugins not only complicates things but it also adds up to users’ costs.

So the creators of BuddyBoss Theme thought, what if we have all these advanced features under one roof? That would make things easier!

And it did. Now, with the BuddyBoss combo, you can do so much more than a social networking site, but you can also create forum discussions and social groups without an additional plugin, host free and paid courses, and more.

At this point I want to clarify what each of them does. The BuddyBoss Platform Download adds functionalities to WordPress to make it easy to create an online community. These functionalities include being able to create user profiles, social groups, forums, email invites, and so on.

The BuddyBoss Theme download makes sure that everything looks nice and pretty. You can use any WordPress theme with the BuddyBoss Platform discount coupon code, but it’s not going to look as great as when using the BuddyBoss Theme.

Setting Up the BuddyBoss Platform Pro (GPL)

Because there’s a lot of things you can do with the BuddyBoss Platform (GPL) combo, the only possible downside is setting it all up may take a quite a while. The scattered settings and options and all that (which I’m going to explain later) also doesn’t help. But to avoid getting lost in the complexity of the backend interface, I highly suggest that you watch and follow along their video walkthroughs here.

Those videos show everything from setting up and configuring the platform to tweaking the theme to make sure everything works perfectly and looks great.

In this section, I’m just going to over a few of the essential things you need to do/know to understand how the platform works and how to go about using it.

Understanding the BuddyBoss Platform

As I said before, the platform offers a lot of features, which is great, but some of the settings feel quite scattered and all over the place. It has to do with the way they organized the platform. Enabling a feature, setting it up, and styling it are all done in several different places.

Let’s take login/register page for example.

You can customize the login/register page in BuddyBoss Theme Options > Login/Register. Here, you can add a logo, change the logo’s size, use a background image, add a title and description, and more.

But get this: you can change the color of the login/register page in Styling, a separate section within Theme Options.

It seemed common sense to me that you should have all the styling needs of a page under one roof so to speak, but that’s not how things are organized in BuddyBoss platform.

Pros and Cons Of BuddyBoss


It is an advantage and a positive impact to make sensible decisions.

1) Word Press is an open platform while using BuddyBoss one is going to enjoy an immense level of flexibility.

2) Online Communities are created.

3) This will helps in allowing you to share ideas with your members.

4) It will allow members to post also.

5) Helps you to create a customized app.

6) It offers all the features you want.

7) Narrated video tutorials are provided to get started with the platform.

BuddyBoss Cons

Just like a coin, there are always two sides to a thing.

Good and Bad.

It is the other word for disadvantages. Before choosing, any plan or website, you should know where you are investing your money.

So, above you have notes pros of BuddyBoss.

Let’s now talk about the cons.

1) The cost of one plan, says VIP plan which costs $8000 is very expensive as compared to advance or the starter plan.

2) The dark version can be introduced as an additional good feature.

3) To insert content dynamically, it showcases loopholes.

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