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Free Download All in One SEO Pack Pro v4.5.3.1 (+Addons) – The Best WordPress SEO Plugin and Toolkit Latest Version [Activated]

The Best WordPress SEO Plugin – All In One SEO Pack Pro Free Download

SEO is a complicated and confusing process for many individuals. This is a problem because you need to know what you’re doing to be successful in this field. That’s why I created this blog post.


The goal of this article is to help you learn how to use the best WordPress SEO Plugin – All In One SEO Pack Pro. With this plugin, you can accomplish more in less time. Plus, it’s affordable and has a large number of features.

What is All In One SEO Pack Pro Nulled?

All In One SEO Pack Pro is the best WordPress SEO plugin to help you rank your website on the search engines. It gives you an easy way to optimize your website content for search engines, such as Google and Bing. All In One SEO Pack Pro also makes it easy to create a website and make sure that it is optimized for search engines. The great thing about this plugin is that it has a lot of free features to help you rank on the search engines. It is also easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge to get started.

The features of All In One SEO Pack Pro

TruSEO On-Page Analysis

Easily add title tags, meta descriptions, keywords, and everything else you need for proper on-page SEO optimization.

Rich Snippets Schema

All in One SEO Pro download offers complete support for schema markup so you can get more clicks and traffic with rich snippets.

Local SEO

All in One SEO download gives you all the tools you need to improve your local SEO and rank higher on Google Maps.

Smart XML Sitemaps

Automatically generate a WordPress XML sitemap and notify all search engines of any updates.

Video SEO Sitemaps

All in One SEO includes a video sitemap generator, so you can rank in Google’s video carousel widget and grow your traffic.

Social Media Integration

Easily control how your content and thumbnails look on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks.

Link Assistant

Get relevant suggestions for adding internal links to older content as well as finding any orphaned posts that have no internal links.

WooCommerce SEO

Advanced eCommerce SEO support for WooCommerce to optimize product pages, product categories, and more.

SEO Audit Checklist

Analyze your entire WordPress site to detect critical errors and get actionable insights to boost your SEO and get more traffic.

Redirection Manager

Easily create and manage redirects for broken links to avoid confusing search engines or losing valuable backlinks.

Google News Sitemaps

Get higher rankings and unlock more traffic by submitting your latest news articles to Google News.

Robots.txt Editor

Take full control over the instructions you give web crawlers about what folders and files to crawl on your WordPress site.

Download All in One SEO Pack Pro v4.5.3.1 (+Addons) [Latest Version]





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  • 100% clean files and free from viruses.
  • This item is for testing & studying purposes only and is not supported for commercial use.
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All in One SEO Pack Pro ChangeLog

New in Version 4.5.5

Updated: Various AI Title/Description Generator improvements for more reliable results and better foreign language support.
Updated: Removed Search Statistics Index status background scan in favour of loading results on-the-fly to prevent quota from running out.
Updated: Added a survey that triggers when users deactivate the plugin.
Updated: Added WooCommerce Shop page to the breadcrumb trail for WooCommerce Products and related taxonomies.
Updated: Added Broken Link Checker as an installable plugin to the Setup Wizard and About Us page.
Fixed: Block settings sidebar not re-expanding after user closed it previously.
Fixed: Primary term not included in canonical URL for WooCommerce products.
Fixed: Schema not correctly reflecting Out of Stock status for variable products in WooCommerce.
Fixed: Schema Generator graph/template search box disappeared when certain special characters were entered.
Fixed: SEO Revisions not created for attachments.
Fixed: Plugin conflict with WPBingo Core where AIOSEO setting tabs are collapsed.
Fixed: Conflict between AIOSEO Redirects and Divi page builder.
Fixed: Redirection plugins are no longer marked as conflicting when AIOSEO Redirects isn’t installed.
Fixed: AIOSEO Details column on post list page would sometimes load unnecessarily.

New in Version 4.5.4

New: Author SEO (E-E-A-T) Addon – Optimize your site for Google’s E-E-A-T ranking factor by proving your writer’s expertise through author schema markup and new UI elements.
Fixed: Plugin conflict where post content sometimes disappeared in the post editor when using AIOSEO, Avada and the Classic Editor.
Fixed: Taxonomy title smart tag not outputting proper value when archive page has no posts.

New in Version

Fixed: AIOSEO Settings modal sometimes opening in Divi visual editor when user performs unrelated action.
New in Version 4.5.3

New: Added support for importing Locations from Yoast SEO into Local SEO.
New: Added support for LiteSpeed servers to Redirection Manager.
Updated: Numerous performance updates under the hood.
Updated: SEO Revisions now tracks changes to the Cornerstone Content setting.
Updated: Redirect’s manual 404s now load a 404 WP template instead of just sending a 404 header to the browser.
Updated: Added post status badges to the Links Report in Link Assistant to show the post status of non-published posts.
Updated: Improved style compatibility between AIOSEO and the Extra theme.
Fixed: Paged Format now uses the global separator tag.
Fixed: Product schema is no longer output when the product does not have a valid price set.
Fixed: Various schema graphs now consider timezones when outputting dates and no longer output incorrect timestamps.
Fixed: Redirect modal UI now works correctly when a post is trashed.
Fixed: Redirects no longer prevent the use of WP CLI.
Fixed: Redirect’s HTTP Headers table no longer disappears after inserting a value in the field.
Fixed: When editing a redirect the edit screen no longer closes after selecting a value.
Fixed: Error when importing robots.txt rules with certain regex patterns.
Fixed: File structure issue that caused some localized strings from being excluded in language files.
Fixed: Cornerstone Content setting removed for attachment pages.
Fixed: Setup Wizard sometimes showing wrong step count.
Fixed: Snippet preview showing incorrect preview for Taxonomy Title smart tag when no primary category is selected.
Fixed: Search Statistics now correctly syncs the homepage with what is selected under Settings > Reading.
Fixed: Plugin conflict with the Autoptimization plugin where the frontend of the site shows a whitescreen when logged-in users are using Russian as their locale.
Fixed: Conflict with block-based themes in WP 6.0+.

New in Version

Fixed: Conflict with Avada where some Avada elements cause the post editor to load the wrong data.

New in Version 4.5.2

New: Integrations with Avada & WPBakery – Control your SEO and optimize your content directly from the Avada and WPBakery visual page builders.
New: Added support for the Limit Modified Date setting to Elementor, Divi and SeedProd.
Updated: Improved shipping details schema logic for WooCommerce to better prevent plugin/theme conflicts.
Fixed: PHP error in Tools menu when using WP 5.4 or lower.

New in Version

Fixed: Plugin conflict with Jetpack.

New in Version 4.5.1

Updated: Added support for the Performant Translations plugin.
Updated: Added support for schema validation for AIOSEO’s schema supported blocks (FAQ block).
Updated: Added support for WooCommerce grouped products to Product schema.
Updated: Updated our icons for X (formely Twitter).
Updated: Removed support for Google Analytics V3 as it has been discontinued by Google.
Updated: We now hide the TruSEO score for static blog pages.
Updated: Added emoji picker to the 404 breadcrumb template.
Updated: Advanced 404 redirect can now use an external domain URL.
Fixed: Rare issue where site could use more memory due to circular cache reference.
Fixed: Conflict with Safe Redirect Manager.
Fixed: Conflict between AIOSEO and the Presto Player and Product Tabs Manager plugins by Sparks.
Fixed: Schema Generator custom schema and validator editors not rendered on smaller screens.
Fixed: Default date value for datepicker in Event schema graph settings.
Fixed: Default schema not added to new SeedProd landing pages.
Fixed: Post column makes the post title column too small on smaller screens.
Fixed: Spaces stripped when searching for a post in the source/target URL field in Redirects.
Fixed: Feature inside Feature Manager would sometimes appear as active even when it is disabled.
Fixed: Fixed a number of strings that weren’t localized before.
Fixed: PHP 8.2 deprecation warnings in Setup Wizard when using WP 6.4+
Fixed: PHP error when fetching WooCommerce Product Categories through REST API when AIOSEO REST API addon is active.
Fixed: PHP notice when using a custom multi-type JSON schema graph.
Fixed: Console error in Link Assistant when attempting to add a link through an Outbound Internal Suggestion.
Fixed: Redirects table footer height.
Fixed: Redirect source and target url no longer strip empty spaces when searching for posts/pages.

New in Version 4.5.0

New: Post Index Status – Check whether your posts have been indexed by Google inside our Search Statistics reports and revamped AIOSEO Details column.
New: AIOSEO Details Column Revamp – We’ve redesigned our post/term column to give it a fresh lick of paint. You can now add smart tags to the title & meta description inside the column and see your headline score.
Fixed: Search Statistics no longer considers URLs with query args or HTML anchors.

New in Version

Fixed: Widgets page not loading due to JavaScript error.

New in Version

Fixed: Metabox sometimes doesn’t load in post editor when post does not support featured images.

New in Version 4.4.9

Updated: Added support for our Divi page builder integration for the Extra theme.
Updated: Robots.txt Editor now also highlights conflicting crawl-delay directives
Fixed: Social snippet preview now re-renders when Featured Image is changed.
Fixed: SEO Overview widget throws PHP warning when all content on the site is noindexed.
Fixed: Schema Validator output could not be copied to clipboard on sites using HTTP.
Fixed: TruSEO sometimes highlighting single characters or words.
Fixed: TruSEO throws PHP warning when ACF Link field is used in post.
Fixed: REST API error when “All” language filter is selected in WPML.
Fixed: PHP notice when HTTP_USER_AGENT request header not set.

New in Version 4.4.8

New: Cornerstone Content – Mark the most important pages on your website as cornerstone content so that AIOSEO can prioritize internal linking suggestions for them.
Updated: Breadcrumbs schema has been updated according to Google’s latest specifications.

New in Version

Fixed: Plugin conflict with Divi where the visual editor does not load.

New in Version 4.4.7

Updated: Improved TruSEO Highlighter style compatibility with various popular themes.
Updated: Improved general style compatibility with Elementor dark mode.
Updated: Added TikTok to supported social profiles under Social Networks settings.
Updated: Added custom capability for SEO Revisions tab in metabox to Access Control menu.
Fixed: Auto-update for AIOSEO Pro users failing in some cases where the download URL is expired.
Fixed: Incorrect robots meta value output on search pages when additional query args are added to the URL.
Fixed: Query Loop block not rendering correctly due to calls to do_blocks() when autogenerating meta descriptions.
Fixed: Excluded posts, excluded terms and hidden WooCommerce Products are now considered again when determining the amount of product sitemap indexes for the root sitemap index.
Fixed: Priority value missing for posts/terms in sitemap with a priority of 1.0 or 0.0.
Fixed: Additional sitemap pages hook now returns consistent data in root and additional page sitemap indexes.
Fixed: TruSEO shows incorrect results when Focus Keyphrase contains special characters.
Fixed: TruSEO results not visible after loading the post editor until user switches between tabs.
Fixed: Event schema no longer let’s users select an end date that takes place before the start date.
Fixed: Product schema triggers WooCommerce “Can’t add this product to cart” alert when product is out of stock.
Fixed: Image property of Webpage schema doesn’t refer to the correct ID of the PrimaryImage property.
Fixed: SEO Revisions modal now opens automatically in Lite when SEO Revisions menu is opened via sidebar.
Fixed: Plugin conflict where Vimeography breaks robots.txt.
Fixed: Rare issue where Safari browser can crash on iOS 15 due to CSS animation.
Fixed: Harmless JavaScript console error when editing a term.

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