downGrade (v5.9) Single Vendor Digital Products Marketplace Free Download

downGrade Single Vendor Digital Products Marketplace Free Download stands as a pioneering single-vendor digital marketplace, redefining the landscape of online selling by incorporating a subscription-based model. Crafted with precision using PHP Laravel, MySQL, Bootstrap 4, and an array of powerful technologies, downGrade provides a robust platform for vendors to showcase and sell their digital items such as themes, plugins, and scripts. This feature-rich script is designed to streamline the selling process, enhance user experience, and catalyze the success of vendors in the competitive digital marketplace arena. Let’s explore the key features that make downGrade a game-changer in the realm of digital marketplace platforms.

1. Comprehensive Technology Stack:

downGrade leverages a comprehensive technology stack, including PHP Laravel, MySQL, Bootstrap 4, and other cutting-edge technologies. This ensures a solid foundation for the platform, allowing for scalability, security, and optimal performance. The use of industry-leading technologies positions downGrade as a reliable and advanced solution for digital marketplace operations.

2. Single-Vendor Digital Marketplace:

As a single-vendor digital marketplace, downGrade caters to vendors looking to establish their online presence and sell digital items. This focused approach allows vendors to showcase their products in a dedicated environment, creating a personalized storefront to connect with their target audience.

3. Subscription-Based Selling:

downGrade Single Vendor Digital Products Marketplace Nulled introduces a subscription-based model, revolutionizing the way vendors manage their online stores. With subscription plans, vendors can access a range of features and benefits that enhance their selling capabilities. This model provides flexibility and cost-effectiveness, allowing vendors to choose plans that align with their business goals.

4. Powerful User Roles:

The platform incorporates powerful user roles, allowing vendors to manage their accounts efficiently. User roles define access levels and permissions, ensuring a secure and organized environment. Vendors can tailor user roles to meet their specific requirements, granting access to essential features while maintaining control over the digital marketplace.

5. Flash Deals for Promotions:

downGrade introduces the concept of flash deals to boost promotional activities. Vendors can create time-sensitive promotions, offering discounts or exclusive deals to attract customers. Flash deals add a sense of urgency, encouraging customers to make purchases during specified periods, thereby driving sales and increasing visibility.

6. Blog Integration for Content Marketing:

Content marketing is crucial for establishing authority and engaging with the target audience. downGrade seamlessly integrates a blog feature, allowing vendors to publish informative content related to their products, industry trends, and updates. A well-maintained blog contributes to a dynamic and informative digital storefront.

7. Multiple Payment Gateways:

Facilitating smooth transactions is a priority for downGrade. The platform supports multiple payment gateways, offering flexibility to vendors and customers. Whether it’s credit card payments, digital wallets, or other preferred methods, downGrade ensures a seamless and secure payment process for all parties involved.

8. Social Login and Shares:

Social engagement is key in the digital age. downGrade incorporates social login functionality, simplifying the registration process for users. Additionally, vendors can benefit from social shares, allowing customers to share their favorite products on social media platforms. This social integration enhances brand visibility and customer reach.

9. Multilanguage Support:

Catering to a global audience, downGrade includes multilanguage support. Vendors can configure the platform to display content in multiple languages, ensuring that their products resonate with diverse audiences. Multilanguage support contributes to a more inclusive and accessible digital marketplace.

10. reCAPTCHA for Security:

Security is a paramount concern in online marketplaces. downGrade integrates reCAPTCHA, adding an extra layer of security to user interactions. This feature safeguards against malicious activities, such as spam and unauthorized access, ensuring a secure and trustworthy environment for vendors and customers.

11. Product Import/Export:

For efficiency in managing product listings, downGrade incorporates product import and export functionality. Vendors can easily upload or export product data, streamlining the process of adding new items or updating existing listings. This feature contributes to time savings and operational efficiency.

12. Invoice Generation:

downGrade simplifies the invoicing process with built-in invoice generation capabilities. Vendors can effortlessly create and manage invoices for transactions, providing a professional and organized approach to financial documentation. Automated invoice generation streamlines administrative tasks for vendors.

13. Newsletter Integration:

Staying connected with customers is vital for vendor success. downGrade includes newsletter integration, allowing vendors to build and manage email lists. By sending newsletters, vendors can inform customers about new products, promotions, and updates, fostering ongoing engagement and customer loyalty.

14. Guest Checkout for Convenience:

To enhance the customer experience, downGrade Free Download incorporates guest checkout functionality. This feature allows customers to make purchases without creating an account, streamlining the checkout process and reducing barriers to entry. Guest checkout promotes convenience and encourages spontaneous purchases.

15. Detailed Documentation for Quick Installation:

downGrade provides detailed documentation. Vendors can refer to comprehensive guides and instructions to facilitate quick and hassle-free installation. This commitment to user-friendly documentation ensures that vendors can get their digital marketplace up and running in no time.

downGrade Nulled emerges as a dynamic and innovative solution for vendors seeking to establish and thrive in the digital marketplace arena. By combining a robust technology stack with features such as subscription-based selling, flash deals, and comprehensive user roles, downGrade provides a versatile platform for digital item sales. With a focus on user convenience, security, and promotional capabilities, downGrade sets the stage for vendors to elevate their online presence and succeed in the competitive world of digital commerce. Whether you are a seasoned vendor or a newcomer to digital selling, downGrade offers the tools and features needed to make a lasting impact in the ever-evolving digital marketplace landscape.

downGrade (v5.9) Single Vendor Digital Products



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  • 100% clean files and free from viruses.
  • This item is for testing & studying purposes only and is not supported for commercial use.
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downGrade Changelog

Version 5.9

Add    - Selected product subscription item option updated
Update - Laravel 10.41.0 version updated
Fix    - Reset password issue fixed
Update - Google analytics updated
Update - Some css design updated

Version 5.8

Add    - Home page seo title field updated
Update - Laravel 10.34.2 version updated
Fix    - Download limit issue fixed
Add    - XML sitemap feed added
Update - Download file link send to buyer email updated
Update - Product custom slug field updated
Update - Super admin earning field updated
Update - Some css design updated

Version 5.7

Add    - Coinbase payment gateway integrated
Update - Laravel 10.26.2 version updated
Add    - Coinbase checkout, subscription updated
Update - Open exchange rates currency conversion updated
Update - Some css design updated

Version 5.6

Add    - Backup System added (database & files)
Update - Wasabi storage updated
Add    - Amazon S3 storage added
Add    - Progressive Web Apps (PWA) integrated
Update - Admin Orders page updated
Update - Laravel 10.22.0 updated
Remove - Dropbox, Google Drive storage removed
Fix    - Featured, New, Free, Popular Items page issue fixed
Update - Some css design updated

Version 5.5

Add    - Mercadopago payment gateway integrated
Update - Google recaptcha V3 updated
Update - Google analytics updated
Add    - Mercadopago checkout, subscription updated
Fix    - Admin panel product search issue fixed
Update - Some css design updated

Version 5.4

Update - Subscription plan also coupon code system updated
Update - Footer item sold & members count value change option updated
Update - Fake sale & fake review option updated
Add    - Item main file type 'Link/URL' option added
Add    - Watermark repeat ON/OFF option added
Add    - Watermark position option added
Update - Some css design updated

Version 5.3

Add    - Localbank payment option added
Add    - Withdrawal localbank option added
Fix    - Subscription wallet option issue fixed
Fix    - Homepage blog display issue fixed
Update - Payment settings page updated
Update - Some css design updated

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