XRemit Pro (v2.3.0) – Remittance Money Transfer Full Solution Free Download

XRemit Pro Remittance Money Transfer Full Solution Free Download, the all-in-one Remittance Money Transfer Solution designed to equip entrepreneurs with the tools they need to effortlessly enter and succeed in the remittance industry. With a complete package that includes a responsive website, cross-platform Android and iOS apps, and an intuitive admin panel, XRemit Pro ensures that you’re not just ready for success – you’re set to thrive from day one.

XRemit Pro Free Download

Comprehensive Package: A Holistic Solution for Remittance Businesses

XRemit Pro is more than just a software solution; it’s a comprehensive package that covers all aspects of launching and managing a successful remittance money transfer business. The package includes three essential components:

  1. Responsive Website: The foundation of your online presence, the responsive website ensures that your business is accessible to customers across various devices. Whether they are using a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, your website remains user-friendly and functional, enhancing the overall customer experience.
  2. Cross-Platform Mobile Apps: XRemit Pro goes beyond the web with cross-platform Android and iOS apps. These mobile applications empower your customers to initiate and track remittance transactions directly from their smartphones. The apps are designed to provide a seamless and convenient user experience, extending the reach of your remittance services.
  3. Intuitive Admin Panel: Behind the scenes, the intuitive admin panel serves as the command center for your remittance business. With user-friendly controls and robust features, the admin panel allows you to manage transactions, track user activities, and oversee the entire operation efficiently. It puts you in control, ensuring that you can navigate and manage your remittance business with ease.

Ready for Success from Day One: Streamlined Launch Process

XRemit Pro Remittance Money Transfer Full Solution Nulled understands that time is of the essence when entering the competitive remittance market. The solution is engineered to streamline the launch process, allowing entrepreneurs to hit the ground running from day one. With pre-built components, a user-friendly setup, and comprehensive documentation, XRemit Pro minimizes the learning curve, enabling quick implementation and deployment.

Responsive Website: Attract and Engage Customers Across Devices

The responsive website included in the XRemit Pro package is designed not only for functionality but also for maximum reach. In an era where users access the internet from various devices, having a website that adapts to different screen sizes is essential. XRemit Pro’s responsive website ensures that potential customers can easily navigate and engage with your remittance services, regardless of the device they use.

XRemit Pro Free Download

Cross-Platform Mobile Apps: Convenience at Your Customers’ Fingertips

The Android and iOS apps provided by XRemit Pro extend the convenience of remittance services to users’ smartphones. With a user-friendly interface and seamless navigation, the mobile apps empower customers to initiate, track, and manage their remittance transactions on the go. The cross-platform compatibility ensures that you reach a broader audience, catering to both Android and iOS users.

Intuitive Admin Panel: Effortless Management and Oversight

Managing a remittance business requires robust tools and insights. The intuitive admin panel of XRemit Pro provides just that. From monitoring transactions to overseeing user activities, the admin panel offers a centralized hub for efficient management. The user-friendly controls ensure that even those new to remittance business management can navigate the system effortlessly.

Customization Options: Tailoring the Solution to Your Brand

Recognizing the importance of brand identity, XRemit Pro Free Download offers customization options. This ensures that the solution aligns with your brand’s visual language and identity. From color schemes to logos and branding elements, you have the flexibility to tailor the appearance of the XRemit Pro solution, creating a cohesive and branded experience for your customers.

XRemit Pro – A Launchpad for Remittance Success

XRemit Pro Nulled stands as a powerful launchpad for entrepreneurs entering the remittance industry. With its comprehensive package including a responsive website, cross-platform mobile apps, and an intuitive admin panel, XRemit Pro provides the tools needed to succeed in the competitive world of remittance money transfer. Whether you’re attracting customers through a versatile website, offering the convenience of mobile apps, managing transactions through the intuitive admin panel, or customizing the solution to align with your brand, XRemit Pro ensures that you’re not just launching a remittance business – you’re launching a platform for enduring success.

Download XRemit Pro (v2.3.0) – Remittance Money Transfer Full Solution


XRemit Pro Free Download


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XRemit Pro Remittance Money Transfer Full Solution Changelog

 version v2.3.1 (18-01-2024)

    --[FIXED] Bug fixes and improvements (only app)

    version v2.3.0 (04-01-2024)

    --[ADDED] Coingate Payment Gateway
    --[ADDED] Tatum Payment Gateway
    --[FIXED] Minor Issues
    --[UPDATED] Documentation

    version v2.2.0 (10-11-2023)

    --[ADDED] Coupon Code or Voucher Features
    --[ADDED] Exchange Rate Section
    --[FIXED] Theme Issues
    --[UPDATED] Documentation

    version v2.1.0 (04-11-2023)

    --[ADDED] Recipients bank filter by selected country
    --[ADDED] Dark & Light Mode (App)
    --[ADDED] Recipients Log Expand options (App)
    --[ADDED] Transaction Log Expand options (App)
    --[UPDATED] Documentation

    version v2.0.0 (26-10-2023)

    --[ADDED] Multiple Sender and Receiver Currencies
    --[ADDED] Razorpay Payment Gateway
    --[ADDED] SSLCommerz Payment Gateway
    --[ADDED] Multiple Language (English, Spanish, Arabic)
    --[ADDED] RTL Supported
    --[UPDATED] Stripe Payment Gateway
    --[UPDATED] IBAN Number Validation
    --[UPDATED] Documentation

    version v1.0.0 (12-10-2023)

    --initial release of fully functional Android - iOS Apps, Website and Admin Panel

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