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WPForms Pro Free Download v1.8.7.2 + All Addons – Best WordPress Form Builder Plugin

We believe that you shouldn’t have to hire a developer to create a WordPress contact form. That’s why we built “WPForms Pro Free Download”, a drag & drop WordPress form builder that’s EASY and POWERFUL.


WPForms Pro Nulled allows you to create beautiful contact forms, feedback form, subscription forms, payment forms, and other types of forms for your site in minutes, not hours! At WPForms, user experience is our #1 priority. Our pre-built form templates and workflows make WPForms the most beginner friendly contact form plugin on the market. The WPForms Challenge guides you through creating your first form in under 5 minutes. We walk you through using the form builder all the way to adding a form to a page on your site! WPForms includes integrations for popular page builders like the WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg), Classic Editor, Elementor, and Divi making the whole process seamless.
wpforms pro pricing
wpforms pro pricing
WPForms is a 100% mobile responsive contact form solution, so your contact forms will always look great on all devices (mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop). WPForms Pro’s contact forms are also highly optimized for web and server performance because we understand the importance of speed when it comes to SEO, marketing, and conversion. We can honestly say that WPForms is one of the fastest WordPress contact form builder plugins in the world.
WPForms Pro Free Download This plugin is the lite version of the WPForms Pro plugin that comes with all the contact form features you will ever need including email subscription forms, multi-page contact forms, file uploads, conditional logic, payment integrations, form templates, and tons more.
We took the pain out of creating contact forms and made it easy. Here’s why smart business owners, designers, and developers love WPForms, and you will too!

Finally, a WpForms Pro Free Download that’s Easy and Powerful

WPForms Pro free download is the best WordPress contact form plugin. Here are the features that makes WPForms the most powerful and user-friendly WordPress form builder in the market.

Drag & Drop Form Builder

Easily create an amazing form in just a few minutes without writing any code.

Form Templates

Start with pre-built form templates to save even more time.

Responsive Mobile Friendly

WPForms is 100% responsive meaning it works on mobile, tablets & desktop.

Smart Conditional Logic

Easily create high performance forms with our smart conditional logic.

Instant Notifications

Respond to leads quickly with our instant form notification feature for your team.

Entry Management

View all your leads in one place to streamline your workflow.

Payments Made Easy

Easily collect payments, donations, and online orders without hiring a developer.

Marketing & Subscriptions

Create subscription forms and connect it with your email marketing service.

Easy to Embed

Easily embed your forms in blog posts, pages, sidebar widgets, footer, etc.

Spam Protection

Our smart captcha and spam protection automatically prevents spam submissions.

Top 4 Reasons Why People Love WPForms

WPForms Pro Free Download is the perfect WordPress form solution for YOU. Here’s why over 5,000,000+ smart business owners, designers, and developers love WPForms free download elite package, and you will too!
Building forms in WordPress can be hard. WPForms Pro Nulled makes it easy. Our easy drag & drop WordPress form builder allows you to create contact forms, online surveys, donation forms, order forms and other WordPress forms in just a few minutes without writing any code. While our WordPress form builder is very easy to use, we created smart workflows to save you even more time. WPForms nulled comes with pre-built WordPress form templates that can be easily customized, so you don’t ever have to start from scratch unless you want to. From radio buttons to file uploads to multi-page forms, we have all the fields you need. Easily integrate your WordPress forms with an email marketing service or collect payments for bookings and orders. WPForms Pro allows you to do it all.

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  • All Themes/Plugins presented on the website are released under GNU General Public License.
  • Unlimited use, you can install them on any site with full premium features available.
  • 100% clean files and free from viruses.
  • This item is for testing & studying purposes only and is not supported for commercial use.
  • We highly recommend buying WpForms Pro Free Download from the official site.
  • If you can’t find the latest version of the product on the site or want any Theme/ Plugin, that is not available here, please contact us. I will upload it as soon as possible.

WpForms Pro ChangeLog (2024-02-29)

Changed: "What's New" modal should be displayed based on the major version of the plugin.
Changed: Improved Akismet integration efficiency.
Fixed: Antispam token was passed as a simple form field, not protected from spam bots.
Fixed: PHP warning was thrown in case of anonymous form submission when User ID smart tag was used.
Fixed: Image positioning in the "What's New" blocks wasn't always correct.
Fixed: The recommended plugin block in the Dashboard widget could not be dismissed.
Fixed: Modal windows were not displayed on small screens.
Fixed: The animation for opening the "What's New" modal worked improperly when the modal had small content.
Fixed: The background was not entirely dimmed when scrolling the "What's New" popup. (2024-01-31)

Fixed: Term notice was removed under the Stripe Credit Card field when Payment Elements were used.
Fixed: An additional spinner appeared when the Setup panel button was clicked again.
Fixed: The first year in date dropdown has been set to 1 year ahead.
Fixed: Overflow of `img`, `video`, `canvas` and `svg` tags has been set to `clip` by default, as recommended by Google PageSpeed Insights. (2024-01-19)

Fixed: The Name field was not clickable with Classic Markup and Base Styles.

Added: New column selector and column reordering on the Forms Overview and Form Entries page.
Added: New right-click context menu in the Form Builder.
Added: Forms can now be imported programmatically.
Added: New minimum price option for the Payment Single Item field that can help protect your forms against card testing by fraudsters.
Added: Caching to the templates list markup on the Templates page and in the Form Builder for improved performance.
Added: Customer name can now be configured on the Form Builder > Payments > Stripe screen.
Added: Dark Mode support for email notifications. Users are now able to customize styling for each appearance theme.
Changed: Improved compatibility with the Apple Pay feature for Stripe payments.
Changed: Updated the design of the Addons page in the admin dashboard.
Changed: Improved compatibility with latest versions of Divi theme.
Changed: Improved compatibility with OceanWP theme.
Changed: Improved compatibility with the Hello Elementor theme.
Changed: Improved styles of various Lite Connect settings.
Changed: Improved behavior of various Email settings on the WPForms Settings page.
Changed: Improved form templates search.
Changed: Significantly improved performance of the Form Builder when opening existing forms.
Changed: Restrict media files to only valid image types for the Header Image field on the Email page, and Image Choices options in the Builder.
Changed: Improved handling of empty choice labels of the Dropdown, Checkboxes, and Multiple Choice fields.
Changed: Improved various messages across the admin area.
Changed: Styles customizations of email notifications on the WPForms Settings page can now be previewed without saving them.
Changed: Stripe library updated to the latest version.
Changed: The Authorize.Net logo was updated.
Fixed: Pressing Apply with no selected action on the Payments Overview page triggered WordPress’ die screen.
Fixed: Elementor widget preview is not properly updated after editing the form in the builder popup.
Fixed: Plugin prefix added to all action links on the plugins page to prevent collisions with third-party CSS code.
Fixed: Stripe Credit Card field styles are not applied in WordPress Site Customizer.
Fixed: Stripe Elements field had too much spacing around the Submit button with Modern styles applied.
Fixed: Trashed forms not removed during the plugin deletion process.
Fixed: An empty value from the Dropdown field is saved if the choice with empty label is selected.
Fixed: Some styles were incorrect for the Form Selector widget in Block Editor, Elementor and Divi.
Fixed: Confirmation Page dropdown is not completely visible in some cases on smaller screens.
Fixed: Header Image Size dropdown appeared on the Email Settings page even though there is no image set for the Email Header.
Fixed: Scroll to the error message when the form is submitted with an error not working in some cases.
Fixed: Some 3rd-party plugins could be included in the translation files check.
Fixed: Email notification not rendered correctly if multiple smart tags are used.
Fixed: PHP deprecation warning logged when the Weekly Summary email is triggered via cron on PHP 8.2.
Fixed: Dropdown preview in the Form Builder not updated correctly.
Fixed: Fields and a submit button not aligned properly on single line form layout.
Fixed: Checkbox and multiple dropdown values displayed in one line with new email templates.
Fixed: Do not display the “Install and Activate” button on the Geolocation and Coupons pages for Lite users if plugin installation is not allowed.
Fixed: Read-only Number fields should not display spin buttons.
Fixed: Incorrect error text displayed when uploading a file of an illegal format in the Form Builder.
Fixed: Incorrect error messages displayed for the required Payment Total and Stripe Credit Card fields.
Fixed: Prevent form pagination if the form is invalid.
Fixed: Field validation error icon positioned incorrectly when a form inherited content centering from the theme.
Fixed: Email addresses containing special characters are incorrectly validated against allow/deny list.
Fixed: Fields with subfields displayed incorrectly on the frontend in latest Safari and other browsers using WebKit.
Fixed: Email notifications using Plain Text format has some special characters that are converted into their HTML entities.
Fixed: JavaScript deprecation notices in the browser’s console when the Bar graph style is used on the Payments Overview page.
Fixed: Stripe subscriptions paid by Link were unable to be renewed.
Fixed: PHP warning was thrown for legacy subscription Stripe payment form.
Fixed: PHP warning was thrown while connecting the Jetpack plugin account.

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