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WP Adminify Pro Free Download v3.2.2 (Nulled, GPL)

WP Adminify Pro free download emerges as a premium solution, promising a revamped and customizable WordPress admin experience. In this article, we will explore the key features and functionalities that make WP Adminify Pro Nulled a noteworthy choice for those seeking enhanced control over their WordPress admin dashboard.

  1. Intuitive Dashboard Customization: WP Adminify Pro GPL offers an intuitive dashboard customization interface, allowing users to tailor the WordPress admin dashboard to their preferences. Whether you’re a solo blogger, a business owner, or part of a larger team, the ability to arrange and prioritize dashboard elements can significantly improve workflow efficiency.
  2. Advanced Menu Management: Efficient navigation is crucial for administrators dealing with various aspects of WordPress. WP Adminify Pro typically provides advanced menu management tools, enabling users to organize and streamline the admin menu. This feature is particularly beneficial for websites with multiple contributors or complex content structures.
  3. Personalized User Roles and Permissions: Fine-tuning user roles and permissions is a key aspect of WordPress site management. WP Adminify Pro often includes features for creating custom user roles with specific capabilities, providing administrators with granular control over who can access and modify different parts of the website.
  4. Brand Identity Integration: Maintaining brand consistency across all aspects of your website, including the admin dashboard, is vital for a professional online presence. WP Adminify Pro usually supports brand identity integration, allowing users to customize colors, logos, and other visual elements to align with their brand aesthetics seamlessly.
  5. Enhanced Security Features: Security is a top priority for any website owner. Premium admin customization plugins often come with additional security features, such as login page customization, two-factor authentication, and activity logging. WP Adminify Pro may offer these or similar features to enhance the overall security posture of your WordPress site.
  6. Compatibility with Popular Plugins: To ensure a smooth and integrated experience, WP Adminify Pro typically strives for compatibility with popular WordPress plugins. Whether you’re using SEO tools, e-commerce plugins, or performance optimization solutions, this compatibility ensures that your customized admin dashboard works seamlessly with the tools you rely on.
  7. Regular Updates and Support: Premium plugins, including WP Adminify Pro, often come with a commitment to regular updates to keep pace with the evolving WordPress ecosystem. Additionally, a dedicated support team is essential for assisting users with any queries or issues they may encounter during the customization process.

WP Adminify Pro free download presents itself as a powerful tool for WordPress users seeking a refined and personalized admin experience. With features like intuitive dashboard customization, advanced menu management, personalized user roles, brand identity integration, enhanced security, compatibility with popular plugins, regular updates, and support, WP Adminify Pro offers a comprehensive solution for those looking to take control of their WordPress admin dashboard.

Download WP Adminify Pro Free Download v3.2.2


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WP Adminify Pro ChangeLog

3.2.2 (21-01-2024)

Fixed: Menu Duplicator not working issue fixed
Updated: Options Data Types issues updates
Updated: Upgrade Notice Updated
Fixed: Menu Editor User Roles not working issue fixed

3.2.1 (24-12-2023)

Added: User Login and Logout Redirection based on Username, User Roles & User Capabilities
Added: WordPress Logo on Gutenberg Post/Page Editor change options added on “Logo Options > Gutenberg Logo”. Thanks to @peopleinside, Support URL: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/replace-w-logo-when-edit-an-article-or-page/
Fixed: Admin URL not redirecting issue fixed
Fixed: Plugin Details Thickbox style issue fixed
Fixed: All Plugins page checkbox hover background issue fixed
Fixed: Forminator plugin admin UI broken issue fixed
Fixed: Forminator plugin menu icon color issue fixed
Fixed: Login Customizer – Register, Lost Password background color issue fixed
Fixed: WooCommerce Product Gallery “Delete” button hover cross button issue fixed
Fixed: All Buttons BG Color issue fixed
Fixed: “Reset All” button color issue fixed
Fixed: Conflict with “Admin Menu Editor” plugin issue fixed

3.2.0 (26-11-2023)

Supported: Enfold Theme support given for Avia Page Builder
Updated: Slow Admin issue improved
Fixed: “Back to Website” not hide issue fixed

3.1.9 (11-11-2023)

Updated: Admin bar Removed from Block Editor Page
Updated: SQuirrly SEO meta tags not showing on Admin Bar issue fixed

3.1.8 (7-11-2023)

Fixed: Security issue fixed
Fixed: Login Customizer – Back to Website link not working issue fixed
Fixed: SQuirrly SEO – Navigation error issue fixed
Updated: Support Forum URL Updated
Updated: Notification system updated and
Updated: Dashboard Widgets supports for WP Forms
Updated: Dashboard Welcome Widgets close button not working issue fixed
Updated: Dashboard Welcome Widgets – Kadence Theme supports given
Updated: Completely revamped Dashboard Welcome Widget
Updated: Added Panel Height option for Dashbaord Welcome Widget

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