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WooCommerce Subscriptions Free Download v5.6.0 [Nulled]

With WooCommerce Subscriptions free download, you can create and manage products with recurring payments — payments that will give you residual revenue you can track and count on.


Why Use WooCommerce Subscriptions Free Download?

  • Multiple billing schedules available to suit your store’s needs
  • Integration with over 25 payment gateways for automatic recurring payments
  • Supports manual renewal payments through any WooCommerce payment gateway, along with automatic email invoices and receipts
  • Supports automatic rebilling on failed subscription payments, so you never lose revenue
  • Give subscribers the ability to manage their own plan, including upgrading or downgrading, without needing to wait on you for help
  • Built-in renewal notifications and automatic emails let you — and your customers — know when subscription payments have been processed, so there are never any surprises
  • Detailed reports allow you to keep track of recurring revenue, number of active subscribers, and more

WooCommerce Subscriptions Nulled Features

Free Trials & Sign-Up Fees: Charge an initial amount to account for customer setup costs, or allow customers to try before they buy, by adding sign-up fees and free trials to any subscription product. Subscription Management: Store owners get full-featured subscription management via the WooCommerce > Edit Subscription administration screen. You can suspend or cancel a subscription, change the trial expiration, add items, shipping, fees or taxes to the subscription or modify the recurring total for future payments. Synchronized Payments: If you only want ship on certain days of the month, or align all customers to the same annual membership term, you can with WooCommerce Subscriptions’ renewal synchronization feature. You can even prorate the first payment of a synchronized subscription purchase. Flexible Product Options: When creating a subscription product, you can make the product downloadable, virtual or physical, charge renewal payments weekly, monthly or annually, limit the product to one-per-customer and even charge shipping only on the initial order. Subscription Coupons: Offer customers a discount on their monthly payments or just the sign-up fee. Subscriptions includes both recurring discount coupons and sign-up fee coupons.
Variable Subscriptions: Create variable subscription products and allow your customers to choose a subscription that suits their needs. You can even allow customers to choose their own billing schedule. Subscriber Account Management: Your customers can also manage their own subscriptions. With the My Account > View Subscription page, subscribers can suspend or cancel a subscription, change the shipping address or payment method for future renewals and upgrade or downgrade their subscription. Upgrades/Downgrades: Allow customers to upgrade, downgrade or cross-grade between different subscription products. With flexible proration options for the recurring amount, sign-up fee and length, you can also customize the costs of switching to a new subscription product to suit the needs of your store. Multiple Subscriptions: Your customers can also purchase different subscription products in the same transaction and Subscriptions will group the products to reduce the payment gateway fees and logistical overhead for their future renewals. Customer Emails: Automatically notify customers when a subscription renewal payment is processed, a subscription is cancelled or when a subscription has expired with the built-in subscription emails.

Looking for a way to make your products available for purchase one-time, or on subscription? All Products is a powerful add-on for WooCommerce Subscriptions free download that lets you add optional subscription plans to your existing products.

Capture More Residual Revenue

Whether your goal is to ship a surprise bundle of products to faithful customers every month or bill them for an in-person service provided by your small business, WooCommerce Subscriptions free download can take the stress out of capturing that all-important residual revenue. You’ll be able to track just how many subscribers you have, when they’re being billed, and how much revenue you’re generating — meaning you’ll always know how much revenue your store can count on as you continue to grow.

What is the difference between Memberships and Subscriptions? Can I use either one? Do I need both?

While Memberships and Subscriptions plugins work well together, they each have different functionality and can be used independently of the other. WooCommerce Subscriptions nulled is best used for setting up products that have a regular payment schedule, while Memberships is best for restricting products and site content and offering product discounts to members. Together, Memberships and Subscriptions can be used to create a site with membership plans that automatically renew on a yearly basis.

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WooCommerce Subscriptions ChangeLog

*** WooCommerce Subscriptions Changelog ***

2022-08-26 - version 4.5.1
* Fix - Fatal Error caused in rare cases where quantity is zero during renewal, builds upon fix released in 4.4.0.

2022-08-04 - version 4.5.0
* Dev: Add missing `woocommerce_subscriptions_switch_link_text` and `woocommerce_subscriptions_switch_link_classes` filters for finer control of switch link. PR#4382
* Fix: Update subscription address when changed with renewals on block checkout.

2022-06-07 - version 4.4.0
* Fix - Fatal Error caused in rare cases where quantity is zero during renewal.

2022-05-24 - version 4.3.0
* Dev: Retrieving users subscriptions order has been updated to use the WooCommerce specific APIs in WC_Subscriptions_Order.
* Dev: Deprecate the WC_Subscriptions_Order::get_meta() function. Use wcs_get_objects_property( $order, $meta_key, "single", $default ) instead.
* Dev: Update the wcs_get_objects_property() function to prevent calls to get_post_meta() on objects that support calling the get_meta() function.
* Dev: Replace the get_post_meta() calls in WCS_Post_Meta_Cache_Manager with WC_Order::get_meta().
* Dev: Replace code using get_post_type( $order_id ) with WC Data Store get_order_type().
* Dev: Replace all cases of update_post_meta() where an Order ID is passed to use WC_Order::update_meta_data() instead.

2022-04-29 - version 4.2.0
* Fix: Remove WooThemes helper/updater admin notice/banner. PR#4328
* Fix: Remove PHP/deprecation notices during the early renewal and switch process when using WooCommerce Blocks 7.2. PR#4341
* Fix: Display subscription billing details in the Cart Block when purchasing products with subscription plans created using the All Products extension. subscriptions-core#149
* Update: Switch to global functions to remove deprecation warnings originating from WooCommerce Blocks. subscriptions-core#124
* Dev: Update subscriptions-core to 1.9.0. PR#4345

2022-03-22 - version 4.1.0
* Fix: Undefined variable `user_can_suspend` when a customer suspension limit is defined and the max number of suspensions has been reached. PR#4318
* Fix: Sets up subscriptions integration with the Mini Cart Block and adds new hook to filter compatible blocks. subscriptions-core#103
* Fix: When using a WooCommerce Blocks powered checkout, fix an issue that led to limited products being removed from the cart when completing a switch or renewal order. subscriptions-core#119
* Fix: When there is only one Shipping Method available in the recurring shipping package, make sure that this method is treated as selected in the current session and the `woocommerce_after_shipping_rate` action runs. subscriptions-core#115
* Fix: Don't anonymize new subscriptions related to old subscriptions via a resubscribe relationship. subscriptions-core#121
* Fix: Content that appears on the My account > Payment methods page should be translatable. subscriptions-core#125
* Dev: Update subscriptions-core to 1.7.0. PR#4319

2022-02-07 - version 4.0.2
* Dev: Update subscriptions-core to 1.6.3. PR#4307
* Fix: Replace uses of is_ajax() with wp_doing_ajax(). wcs#4296 PR#4307
* Improve handling of session data.

2022-01-19 - version 4.0.1
* Fix: Prevent fatal error when too few arguments passed to widget_title filter. PR#4302
* Dev: Update subscriptions-core to 1.6.2. PR#4302

2022-01-19 - version 4.0.0
* New: Update the minimum required WooCommerce version from 3.9 to 4.4. PR#4282
* Fix: Unable to remove subscription line items via the REST API. PR#4258
* Fix: Don't show subscription related product fields when the custom variable type products are created. PR#4215
* Fix: Add consistent margins to the recurring taxes totals row on the Checkout and Cart block. PR#4273
* Fix: Fatal error due to order with no created date in order row template. PR#4273
* Fix: Fatal error on the customer payment page for renewal orders with deleted products. PR#4273
* Fix: Prevent fatal errors on the admin subscriptions screen when a subscription fails to load. PR#4290
* Fix: Incorrect message on the subscriptions table when filtering returns no results. PR#4290
* Fix: Update Cart and Checkout Block hooks to prevent deprecation warnings. PR#4280
* Tweak: Update tooltip wording when deleting product variation. PR#4273
* Tweak: Don't show an admin error notice when a store downgrades to a previous minor version of Subscriptions. PR#4273
* Tweak: Misleading order note on payment method change. PR#4273
* Dev: Moved subscription core files moved into a new subscriptions-core library (loaded from vendor/woocommerce/subscriptions-core). PR#4121
* Dev: New `WC_Subscriptions_Plugin` class to be the main Subscriptions plugin handler class. PR#4116
* Dev: Moved and deprecated 33 functions from class `WC_Subscriptions` to more suitable classes. PR#4114
* Dev: Moved switching feature related classes into its own directory (`includes/switching/`). PR#4122
* Dev: Moved payment retry feature related classes into its own directory (`includes/payment-retry/`). PR#4146
* Dev: Moved early renewal feature related classes into its own directory (`includes/early-renewals/`). PR#4148
* Dev: Moved the "Accept manual renewals" feature and settings to a new `WCS_Manual_Renewal_Manager` class. PR#4124
* Dev: Moved the "Customer Suspensions" feature and settings code to a new `WCS_Customer_Suspension_Manager` class. PR#4138
* Dev: Moved the "Drip Downloadable Content" feature and settings to a new `WCS_Drip_Downloads_Manager` class. PR#4142
* Dev: Moved the "Allow $0 initial checkout without a payment method" feature and settings to a new `WCS_Zero_Initial_Payment_Checkout_Manager` class. PR#4145
* Dev: Moved the "Limited payment recurring coupon" feature to a new `WCS_Limited_Recurring_Coupon_Manager` class. PR#4150
* Dev: Moved the custom subscription product and checkout button text feature to a new `WCS_Call_To_Action_Button_Text_Manager` class. PR#4152
* Dev: Moved the custom active and inactive subscriber roles feature to a new `WCS_Subscriber_Role_Manager` class. PR#4153
* Dev: Removed the Action Scheduler library from WC Subscriptions since it has been included in WooCommerce core since version 3.0. PR#4202

2021-10-06 - version 3.1.6
* Fix: Add back the limited subscription setting for simple subscription products (introduced in v3.1.5). PR#4214

2021-09-28 - version 3.1.5
* Fix: Update subtracted tax amounts to account for quantity changes. PR#4107
* Fix: Correctly remove limited coupons (i.e. "Active for x payments") when the coupon code is made up of only numeric characters. PR#4139
* Fix: Only set subtracted taxes on new items when the rates don't match the base location. PR#4177
* Fix: Hide variable subscription meta fields on the Edit Product page of custom variable products. PR#4193
* Fix: Use the shipping fields to get and save the edit subscription shipping field data. PR#4161
* Fix: Fix TypeError exceptions by checking for WC_Order types inside wcs_get_subscriptions_for_order(). PR#4188
* Fix: Incorrect subtracted tax calculations when updating the subscription when the store currency uses a comma decimal separator. PR#4182
* Fix: Hide the shipping address fields on checkout when the cart contains a subscription product and the 'Force shipping to billing address' setting is selected. PR#4172
* Fix: Get the signup fee for coupon calculation inclusive or excluding tax depending on store settings. PR#4166

2021-07-22 - version 3.1.4
* Fix: Points and Rewards discounts (including WC Coupons when Points and Rewards is active) being removed from the cart when applied on the checkout page. PR#4158
* Fix: Subscriptions with one-time shipping having shipping charged on all renewal orders. PR#4156
* Fix: Rare fatal error caused by missing WC_Query class. PR#4155
* Fix: Make loading the variation edit product tab more performant on large sites. PR#4144
* Fix: Add a primary key to the last payment temporary table to improve compatibility with some hosts on larger sites. PR#4151
* Tweak: Update the wording when a customer edits their subscription address that this applies to "future renewals". PR#4118
* Dev: Add missing `woocommerce_rest_pre_insert_shop_subscription_object` filter to prepare_object_for_database() within the Subscriptions REST API controller class. PR#4119
* Dev: Add a `data-payment-method` attribute to the Early Renewal modal button action. PR#4123

2021-06-09 - version 3.1.3
* Fix: Switch calculations not correctly charging the full sign up fee when the "Prorate Sign up Fee" option is set to "Never (charge the full sign up fee)". PR#4096
* Fix: Fixes PayPal Reference Transactions integration with Checkout blocks. PR#4105
* Fix: Set the updated payment token on all pending-payment renewals so that manually retrying a failed payment uses the updated token set on the subscription. PR#4108
* Dev: Moved the `WC_Subscriptions::enqueue_scripts` and` WC_Subscriptions::equeue_styles` static functions to the new `WC_Subscriptions_Frontend_Scripts` class (deprecated existing functions). PR#4104

2021-05-19 - version 3.1.2
* Fix: Don't show recurring shipping method selection when the rates and options match the initial cart options. PR#4091
* Fix: Update the recurring shipping totals on selection and fix invalid recurring shipping method notices. PR#4099
* Fix: Update the subscription shipping address after on switch. PR#4095

2021-05-12 - version 3.1.1
* Fix: "Invalid recurring shipping method" error on checkout when attempting to purchase a subscription with one-time shipping. PR#4088
* Fix: Rework subscription webhook migration script added in 3.1 to clear cached webhook data. PR#4082

2021-05-10 - version 3.1.0
* New: Add support for WooCommerce Cart and Checkout blocks. PR#3993
* New: Support v3 subscription endpoints. PR#4001
* New: Add woocommerce_inbox_variant option. PR#4084
* New: Update the WC minimum required version to WC 3.7. PR#3914
* New: Add a new Accounts setting to allow admin to enable registration on checkout of subscription customers. PR#3883
* New: Display switch, renewal and resubscribe context in the 'Add to cart' and 'Place order' buttons. PR#3624
* Fix: Fix customer subscription caching errors on multisite installations. PR#4074
* Fix: Update the `_subtracted_base_location_taxes` when an admin edits the subscription line item subtotal. PR#4068
* Fix: Migrate existing v3 subscription webhooks to v1 when upgrading to 3.1 to maintain the same payload delivered. PR#4079
* Fix: Fatal error when processing an initial PayPal Standard payment on a manually created subscription that has no parent order. PR#4033
* Fix: Only allow reactivation of pending-canceled subscription when end date is in the future. PR#4037
* Fix: Don't add a free trial period when resubscribing to a synced subscription. PR#4045
* Fix: Catch exceptions thrown when updating a subscription's payment method. PR#4051
* Fix: Incorrect sign-up fee discount amount calculated when the customer is outside of all tax zones and prices are entered with tax included. PR#4052
* Fix: Allow paying for pending parent orders that contain a limited subscription product where the subscription is already active. PR#4061
* Fix: Show recurring shipping totals/options when a virtual product is the last product added to the cart. PR#4053
* Fix: Refactor how `_subtracted_base_location_tax` order item meta is stored on subscription items to avoid calculation issues when the quantity is changed. PR#4062
* Fix: Fixes PHP notices when using the v1/subscriptions/ID/orders REST endpoint on a subscription where one of its related orders was directly deleted from the database. PR#4058
* Tweak: Always show the delete save card button but now display a notice when trying to delete a card tied to an active subscription. PR#4076
* Tweak: Update the subscription order note to when the PayPal Standard subscription is suspended and migrated over to PayPal Reference Transactions during a switch request. PR#4057
* Tweak: Display orders in the related orders admin table sorted by date. PR#3575
* Dev: Refactor the recurring totals template. PR#3550

2021-04-16 - version 3.0.15
* Tweak: Improve compatibility with WPML. PR#4034
* Dev: Introduce filter to allow third-parties gateways to filter whether a token meta was updated. PR#4030
* Fix: Fixes for endpoint in "My Account".

2021-04-07 - version 3.0.14
* New: Add support for importing and exporting subscription variations via the WooCommerce > Products > Export/Import tools. PR#3970
* Fix: Only show one Subscriptions settings menu item on the WC Admin navigation. PR#4054
* Fix: Prevent PHP notices on the Edit Subscription page caused accessing an undefined index. PR#4056
* Fix: Existing variations will no longer be deleted when updating a regular variable product to a subscription variable product. PR#3795
* Fix: Update the `_subtracted_base_location_tax` meta data when a subscription's line item quantity is modified. PR#4039
* Fix: Next payment date calculations when the start date and last payment date are the same. PR#4017
* Dev: Update jQuery 3.0 deprecations. PR#4015

2021-02-16 - version 3.0.13
* Fix: Pass an order status array to get_order_report_data() to prevent possible fatals by 3rd parties. PR#3930
* Fix: Change logic to allow customers to pay for failed order with limited product. PR#3947
* Fix: Prevent base length from being saved in the DB when retrieved in 'apportion_length'. PR#3954
* Fix: Prevent errors when using Product Bundles (which uses WCS_Add_Cart_Item) by introducing a WCS_Add_Cart_Item::is_switch_after_fully_reduced_prepaid_term() function. PR#3957
* Fix: Introduce an SQL Transactions helper with automatic commit/rollback on shutdown. Prevents strange behaviour when a shutdown occurs during a SQL transaction. PR#3827
* Fix: [PHP 8.0] Change maybe_retry_payment() arg name to prevent unknown variable name errors. PR#3984
* Fix: Delete '_switch_totals_calc_base_length' meta incorrectly saved in the database on upgrade. PR#3958
* Fix: Prevent WC_Order_Item_Coupon::offsetGet errors during renewal. PR#4009
* Dev: Introduce new hooks to various Switch_Totals_Calculator functions. PR#3872

2021-01-06 - version 3.0.12
* New: Add an order note when subscriptions are deleted after the customer is deleted. PR#3783
* New: [WC Admin] Register items in new navigation menu. PR#3868
* New: [WC Admin] Add the Subscriptions setting to WC Admin's Settings navigation list. PR#3911
* Tweak: Fix capitalisation of Subscription webhook topic names so they match WooCommerce core. PR#3902
* Tweak: Refactor `wcs_help_tip()` to enable custom tooltip classes. PR#3871
* Tweak: Replace remaining uses of new WC_Order() with wc_get_order() to get an order instance. PR#3858
* Fix: Fix the amount customers are charged after switching after a previous switch which reduced the pre-paid term fully. PR#3805
* Fix: Calculate a gap payment when switching to a subscription with one length and no payment date to extend. PR#3879
* Fix: Only require cart payment if there's a subscription with a next payment date. PR#3899
* Fix: Only display the failed scheduled action warning to admin users who can view subscriptions. PR#3905
* Fix: Prefix attribute keys correctly before getting switch url. Fixes issues with auto-switch redirects removing pre-exisiting URL params. PR#3913
* Fix: Prevent reducing stock while saving a subscription on the admin edit subscription screen. PR#3926
* Fix: Use product object to read the original, unmodified length of a cart item during a switch. PR#3929
* Dev: Trigger create/update webhooks during Subscription REST API calls. PR#3919
* Dev: Add filters to enable third-parties to change the new and old payment method titles used in subscription changed payment method notes. PR#3908

2020-11-25 - version 3.0.11
* Tweak: Improve the missing customer error message displayed for third-party built checkouts when registration is disabled on checkout. PR#3893
* Fix: Remove the possibility of a negative calculation of prepaid days on subscription downgrades. PR#3881
* Fix: Fix issues preventing stores using the $0 Initial Checkout feature from being able to checkout. PR#3887
* Fix: Remove potential fatal error when processing end-of-prepaid term scheduled actions caused by the subscription not existing. PR#3875
* Fix: Trigger payment complete actions after renewing early via modal. PR#3888
* Fix: Performance improvements to limited products running slow queries on the shop page. PR#3895
* Fix: [PHP 8.0] Only pass array values to call_user_func_array calls. PR#3884
* Fix: [PHP 8.0] Replaces certain uses of method_exists() with is_callable(). PR#3892

2020-11-10 - version 3.0.10
* Fix: Store shipping line item instance ID separately and copy it to renewal line item meta. PR#3712
* Fix: Account for the base store tax rates subtracted from line items when paying for renewals manually. PR#3745
* Fix: Update the persistent cart while paying for renewal orders via the checkout. Fixes division by zero errors while manually renewing. PR#3824
* Fix: Clear report cache data before regenerating new preset date results preventing infinitely growing report caches. PR#3800
* Fix: Remove subscription period string transient caching to fix issues after translating. PR#3770
* Fix: WC 4.7 compatibility. Use filter to change endpoint titles in My Account. PR#3857
* Fix: When generating product price strings fallback to a default period string if no period is set. PR#3848
* Fix: Remove uses of jQuery( document ).ready() which was deprecated. PR#3846
* New: Add option to enable admin to lock in increased parent order line item prices. PR#3816
* Tweak: Allow admin to set a next payment date in 2 minutes via the edit subscription screen on staging sites. PR#3778

2020-09-29 - version 3.0.9
* Fix: Offset subscription next payment date calculations based on site time. All dates still remain in UTC, but calculations on the 1st and last day of the month will now take into account the site timezone. PR#3708
* Fix: Only attempt to display the customer notice when updating the default token from the My Account page. PR#3799
* Fix: Prefix variation attributes with `attribute_` when setting up renewal carts. PR#3809
* Dev: Add a new hook to the change_users_subscription() function - this hook is triggered before the status change. PR#3787

2020-09-24 - version 3.0.8
* Tweak: Remove the '$X now' from price string when synced product sign up date is today. PR#3797
* Fix: Treat a subscription with a cancelled parent order as "needing payment". This ensures cancelling the subscription will go right to cancelled, rather than pending-cancellation. PR#3784
* Fix: Remove code responsible for hiding/showing the WC order totals meta box. This fixes the deprecated jQuery.fn.load() warnings. PR#3786
* Fix: Fix updating status and end dates via the REST API. PR#3796
* Dev: Add an action hook to edit subscription admin payment meta inputs. Enables third-parties to display custom fields for each gateway. PR#3798
* Dev: Opt-in tracking data for Subscriptions Reports PR#3738
        Data sent to WooCommerce:
        Subscriptions report views
        Subscriptions report filter usage - clicks and report range
        Number of subscriptions, orders, products
        Plugin version
        To disable this tracking, opt-out of WooCommerce tracking, see https://woocommerce.com/usage-tracking/

2020-08-11 - version 3.0.7
* Fix: Prevent possible errors caused by inaccessible get_current_screen() function. PR#3678
* Fix: Decouple single_add_to_cart_text() from add_to_cart_text() and remove double and incorrect filtering. PR#3705
* Fix: Account for the pre-paid term when canceling a subscription which is on-hold without a required payment. PR#3726
* Fix: [WC4.4] Replace uses of `get_product_from_item()` with `$item->get_product()`. PR#3769
* Fix: [WC4.4] Deprecate use of the WC_Cart::tax_display_cart. PR#3741
* Fix: [WC4.4] Update WC_Product_Variable_Subscription::get_available_variations() function signature. PR#3761
* Fix: [WC4.0] Use the WC version appropriate hook to override the text explaining uneditable subscriptions. PR#3678
* Fix: [WP5.5] Add permission callback for the REST statuses endpoint. PR#3765
* Fix: [WP5.5] Remove the post box header from edit subscription meta boxes #3771
* Performance: Validate product type changes on large sites to avoid running queries on edit product page loads. PR#3699
* Tweak: [WC Code Standards] Fixes for i18n-related issues. PR#3757

2020-07-29 - version 3.0.6
* Tweak: Add placeholder explanation for the upcoming recurring report. PR#3655
* Tweak: Add a link to QuickForget.com in the IPN error notice. PR#3744
* Fix: Fix COD gateway availability for trial subscriptions. PR#3740
* Fix: Fetch customer error notice messages on the change payment method page in WC post 3.9 version compatible way. PR#3730
* Fix: Don't reduce stock for items added to a subscription manually via admin screen. PR#3725
* Fix: Only display the automatic renewal note in emails when there's a next payment. PR#3679
* Fix: Use the interval to calculate first payment date for synced products. Fixes an issue that caused a purchase outside the sync grace period to not account for the subscription interval. PR#3303
* Dev: Add two new action hooks before and after change payment submit button. PR#3718
* Dev: Add a new helper function wcs_trial_has_passed(). PR#3289
* Dev: Replace uses of cal_days_in_month() with a date() equivalent. PR#3734
* Dev: Make various changes to improve coding standards. PRs#3748, #3749, #3753

2020-06-16 - version 3.0.5
* Fix: Ensure the mixed checkout setting correctly prevents mixed carts after customer login. PR#3696
* Fix: Translate the automatic subscription recurring note in emails. PR#3684
* Fix: Account for limited coupon use across recurring carts. Fixes an issue which leads to limited coupons applying beyond the limit. PR#3552
* Fix: Copy the item usage limit to coupons applied to manual renewal carts. PR#3686
* Dev: Add a filter to control access to the early renewal modal. PR#3675

2020-04-28 - version 3.0.4
* Fix: Save changes to payment method meta on the edit subscription screen. PR#3666
* Fix: Grant Shop Managers edit capabilities over subscriber users. PR#3669
* Fix: Remove original item from switched subscription during a multiple line item, different billing schedule switch. PR#3659
* Fix: Use strict conditionals when comparing results of as_next_scheduled_action. Fixes rescheduling of actions which were ran manually. PR#3661
* Tweak: To comply with Visa's changes to rules governing free trial subscriptions, add additional subscription details to email templates. PR#3664

2020-04-01 - version 3.0.3
* Fix: Only set the payment method if it has changed via admin edit. PR#3646
* Fix: Performance issue in WCS_Payment_Tokens::get_subscriptions_from_token. PR#3649
* Fix: Exclude empty nonce.

2020-03-11 - version 3.0.2
* New: Add WC Admin Compatibility. PR#3628
* Fix: Restore the trial end date after reactivating a subscription which was cancelled. PR#3572
* Fix: Hide the order again button for orders which contain limited products. PR#3612
* Fix: Don't show recurring cart taxes when no taxes apply. PR#3633
* Fix: Prevent autocompleting orders which contain free, simple, non-digital products. PR#3621
* Fix: Remove redundant double line from customer report query. PR#3640
* Fix: [PayPal] Modify WC payload regex to account for alphanumeric chars. PR#3629
* Fix: Hide the free shipping label for free shipping and free local pickup options. PR#3618
* Fix: Prevent fatal errors when getting price for variable products which aren't synced. PR#3616
* Fix: Don't send WC core emails for subscription related orders when in Staging mode. PR#3576
* Fix: Update PayPal settings URL used in admin notices. PR#3617
* Tweak: Update wording in warning when attempting to change the subscription product type. PR#3623

2020.01.17 - version 3.0.1
* Fix: Support multiple modals on the customer's view subscription page. Fixes an issue where preventing the early renewal modal being displayed was preventing all modals on the page from being displayed. PR#3571
* Fix: Silence PHP warning in events by date report caused by empty set of data. PR#3577
* Fix: [WC3.7] Copy the rate percent meta to tax line items during renewal meta copy. PR#3578
* Fix: Introduce a user permissions check for the auto-renewal toggle. PR#3579
* Fix: Update Action Scheduler library to 3.0.1. This release includes a database tables schema version bump. PR#3593

2020.01.06 - version 3.0.0
* New: Update Action Scheduler to 3.0.
* New: Apply WC styling to subscription statuses, subscription related order and retry meta table statuses. PR#3467, PR#3506
* New: Introduce new Renewal Order On-hold Emails. PR#3475
* Fix: Display gateway specific errors on the subscription change payment method page. PR#3278
* Fix: Order the results from WCS_Retry_Manager::store()->get_retries() correctly according to the orderby arg. Previously this function would always return results ordered by ascending ID. PR#3498
* Fix: Send customer Renewal Order Processing Emails on the correct status transitions. PR#3475
* Fix: Only update the subscription status once when processing $0 renewals orders. Fixes race condition caused by updating two instances of the same order. PR#3531
* Fix: Adjust admin CSS and data metabox for recent changes in WP and WC. PR#3540
* Fix: Fix admin notice error link for failed scheduled action when using WC_Log_Handler_DB. PR#3544
* Fix: Correctly calculate inclusive line item taxes when paying for manual renewal orders. PR#3545
* Fix: Add customer note details to renewal order email templates. PR#3536
* Fix: Validate the subscription start date during admin manual subscription creation. PR#3556
* Fix: Only display the WC Subscriptions activation notice on sites without a subscription product. PR#3558
* Fix: [WC 3.9] Ensure WCS_Retry_Manager::check_order_statuses_for_payment() has default value for the $order parameter. PR3565
* Fix: [WP 5.3] Fix variable subscription product admin field CSS. PR#3564
* Tweak: [WooCommerce dashboard widget] tweak media screen size breakpoints to avoid misalignment issues. PR#3553
* Tweak: Use product object rather than ID when validating mixed checkout setting. Improves compatibility with plugins like Mix and Match and Product Bundles. PR#3551
* Tweak: Display the cart and checkout recurring totals included taxes in a more readable way. PR#3546
* Dev: Allow 3rd party developers using the 'woocommerce_subscriptions_allow_switching_options' filter to add tooltip content. PR#3542

2019.11.14 - version 2.6.5
* Fix: Account for prorated switch sign up fees in multi-switches. PR#3519
* Fix: Tooltip content displayed on WooCommerce > Subscriptions administration screen.
* Dev: Add additional hooks in My Account Subscription Details table template. PR#3523

2019.11.12 - version 2.6.4
* Tweak: Update the My Account customer has no subscriptions notice to match WC core. PR#3516
* Fix: Add hidden class to subscription_pricing and subscription_sync edit product fields. Fixes a bug when the subscription product types are removed from the edit product type drop-down. PR#3514
* Fix: error on My Account > Payment Methods for non credit card tokens and allow deleting tokens with clear alternative. PR#3482
* Fix: Allow only number of days in specific month for synchronize renewals. PR#3470
* Fix: Save subscription meta box data via set_props(). Fixes fatal error when saving invalid data. PR#3524
* Fix: Use update_option() rather than add_option() to record WC Subscriptions activation. Fixes infinitely running activation hook under some circumstances. PR#3525
* Dev - Opt-in tracking data for Subscriptions PR#3504
	Data sent to WooCommerce:
        Staging or live site
        Live URL
        WooCommerce Subscriptions Settings
        Dates of the first and last created subscriptions
        Number of subscriptions
        Number of subscriptions with each status
        Gross totals for switch, renewal, resubscribe, and initial totals
        Order counts for for switch, renewal, resubscribe, and initial orders
        To disable this tracking, opt out of WooCommerce tracking, see https://woocommerce.com/usage-tracking/

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