WooCommerce Product Addons (v6.6.0) Free Download

WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Free Download is a powerful extension for WooCommerce that enables online store owners to offer additional options and customization features for their products. With this extension, customers can personalize their shopping experience by adding special options such as gift wrapping, special messages, or other customizations to their orders.

Key Features:

  1. Customizable Add-Ons: With WooCommerce Product Add-Ons, store owners can create custom add-ons for their products, allowing customers to choose from a variety of options to customize their orders. These options can include gift wrapping, special messages, engraving, additional accessories, or any other customizations that the store owner wishes to offer.
  2. Flexible Options: The extension offers flexible options for creating add-ons, allowing store owners to define the type of options available, such as text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, or select dropdowns. This flexibility enables store owners to tailor the add-on options to match the specific requirements of their products and customers.
  3. Pricing Control: Store owners have full control over the pricing of the add-ons, including the ability to set fixed prices, percentage-based pricing, or even free options. This allows store owners to effectively monetize the add-ons and offer them as value-added services to customers.
  4. Conditional Logic: WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Nulled supports conditional logic, allowing store owners to create dynamic add-ons that appear or disappear based on certain conditions. For example, store owners can create add-ons that only appear when specific products are added to the cart or when certain criteria are met.
  5. Compatibility: The extension is fully compatible with other WooCommerce plugins and themes, ensuring seamless integration with existing store setups. This compatibility ensures that the add-ons function correctly and maintain consistency with the overall design and functionality of the store.
  6. Easy Configuration: Product Add-Ons Free Download offers an intuitive interface for configuring add-ons, making it easy for store owners to create and manage custom options for their products. The extension includes a user-friendly settings panel where store owners can define the add-on options, pricing, and other settings with ease.
  7. Enhanced Shopping Experience: By offering customizable add-ons, store owners can enhance the shopping experience for customers, allowing them to personalize their orders and make them more meaningful. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction, higher conversion rates, and repeat business.

Product Add-Ons Nulled is a valuable extension for WooCommerce that empowers store owners to offer customizable options and additional features for their products. With flexible options, pricing control, conditional logic, and easy configuration, this extension enables store owners to create a personalized shopping experience for customers, driving sales and customer satisfaction.

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WooCommerce Product Add-Ons ChangeLog

2023-01-24 - version 6.6.0

* Important: Tweak - Used JSON encoding for importing/exporting add-ons. Serialized export data created by previous plugin versions will no longer work.
* New - Added compatibility with PHP 8.3
* Fix - Removed WooPayments express checkout buttons from product pages with add-ons due to avoid compatibility issues.
* Fix - Removed Stripe express checkout buttons from product pages with add-ons due to avoid compatibility issues.
* Fix - Removed PayPal smart buttons from product pages with add-ons due to avoid compatibility issues.
* Fix - Resolved an issue that enforced min/max quantity rules even when Limit Quantity was disabled.
* Fix - Resolved PHP warning triggered when editing a product with a deleted add-ons meta.
* Tweak - Improved the handling of the global product object to avoid compatibility issues with other plugins using it.
* Tweak - Defer frontend scripts.

2023-12-20 - version 6.5.2

* New - Introduced the 'woocommerce_addons_cloned_product_with_filtered_price' to allow plugins to not discount add-on prices. 
* Fix - Resolved a styling issue with quantity-based add-on prices on the single product page. 

2023-11-29 - version 6.5.1

* Tweak - Introduced admin validation to ensure that add-on titles do not exceed 255 characters.
* Tweak - Introduced the 'woocommerce_addons_product_page_container_classes' filter to add additional classes to the container add-on elements on the product page.
* Tweak - Updated the description for the 'Use Global add-ons?' option.
* Fix - Fixed the display of negative add-on prices.
* Fix - Updated the image swatches template to display only the add-on name on hover when its price is 0.
* Fix - Fixed a pagination issue with global add-ons.

2023-10-24 - version 6.5.0

* New - Added onboarding.
* Tweak - Important: Re-designed Product Data > Add-ons and Products > Add-ons tabs. 
* Tweak - Important: Updated the process of importing/exporting add-ons to require fewer clicks.
* Tweak - Important: Moved the 'Show incomplete subtotals' setting to WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Add-ons.
* Fix - Resolved an issue that made add-ons show up twice when paying 

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