(v1.4.0) User App for EventRight Pro Event Ticket Booking System Free Download

User App for EventRight Pro Event Ticket Booking System Free Download, a powerful extension that allows users to search for events and book tickets seamlessly from their mobile app, mirroring the functionality of the website. This add-on transforms the way users interact with events, offering a convenient and user-friendly mobile booking experience that drives ticket sales and boosts event attendance.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

The User App Add-On brings the convenience of event browsing and ticket booking directly to users’ fingertips. Whether they’re on the go, commuting, or relaxing at home, users can easily access the mobile app and explore upcoming events with ease. This convenience eliminates the need for users to switch between devices or wait until they’re at a desktop computer to browse and book tickets, enhancing accessibility and encouraging spontaneous ticket purchases.

Seamless Integration with the Website

The User App Add-On seamlessly integrates with the existing event management system and website, ensuring consistency and coherence across platforms. Events listed on the website are automatically synchronized with the mobile app, allowing users to access the same comprehensive event database and booking options from both platforms. This seamless integration enhances user experience by providing a unified and cohesive booking experience, regardless of the device or platform used.

User-Friendly Interface for Intuitive Navigation

The mobile app powered by the User App for EventRight Pro Event Ticket Booking System Nulled features a user-friendly interface designed for intuitive navigation. Users can easily search for events based on criteria such as date, location, category, or keyword, allowing them to quickly find events that match their interests and preferences. The streamlined interface simplifies the booking process, guiding users through each step from event selection to ticket purchase with ease.

Real-Time Booking and Confirmation

With the User App Add-On, users can enjoy real-time booking and confirmation directly from their mobile devices. Once users select their desired event and ticket options, they can proceed to secure their tickets instantly within the app. Users receive immediate confirmation of their booking, eliminating any uncertainty or delays and providing peace of mind that their tickets are secured for the event.

Personalized Recommendations and Notifications

The User App Add-On Free Download enhances user engagement by offering personalized event recommendations and notifications. Based on users’ browsing history and preferences, the app delivers tailored event suggestions that align with their interests, increasing the likelihood of ticket purchases. Additionally, users can opt-in to receive notifications for upcoming events, ticket sales, or special promotions, ensuring they stay informed and never miss out on an opportunity to attend their favorite events.

Revolutionize Event Booking with the User App Add-On

The User App Add-On Nulled revolutionizes the event booking experience by bringing convenience, accessibility, and flexibility to users’ mobile devices. By allowing users to search for events and book tickets seamlessly from the mobile app, this add-on enhances user experience, drives ticket sales, and boosts event attendance. With its seamless integration, user-friendly interface, real-time booking, personalized recommendations, and notifications, the User App Add-On empowers businesses in the events industry to provide a superior mobile booking experience that keeps users engaged and coming back for more. Choose the User App Add-On and elevate your event booking capabilities to new heights.

Download (v1.4.0) User App for EventRight Pro Event Ticket Booking System



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User App for EventRight Pro ChangeLog

v2.0.0 Major & Feature Update 22-JAN-2024
 - [ADD] Wallet Feature (visible only if admin has enabled it)
 - [UPGRADE] Flutter SDK to 3.16.4
 - [UPGRADE] Some packages updated to latest compatible version
 - [ADD] Flutter test: a test case to check & validate the base URL existence & format

v1.4.0 Feature Update 08-11-JAN-2024
    – [ADD] Added a screen to view all the events by the organizers whom the user is following
    – [FIX] Stripe build run support for Android 13
    – [FIX] minor improvements & bug fixes

v1.3.0 Feature Update 04-DEC-2023
    -- [ADD] Phone otp verification on registration (via backend)
    -- [FIX] minor bug fix

v1.2.0 Major Update for PayPal  24-NOV-2023
    -- [FIX] PayPal integration fixed

v1.1.0 Documentation Update 22-NOV-2023
    -- No Code Changes
    -- Documentation Updated:
        -- Added Steps to Change Splash-screen Image
        -- Added Steps to Change App Colors
        -- Added Steps to Change Logo Image
        -- Added Steps to Change Drawer/Launcher Icon

v1.1.0 Feature Update 18-OCT-2023
    -- [ADD] Code prepared for Seat Module which is coming soon
    -- [FIX] The User was not automatically navigating to login after successful registration, now he will.
    -- [FIX] minor bug fixed

v1.0.0 Initial Release 13-JUNE-2023
    -- Flutter 3.10.2

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