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Ultimate Member Pro free download is the #1 user profile & membership plugin for WordPress. The plugin makes it a breeze for users to sign-up and become members of your website. The plugin allows you to add beautiful user profiles to your site and is perfect for creating advanced online communities and membership sites. Lightweight and highly extendible, Ultimate Member will enable you to create almost any type of site where users can join and become members with absolute ease.

 Ultimate Member Pro Free Download Core Features

  • Front-end user profiles
  • Front-end user registration
  • Front-end user login
  • Custom form fields
  • Conditional logic for form fields
  • Drag and drop form builder
  • User account page
  • Custom user roles
  • Member directories
  • User emails
  • Content restriction
  • Conditional nav menus
  • Show author posts & comments on user profiles
  • Developer friendly with dozens of actions and filters
Read about all of the plugin’s features at Ultimate Member Pro download for free

 Ultimate Member Pro Nulled Paid Addons (Extensions)

Ultimate Member nulled addons has a range of extensions that allow you to extend the power of the plugin. You can purchase all of these extensions at a significant discount with our All Access Pass or you can purchase extensions individually.
  • User Notes – Allow users to create public and private notes from their profile
  • Profile Tabs – Allow to add the custom tabs to profiles
  • User Locations – Allow to display users on a map on the member directory page and allow users to add their location via their profile
  • Unsplash – Allow users to select a profile cover photo from Unsplash from their profile
  • User Bookmarks – Allow users to bookmark content from your website
  • User Photos – Allow users to upload photos to their profile
  • Groups – Allow users to create and join groups around shared topics, interests etc.
  • Private Content – Display private content to logged in users that only they can access
  • User Tags – Lets you add a user tag system to your website
  • Social Activity – Let users create public wall posts & see the activity of other users
  • WooCommerce – Allow you to integrate WooCommerce with Ultimate Member
  • Private Messages – Add a private messaging system to your site & allow users to message each other
  • Followers – Allow users to follow each other on your site and protect their profile information
  • Real-time Notifications – Add a notifications system to your site so users can receive real-time notifications
  • Social Login – Let users register & login to your site via Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, Instagram and Vkontakte (VK.com)
  • bbPress – With the bbPress extension you can beautifully integrate Ultimate Member with bbPress
  • MailChimp – Allow users to subscribe to your MailChimp lists when they signup on your site and sync user meta to MailChimp
  • User Reviews – Allow users to rate & review each other using a 5 star rate/review system
  • Verified Users – Add a user verification system to your site so user accounts can be verified
  • myCRED – With the myCRED extension you can integrate Ultimate Member with the popular myCRED points management plugin
  • Notices – Alert users to important information using conditional notices
  • Profile Completeness – Encourage or force users to complete their profiles with the profile completeness extension
  • Friends – Allows users to become friends by sending & accepting/rejecting friend requests

Free Addons of Ultimate Member Pro Nulled

  • JobsBoardWP – This free extension integrates Ultimate Member with the job board plugin JobBoardWP.
  • ForumWP – This free extension integrates Ultimate Member with the forum plugin ForumWP.
  • Terms & Conditions – Add a terms and condition checkbox to your registration forms & require users to agree to your T&Cs before registering on your site.
  • Google reCAPTCHA – Stop bots on your registration & login forms with Google reCAPTCHA
  • Online Users – Display what users are online with this extension


Our official theme is purpose built for websites that have logged in and out users. The theme has deep integration with Ultimate Member plugin free download and the extensions, different header designs for logged-in/out users and works alongside the Beaver Builder and Elementor page builders.


In addition to Ultimate Member, we also have two other plugins: ForumWP and JobBoardWP.


ForumWP is a forum plugin which adds an online forum to your website, allowing users to create topics and write replies. Forums are a great way to build and grow an online community.


JobBoardWP is a job board plugin which adds a modern job board to your website. Display job listings and allow employers to submit and manage jobs all from the front-end.


  • If you’re a developer and would like to contribute to the source code of the plugin you can do so via our GitHub Repository.
  • Want to add a new language to Ultimate Member download? Great! You can contribute via translate.wordpress.org.
  • If you are a developer and you need to know the list of UM Hooks, make this via our Hooks Documentation.
  • If you are a developer and you need to know the structure of our code, make this via our Documentation API.


Got a problem or need help with Ultimate Member free download? Head over to our documentation and perform a search of the knowledge base. If you can’t find a solution to your issue then you can create a topic on the support forum.

Download Ultimate Member Pro Nulled for Free




  • All Themes/Plugins presented on the website are released under GNU General Public License.
  • Unlimited use, you can install them on any site with full premium features available.
  • 100% clean files and free from viruses.
  • This item is for testing & studying purposes only and is not supported for commercial use.
  • We highly recommend buying Ultimate Member Pro Paid Addons Free Download from the official site.
  • If you can’t find the latest version of the product on the site or want any Theme/ Plugin, that is not available here, please contact us. I will upload it as soon as possible.

Ultimate Member Download ChangeLog

2.5.0: AUGUST 17, 2022

Added: Input type “tel” using for the “Mobile Number” and “Phone Number” fields

Fixed: Performance issue on wp-admin Users screen. Queries were replaced to the cache transient values
Fixed: Privacy policy displaying when there are 2 registration forms on the same page
Fixed: Password Reset process via Ultimate Member – Password Reset form. Reset password links’ arguments changed to the same view as WordPress native has. Password Reset available for the same cases as native WordPress Password Reset has
Fixed: Sanitizing for the Info Text field-type in wp-admin forms. Needed for the proper 3rd-party integrations
Fixed: Displaying the filters’ titles on the Member Directory pages

UM()->query()->get_users_by_status() without alternativities. It’s unused since 2.5.0. Will be removed since 2.7.0
UM()->user()->get_pending_users_count(). Use UM()->query()->get_pending_users_count() instead. It’s unused since 2.5.0. Will be removed since 2.7.0
UM()->user()->remove_cached_queue() without alternativities. It’s unused since 2.5.0. Will be removed since 2.7.0
Templates required update:

Cached and optimized/minified assets(JS/CSS) must be flushed/re-generated after upgrade

2.4.2: JULY 14, 2022

Fixed: Member Directory vulnerabilities
Fixed: 3rd-party integration with profile tabs and ability to show edit profile form on the 3rd-party profile tab
Fixed: PHP fatal error on unset
Fixed: select2 style conflicts with 3rd-party plugins
2.4.1: JUNE 13, 2022

Added: Number-type Ultimate Member custom fields to the list of the sorting fields on the member directory

Fixed: XSS issue related to the JS confirmation and links with JS code inside
Fixed: PHP error when um_options option in wp_options table doesn’t exist or has wrong format
Fixed: select2 styles for RTL languages
Fixed: Using slashes in the Choices callback setting for the dropdown/multi-select fields. It’s for the using PHP namespaces
Fixed: Deleting um_member_directory_data user meta when user is deleted
Fixed: Using special chars inside the password and avoid using “\” symbol (WordPress native logic)
Fixed: Conflict when wp_get_current_user() not exists
Fixed: Changed hook for member directory variables initialization for getting ability to use Ultimate Member hooks for customizing these variables via theme
Fixed: Remove a redundant WP_Users_Query when getting empty account_status users
2.4.0: JUNE 1, 2022

Added: “Allow external link redirect confirm” setting for the displaying JS.confirm alert before redirect to external link from User Profile links
Added: “Allowed Choice Callbacks” setting for the security enhancements

Fixed: PHP warning when nav menu is empty
Fixed: Security issue related to the User Description field
Fixed: Security issue related to the [um_loggedin] shortcode
Fixed: Using $current_screen without checking for existence
Fixed: remove_unused_uploads() function for some PHP installations
2.3.2: APRIL 21, 2022

Added: wp-admin notice with reminder about locking WordPress native registration for guests
Added: Users dropdown field for Ultimate Member settings fields in wp-admin. It supports AJAX lazy loading
Added: JS confirm when redirection from User Profile links to the 3rd-party URL

Fixed: PHP warning when there aren’t proper user while login
Fixed: Removing UM custom capabilities from global $wp_roles when uninstall
Fixed: Removing UM custom roles from user roles after uninstall
Fixed: Issue with echo XSS on User Profile
Fixed: Sanitizing for the checkbox, radio, multiselect fields for PHP8 installations

um_whitelisted_wpadmin_access hook and wpadmin_allow_ips option. They were unused and redundant since the 2.x version
2.3.1: FEBRUARY 9, 2022

Added: wp-admin notice on the Settings page when settings have been changed (#963)
Added: WP Blocks restriction settings for the blocks (templates/nav-menu) on the FSE pages
Added: UM-specific query_var for UM additional Users_Query on users.php screen in wp-admin. um_custom_user_query = true
Added: Ability for dropdown.js to use it inside parent wrapper (not only document.body)
Changed: Using WP Cron schedules. Un-schedule events after plugin deactivation
Removed: um_check_extensions_licenses and replaced it to um_daily_scheduled_events event

Fixed: “Can user edit this field?” fields’ option for the file/image upload field-types (#958)
Fixed: Using uppercase symbols in the “Blocked Email Addresses” and “Blacklist Words” blacklists settings (#962)
Fixed: PHP warning related to the Ultimate Member custom fields without type
Fixed: Some typos in the labels (#975)
Fixed: UX issue with wrong text on the admin notice about upgrade
Fixed: UX issue with Blacklist Words and Blocked Email settings labels. Added a small description about per line separation (#962)
Fixed: Sorting the Extensions settings sections
2.3.0: DECEMBER 20, 2021

Added: WhatsApp, Telegram, Discord, Viber messengers predefined fields.
Added: Callback for deleting the custom field data from member direcroty settings when this custom field has been deleted in Form Builder.
Added: ‘um_account_active_tab_inited’ JS hook.
Updated: Require a strong password option (Ultimate Member > Settings > General > Users > Require a strong password?) to make it common for all Ultimate Member forms. Renamed option key from reset_require_strongpass to require_strongpass.
Updated: Form errors texts on the login/password reset forms. Made them secure.
Deprecated: Ultimate Member > Settings > General > Account > Require a strong password? option and merged with Ultimate Member > Settings > General > Users > Require a strong password? option.

Fixed: “Clear All” button for the filters with “&” symbol in the label.
Fixed: Uninstall process when delete UM data. Avoid the issue when 3rd-party pages that had been selected as UM page are removed on UM uninstall.
Fixed: Header meta for the Twitter Card. If the user has twitter field filled then will be filled by this value.
Fixed: Member directory a slider filter’s label displaying. It uses the filled label for now.
Fixed: SkypeID field validation. Also all SkypeID fields on your forms changed type from url to text. SkypeID supports nicknames or https://join.skype.com/{hash} links.
Fixed: Typos in Account > Privacy tab texts related to Download/Erase the user data.
Fixed: Some typos in the fields’ labels.
Fixed: “false” display name in the member directory. It displays empty for now if the user hasn’t display name.
Fixed: UM()->clean_array() function.
Fixed: LinkedIn field URL. Added ability to display the organization URL.
Fixed: Canonical link of the user profile if WPML plugin is active.
Fixed: Replacing placeholders in nav menus. Used an earlier hook for filtering items before generating HTML and avoided issues with raw, not-escaped HTML inside tags’ attributes.
Templates required update:

Cached and optimized/minified assets(JS/CSS) must be flushed/re-generated after upgrade
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