Prestige Shopify Theme Free Download v.7.3.1

Use drag-and-drop sections and blocks to create custom pages throughout your store without special coding. Prestige Shopify Theme Free Download comes with flexible, well-designed blocks for images, products, video, quotes, and more.


This article will present to you the Prestige theme. This theme provides a high-end design, along with many advanced features. Are you feeling excited yet? We’ll give you an overview of this theme and help you to decide if the Shopify Prestige theme free download is right for your Shopify store.

I. What is the Shopify Prestige theme free download?

The Prestige theme free download is one of the most outstanding among the paid themes on the Shopify Theme Store. It offers a high-end and luxurious design to highlight your brand and products. This theme is designed by Maestrooo, a high-end development and design studio in France and a Shopify expert. They’ve also published other popular themes on Shopify Theme Store, including Trademark, Kagami, Focal, and Warehouse. Among them, Prestige is the most popular theme with over 340 reviews.

II. Shopify Prestige theme download is used for?

With a minimalism style, focusing mainly on high-quality images with large size, Prestige free download is suitable for cosmetics, fashion stores, or businesses specializing in luxury and expensive items. If your store doesn’t sell any of the above, then don’t be sad; the Prestige theme can actually be used for a wide variety of products. In fact, there are many stores that use this theme for a variety of purposes, not just for fashion or expensive products. I’ll give you some examples at the end of this blog.

III. Where can you buy the Shopify Prestige theme nulled and price?

The Shopify Prestige theme is currently on sale in the Shopify Theme Store for $180, which is the price of all the themes in this store. You also will not have to pay any additional fees after buying. They will provide you with lifetime customer support as soon as you buy their themes. Even so, they are quite strict in customer care, you only can report bugs and ask questions about the theme’s features, and they only offer support via email and contact form. In return, their support quality is excellent, with fast bug fixes and updates. You might be thinking that $180 is no small investment, and Maestrooo does not offer a refund. It is enough to make many store owners hesitate. But don’t worry, you can try the theme or watch its demo and other themes on Shopify Theme for free. This is a very useful feature; you can take advantage of it to learn about the theme before deciding whether to buy it or not. To try this theme for your store, please go to this link and click on try it. Note: when you come across claims of getting the Shopify Prestige theme nulled or free on the internet, please ignore them. Using an unlicensed version of a theme can cause your store to be permanently removed from Shopify.

Download Shopify Prestige Theme for Free




  • All Themes/Plugins presented on the website are released under GNU General Public License.
  • Unlimited use, you can install them on any site with full premium features available.
  • 100% clean files and free from viruses.
  • This item is for testing & studying purposes only and is not supported for commercial use.
  • We highly recommend buying Shopify Prestige theme free download from the official site.
  • If you can’t find the latest version of the product on the site or want any Theme/ Plugin, that is not available here, please contact us. I will upload it as soon as possible.

Shopify Prestige theme ChangeLog

This page keeps track of all changes that happened in the theme so far. Please note that, per our update policy, we can manually apply a critical bug fix to your theme (a critical bug fix is an issue that prevent your store to work completely). However, for new features that may be added over time, we do not add those to older themes. If some new features are absolutely vital for you, the simplest way is to perform a complete upgrade. Click here to learn more about how to upgrade a theme.

5.6.2: from this release, the changelog is now directly visible in the theme store (under the "Support and documentation" tab): https://themes.shopify.com/themes/prestige
18th January 2022 - 5.6.1: fixed an issue where the search detailed page would not show up blog post results.
22nd December 2021 - 5.6.0: the currency selector has been replaced by the new "country selector", which provides better compatibility with the upcoming Shopify Markets feature of Shopify.
10th December 2021 - 5.5.0: add a new "Liquid" block type on product section.
12th November 2021 - 5.4.3: fixed an issue where the remaining balance for gift card balance may not be shown properly.
28th October 2021 - 5.4.1: fixed a small regression introduced in 5.4.0
28th October 2021 - 5.4.0: adds support for filtering on search page.
21th October 2021 - 5.3.6: fixed an edge case where the store pickup would not show up under rare circumstances
4th October 2021 - 5.3.5: fixed an issue where the popover would not close as it used to be if you re-click on the toggle button.
28th September 2021 - 5.3.4: fixed an issue where an incorrect link is set for the "Read more" button in blog post search results.
24th September 2021 - 5.3.3: improve iOS15 compatibility (learn more).
14th September 2021 - 5.3.2: make sure the "review count" in the review tab is using the metafield properly.
11th September 2021 - 5.3.1: fixed a very rare case to prevent the theme from crashing if a merchant would manually remove the prices from the theme code.
7th September 2021 - 5.3.0: adds support for the new native "rating" metafield. It allows app (other than the free Shopify Reviews app) to more easily integrate into the theme / add a new "enable currency code" setting allowing to show the currency code (for instance "$ 25.00 USD" instead of "$ 25.00").
3rd September 2021 - 5.2.0: adds a new "Custom Liquid" section that allows you to create advanced customizations through Liquid code.
31st August 2021 - 5.1.2: fixed an issue where the button text color would turn to white on hover on the "Collection list" section if the "Show button transition" setting is turned off.
28th August 2021 - 5.1.1: the "quantity selector" was hidden by default to match our demo store (which does not show it), however it caused confusion to merchant so this version enables the quantity selector out of the box.
25th August 2021 - 5.1.0: add a new "text" setting for product page, allowing to add custom text (optionally connected to metafield) on the right part of the product page.
23rd August 2021 - 5.0.5: fixed an issue where collection list configured in non-stacked mode to not show when added on sections other than the home page.
20th August 2021 - 5.0.4: fixed an issue with the product recommendation section showing even if Shopify does not return any recommendations (which can happen for stores with zero orders)
19th August 2021 - 5.0.3: fixed an issue where the "Reset" button on filters was not correctly visible.
17th August 2021 - 5.0.2: fix an issue where color swatches configured using the new setup would not show up in collection page ; make the code more resilient so that it does not break if merchant remove the "Variant selector" from the product block (you should however make sure to never remove it).
12th August 2021 - 5.0.1: when using the "page.collections" alternate template, it will default to "Selected" mode instead of showing all collections.
11th August 2021 - 5.0.0: added support for online store 2.0 / added support for improved collection filtering.
6th July 2021 - 4.14.5: improve compatibility for upcoming iOS 15.
23rd June 2021 - 4.14.4: fixed an edge case that would cause JavaScript to crash when using different reference value for unit pricing / a collection image can now be shown without collection info.
11th June 2021 - 4.14.3: allow the rich text section to show content without heading.
9th June 2021 - 4.14.2: fixed a regression introduced in version 4.14.0 that prevented the shop the look products to be scrollable on mobile / fixed a typo in Spanish translation.
20th May 2021 - 4.14.1: fixed an edge case where tags having an incorrect format like "_TAG" would create an empty group.
12th May 2021 - 4.14.0: add support for Shop Pay installments / add Italian translation / minor accessibility improvements.
15th February 2021 - 4.13.0: added a Spanish translation.
11th February 2021 - 4.12.5: small accessibility improvements: color swatch are now focusable with the keyboard.
27th January 2021 - 4.12.4: fixes a small issue when switching from mobile to desktop size (not a real life situation though)
5th January 2021 - 4.12.3: add a new setting for the background video section that prevents video to be cut (this is now the default)
17th December 2020 - 4.12.2: fixes an issue where the province selector for address would not work if the theme is set to Japanese.
11th December 2020 - 4.12.1: fixes an issue that prevented more than 1 Vimeo background video to run simultaneously.
9th December 2020 - 4.12.0: adds German translation / improves the color carousel: if a second option changes then the images in the carousel are reflected.
5th November 2020 - 4.11.0: add support for the new native subscription feature of Shopify.
4th November 2020 - 4.10.0: add support for local pickup on product pages.
31st October 2020 - 4.9.11: added some more styles to the policy pages.
24th October 2020 - 4.9.10: add TikTok as supported social media icon.
1st October 2020 - 4.9.9: the collection list items are now completely clickable (previously, only the button was clickable).
30th September 2020 - 4.9.8: fix a minor issue introduced in 4.9.0
21st September 2020 - 4.9.7: changes the default sensitivity of slideshow to be a little less sensitive.
3rd September 2020 - 4.9.6: fix an issue on Instagram web browser where the slideshow could become taller than expected
1st September 2020 - 4.9.5: fix an issue with tags containing two underscores would create an empty group in the collection filters.
28th August 2020 - 4.9.4: fix a regression introduced in the version 4.9.0 that prevented the background of the "review" button on mobile to be shown correctly.
24th August 2020 - 4.9.3: update the preset of Vogue to match the updated demo store.
18th August 2020 - 4.9.2: add Japanese translation.
13rd August 2020 - 4.9.1: fix an edge case where the reference value for unit pricing would not update if one variant would have a reference value of 1.
11th August 2020 - 4.9.0: remove the dependency to Sass (the CSS file is now a plain .css file) in order to be compliant with the upcoming deprecation of Sass in Shopify platform.
27th July 2020 - 4.8.2: disable the page transition effect by default (it can still be enabled in the theme settings)
7th July 2020 - 4.8.1: minor internal rewrite.
22nd June 2020 - 4.8.0: add support for unit pricing.
17th June 2020 - 4.7.3: the "share image" in the theme settings has been removed in favor of the native "Share image" recently added to the Shopify admin. Learn more on how uploading a default share image by clicking here / add an optional setting on product page to show a "tax notice" when tax is included.
25th April 2020: 4.7.2: fix an issue with the links in gift card URL being invalid.
18th March 2020 - 4.7.1: slightly adjust the wording of a setting to be compliant with Shopify official wording
4th March 2020 - 4.7.0: improves the support of multi-language and multi-currencies by moving the selectors to the footer for better discoverability / as per Shopify requirement, removes the theme's built-in currency converter (all merchants must use the native multi-currency feature from now on).
18th February 2020 - 4.6.5: fix an issue where the navigation dot may not be properly visible on product page if the image list was set to carousel.
13rd February 2020 - 4.6.4: adds more CSS classes to make it easier for developers to style some elements.
5th February 2020 - 4.6.3: fixed an issue introduced in the 4.6.0 that prevent the image to be shown if an image is attached to a variant.
4th February 2020 - 4.6.2: add back the review count (that has been removed in the 4.6.0 due to a change in how Shopify Reviews free app generated the metafield value). If you are experiencing the review showing a count of 0, you can fix it yourself by following those instructions.
31st January 2020 - 4.6.1: due to Instagram removing the ability to embed images on themes starting from March 2nd 2020, the Instagram section is being removed from the theme ; merchants who would like to continue embedding Instagram images should now use an app.
29th January 2020 - 4.6.0: add support for media API
19th November 2019 - 4.5.5: add a new "cart:refresh" event that allows developers to force a refresh of the cart drawer (which allows to simpler customization).
12nd November 2019 - 4.5.4: fix an issue on the password page where the share links were not working correctly.
5th November 2019 - 4.5.3: fix an issue where the content in the collection list section on mobile could overlap the navigation dots if the content was positioned at the bottom.
1st November 2019 - 4.5.2: improves the micro-data schema to provide more info to search engines (you can upgrade your schema by following those instructions) / fix an issue introduced in the 4.5.0 where the "buy it with" would not lead to the correct related product link.
21st October 2019 - 4.5.1: fix a regression introduced in 4.5.0 where the product color swatch on collection pages would not be clickable.
16th October 2019 - 4.5.0: internal rewriting (no new features nor bug fixes have been introduced in this release, it is mostly internal rewrite to make future upgrades easier).
26th September 2019 - 4.4.5: fix an issue of iOS13 / Safari 13 where the back button would not always work / the share buttons icons are now visible by default (they required to be hover in the past) / hide the "More information" button if the images are configured to not stack.
25th September 2019 - 4.4.4: fix an issue where the combination Ctrl + click would not open the links in a new tab as expected (only on Windows, Mac is not affected) / fix a compatibility issue with iOS13 where image list could be hard to scroll (people affected by this issue can also find the instructions to fix it yourself by clicking here).
10th September 2019 - 4.4.3: fix an issue where the product labels could be shown in two lines instead of one in some versions of Chrome / fix a typo in the French translation
20th August 2019 - 4.4.2: fix a minor issue when the placeholder color of the newsletter box in footer could have an incorrect color
14th August 2019 - 4.4.1: slightly improves Japanese localization by reversing automatically first name / last name in account pages
13rd July 2019 - 4.4.0: the "content position" for slideshow and collection list will now also apply for mobile and not only for desktop / fix an issue where the mega-menu would not be closed if opening the search / fix an issue where the theme could show a blank screen if some incorrect HTML would be outputted in the product description
30th July 2019 - 4.3.3: fixes an issue where the search would not close automatically if the mini-cart is open.
18th July 2019 - 4.3.2: removes "Maestrooo" copyright to comply with new Shopify rules.
17th July 2019 - 4.3.1: uses the new "routes" Liquid object to handle language-aware URL.

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