phpShort (v5.1.0) Short Links Script Free Download

phpShort Short Links Script Free Download, an advanced URL Shortener Platform that goes beyond basic link shortening functionalities. This robust platform not only simplifies the process of creating shortened URLs but also provides powerful features for targeting specific audiences based on location or platform, along with comprehensive analytics insights for tracking the performance of your shortened links.

At its core, phpShort offers a seamless and user-friendly experience for shortening links. The platform simplifies the traditionally lengthy URLs into concise and easy-to-share links. This basic functionality serves as the foundation for more advanced features, providing users with a quick and efficient solution for creating shortened URLs tailored to their specific needs.

Audience Targeting for Precision Marketing

One of the standout features of phpShort is its capability to target audiences based on their location or platform. This functionality is a game-changer for marketers and businesses aiming to personalize their campaigns and messages. By tailoring content to specific regions or device types, phpShort enables users to optimize engagement and enhance the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

Geotargeting: Reach the Right Audience in the Right Place

Geotargeting is a powerful tool within phpShort that allows users to customize their shortened links based on the geographical location of their audience. Whether you want to promote a local event, offer region-specific deals, or conduct targeted marketing campaigns, phpShort’s geotargeting feature ensures that your shortened links reach the right audience in the right place.

Platform Targeting: Tailor Links for Different Devices

In a world where users access content through various devices, platform targeting becomes crucial. phpShort Short Links Script Nulled addresses this by enabling users to tailor their shortened links based on the platform or device type. Whether your audience is predominantly on desktops, tablets, or smartphones, phpShort empowers you to deliver a customized experience, ensuring optimal compatibility and engagement.

Comprehensive Analytics for Informed Decision-Making

Understanding the performance of your shortened links is key to optimizing your marketing strategy. phpShort provides a robust analytics suite that delivers comprehensive insights into the performance of your links. Track metrics such as click-through rates, geographic distribution of clicks, and device-specific engagement. Armed with this data, users can make informed decisions to refine their campaigns and enhance overall effectiveness.

User-Friendly Dashboard for Intuitive Management

Navigating through the complexities of link management is made simple with phpShort’s user-friendly dashboard. The intuitive interface allows users to create, customize, and manage their shortened links effortlessly. The dashboard serves as a centralized hub for all link-related activities, providing a streamlined experience for users of varying technical backgrounds.

Custom Branding for a Professional Touch

Maintaining brand consistency is essential for establishing a professional online presence. phpShort recognizes this need and offers custom branding options. Users can customize the appearance of their shortened links, incorporating brand colors, logos, and other visual elements. This not only enhances the link’s aesthetics but also reinforces brand identity with every click.

Secure and Scalable Solution

Security is a top priority for phpShort. The platform employs robust security measures to protect both the shortened links and the data associated with them. Additionally, phpShort Free Download is designed to be a scalable solution, accommodating the needs of businesses and marketers as their link management requirements evolve.

Conclusion: phpShort – Elevating Link Management to New Heights

phpShort Nulled emerges as a comprehensive and advanced URL Shortener Platform that transcends basic link shortening functionalities. With features like audience targeting, geotargeting, comprehensive analytics, a user-friendly dashboard, custom branding, and a focus on security and scalability, phpShort stands as a versatile tool for marketers, businesses, and individuals alike.

Simplify your link management, enhance your marketing strategies, and gain valuable insights into audience behavior with phpShort – the platform that elevates link management to new heights.

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phpShort Short Links Script ChangeLog

5.1.0 — 7 January 2024

Added new Authentication system: Google Account
Added new Authentication system: Microsoft Account
Added new Authentication system: Apple Account
Added new Captcha driver: hCaptcha
Added new Captcha driver: Turnstile
Added new social profile footer links: LinkedIn, Github, Discord, Reddit, Threads, TikTok, Tumblr, Pinterest
Added the ability for the Admin to Login as User
Improved the codebase (code refactoring)
Improved user's privacy when navigating on external links
Improved SEO (sequential headings, anchor descriptions, image descriptions)
Improved accessibility (footer elements now have descriptive text for screen readers)
Updated all the dependencies to their latest versions
Fixed the usage number on Account Plan page not being formatted
Fixed Guest links not having a (default) Domain
Fixed current date time references potentially not being the same across a page load
Fixed month February missing in certain date range stats selections
Other minor improvements

5.0.0 — 15 January 2023

Improved the UI for the Pricing Plans
Fixed the Visibility field being disabled when editing a Page from the Admin Panel
Fixed the Payments filter not including Cancelled payments when searching by Invoice ID
Fixed being able to shorten Links with Pixel IDs belonging to others
Other minor improvements

4.9.0 — 30 December 2022

Added basic stats for the Links created by Guest Users
Added the Plan features under the User Plan section
Added translation ability for the Announcements content
Improved the cron jobs system (updated command parameter to prevent file creation on some servers)
Improved the unique Link alias generator functionality (increases one character if the alias already exists)
Updated all the dependencies to their latest versions
Fixed being able to Export Links when Data Export feature was unavailable
Fixed several elements not being rendered correctly while on Dark Mode
Fixed several missing language strings
Other minor improvements

4.8.0 — 2 October 2022

Improved accessibility for the link shortener
Improved the API key length (increased to 64 characters)
Fixed the Search functionality not working for Pages in Admin Panel
Fixed an issue with the Stats API endpoint when no resource ID was provided
Other minor improvements

4.7.0 — 18 July 2022

Improved the cron jobs system (added ability to add unlimited tasks)
Fixed the copy link button not working
Fixed helper links in the Admin Panel Dashboard not working
Other minor improvements

4.6.0 — 7 July 2022

Improved adding new custom Domains process: URL protocol is no longer required
Fixed an issue preventing shortening Deep Links when Google Safe Browsing was enabled
Fixed the Webhook fields not being saved in the Admin Panel
Fixed minimum requirements check during the Installation process not being updated
Other minor improvements

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