Pegasus Design System (Figma) Enterprise

Pegasus Design System (Figma) Enterprise Free Download


Pegasus Design System

Pegasus Design System (Figma) Enterprise Free Download save countless hours with production level pixel-perfect consistency.


Used by talent inside




Pixel Pefect
Stop wasting time on trivel work and boost your ability to craft on what matters most.

Buttons & Forms
Native & Web
App Components
Data Charts
Flexible theming
Eliminate design fragmentation and quickly transform components into unique branded products.

Color Palettes
Custom Icons
Styles & Effects
Endless Inspiration
To help imagine all that can be designed with Pegasus, we included popular layout examples made for desktop and mobile too.

Full Landing Pages
Custom Dashboards
Native app screens
Signup and Login
Built for everyone
Let everyone use the products you create. Pegasus uses WCAG 2.1 AA rated contrast and focus states.

AA Type/Color Contrast
Ample component padding
Tab States
Focus and Tab States
Mobile Included
To help imagine all that can be designed with Pegasus, we included popular layout examples made for desktop and mobile too.

Video Streaming
Ride Sharing
Audio Players

Bringing design & development together.

Design teams, front-end engineers and project managers all need a source of truth. Pegasus Design System (Figma) Enterprise Nulled can be customized to meet any brand.

How PDS can help Designers
Build performant patterns
If you are tired of wasting time starting from scratch on every project and want to speed up your workflow and that of your fellow designers.


Bring teams together
If development teams are frustrated trying to integrate designs that are lacking in pixel perfection or missing use cases, Pegasus Design System (Figma) Enterprise Free Download can help.


Close accessibility gaps
If you want to promote inclusive design with full accessibility but are too busy balancing priorities to simply stop and shore up items like focus states and color contrast.


Design Omni-Channel
If you are experiencing Design Fragmentation across teams, projects or products and the results no longer look and feel like they come from the same company.


Reduce tech debt
With a single source of truth your codebase can avoid the duplication that leads to technical debt and higher maintenance costs.


Enhance consistency
If you have a large spread of stylistic preferences, training in UX or IC experience on the design teams you work with.


What makes Pegasus unique?


We didn’t see a product line that bridges the usability needs of the top 100 apps and pair that with the design artistry of top designers

sharing more experimental work on communities like Dribbble. Pegasus Design System (Figma) Enterprise Nulled is a design community.

We create resources that save designers and product creators time, so they can craft what matters.

What is our mission?


Pegasus Design System (Figma) Enterprise Free To give back by helping the community quickly achieve quality and consistency at scale.

In this way they can shift their time to craft what truly matters.


We aim to help ventures become successful,

so they can provide quality careers and bring meaningful products into the world.

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  • All Themes/Plugins presented on the website are released under GNU General Public License.
  • Unlimited use, you can install them on any site with full premium features available.
  • 100% clean files and free from viruses.
  • This item is for testing & studying purposes only and is not supported for commercial use.
  • We highly recommend buying “Pegasus Design System (Figma) Enterprise Free Download from the official site.
  • If you can’t find the latest version of the product on the site or want any Theme/ Plugin, that is not available here, please contact us. I will upload it as soon as possible.

User Registration Premium ChangeLog

### (Release 6/29/22)

**Pro V 1.80 Update Includes**

- Refactored all components to Auto-Layout 4.0. Build fully responsive designs with a more intuitive and powerful auto layout, including new layout options like negative spacing.
- Component properties: Reduced variant proliferation with boolean options & instance swap. Now more code aligned for a smoother handoff.
- Added 21 New Icons:  Fire, Tent, Hammock, Stove, Knife, Bow, Arrow, Lighter, Backward & Forward Filled, Skip Forward/Backward Play filled, Multi-select, Multi-Select 2, Shuffle, Repeat, Pause Filled, CC, Full Screen, Widescreen.
- Added Horizontal and Vertical Video Widgets
- Additional Template Examples (Totaling 84) Includes: Dashboards, Landing Pages, etc.
- Added New Cards Widget (480 Variants!)
- Added **NEW** Illustrated Avatars
- Added Vertical and Horizontal Dashboard Widgets.
- Added New Metric Builder Components. (Includes Spark Lines!)
- Added Music Player Widget
- Added Dashboard Header Widget
- Refined Sidebar Widget
- Added New Getting Started Guide + Walk through videos
- Added Face Pile Component
- Added Bar + Line Chart Widget
- Refined Credit Cards
- Added Mini Cards.
- Refined Pricing Cards
- Refined Mini-Calendar to use Sub-Selectable components
- Refined Modal to use Paste-to-replace for body content
- Added more Dropdown Styles
- Added another Blur Style
- Added Table Component
- Refined 6 New Grid System Components
- Refined Header Widgets with Mobile designs
- Added Footer Widgets
- Customized Dropdown component and combined with timeline
- Enhanced Radios, Checkboxes, Toggles. Added seconded size. Added Label Versions

### (Release 11/22/21)

**Pro V 1.25 Updates Includes**:

- Update to Button Variants for centered/justified icons.
- Adding Line Style to all Input Fields Components.
- Added Line Styles and more variants to Drop downs.
- Added 10-90% percentages to Radial, Gauge and Bar Charts.
- Interactive Component for several components like toggles, radios and checkboxes.
- Added Small and Large sizes to Radio, Checkbox, Toggles.
- Updated Header, Sidebar and Grid to work more flexibly for dashboards.
- Project Template file with Grids and Flows for Dashboards, Landing Pages, Tablet and Mobile.
- A new Project Brief page with auto layout for documenting project context and vision.

### (Release 08/14/21)

**Pro V 1.0 Updates Includes**:

- Update to Button Variants
- Mobile Typography Updates

### (Release 05/20/21)

**Pro V .85 Updates Includes**:

- Bugfix: Card Component Variant Fix
- Added Footer Component
- Added CTA Sections

### (Release 05/20/21)

**Pro V .80 Updates Includes**:

- More scannable page templates and headers in the system.
- 64 Example Recipes in dark/light mode.
- Widgets including tables, headers, sidebar.
- Enhancements to the Toast Component with more states.
- Enhancements to the Table Item Component with more states.
- Enhancements to the Badge Component with more states.
- New dark/light mode Photos options with subtle color selection.
- Spacer Component now has Vertical and Horizontal option.
- Enhancements to the Color Palettes for better accessibility documentation.
- More Base4 options in spacers (20px, 36px etc)
- Link in system to the [Getting Started Guide](
- Vector Map in dark/light mode.
- Comment Component fix
- Icon naming fix.
- Button sizing fix.

### (Release 03/15/21)

**Pro V .35 Updates Includes**:

- Restructured Pegasus Pro layout to multiple pages for more ease of use and better organization.
- Additional icons, cursor pointer, share back, share back filled, log in square, log out square, log In circle, log out circle.
- Redesigned Android components with proper Pegasus type stack.
- Many new Android native components were added.
- Redesigned iOS components, adding many new patterns such as tab bar, toolbar siri, and bucker/list patterns.
- Added iOS tab/nav bar badges for notifications at the tab level.
- Added new hero/feature masks for landing page creation and onboarding screens.
- Documented typography use and updating.
- Added overview page grid redlines.
- Added new redline component with Auto-Layout 3.0.
- Remade bar charts to better conform with Auto-Layout 3.0.
- Remade date-picker calendars with new dual and single calendars.
- Added calendar overlay component for current, start, selected, and end variant states.
- Added “select time” dropdown menus including presets, months, and years.

### (Release 01/22/21)

**Pro V 0.2 Updates Includes**:

- Additional serif font stack (more coming soon…)
- Additional Icons
- Advanced Card components
- Enhanced tab components with 3 styles
- Testimonial and Pricing Components
- Persona Based Avatar Components
- Broader support for Auto-Layout V.3 Features
- Comprehensive Color system update with Gradient sets
- Glass-morphic card components
- Enhanced Credit Card Component and much more!

### (Release 01/08/21)

**Pegasus Design System Pro Version 0.15 includes:**

- Auto-Layout Version 3.0 Buttons (includes over 1200 states)
- 37 NEW Icons
- New Desktop and Native Example Apps
- Bug Fixes and requested tweaks

### (Launched 11/21/20)

**Pegasus Design System Pro - Figma Version 0.10 includes:**

- 2000 Components
- 280 Custom Icons
- 50 Predefined Styles
- Lite/Dark Mode

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