NexoPOS (v4.8.20) Store Management Script Free Download

NexoPOS Store Management Script Free Download emerges as a game-changer in this realm, offering a web-based POS software meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of small, medium, and large businesses. With an intuitive user interface (UI) that simplifies store and staff management, comprehensive stock and income tracking through diverse reports, and an automated loyalty points system, NexoPOS is positioned as a versatile and indispensable tool for businesses seeking optimal efficiency.

1. Web-Based Accessibility:

NexoPOS breaks free from the constraints of traditional POS systems by being entirely web-based. This means businesses can access and manage their POS operations from any device with an internet connection. The web-based accessibility enhances flexibility, allowing for real-time management and monitoring, whether you’re on-site or remotely managing multiple locations.

2. Intuitive User Interface (UI):

Navigating and managing a store should be intuitive, and NexoPOS excels in this aspect. The UI is designed with user-friendliness in mind, making it easy for both business owners and staff to efficiently handle sales transactions, inventory management, and other essential tasks. The intuitive nature of the interface contributes to a seamless and productive workflow.

3. Comprehensive Reporting:

Understanding the performance of a business is critical, and NexoPOS Store Management Script Nulled offers an array of reporting tools to facilitate this. With over 7 different reports, businesses can gain insights into stock levels, income streams, and customer behaviors. These reports serve as invaluable tools for strategic decision-making and optimizing business operations.

4. Automated Loyalty Points:

Building customer loyalty is a cornerstone of successful businesses, and NexoPOS makes this process seamless with its automated loyalty points system. Businesses can reward customers with loyalty points based on their purchases, fostering repeat business and creating a sense of appreciation among patrons.

5. Provider Management:

NexoPOS extends its capabilities beyond customer interactions to include effective provider management. Businesses can track the amounts owed to providers and review the latest procurements. This feature ensures transparency and accountability in supplier relationships, contributing to efficient inventory management.

6. Cashier and Cash Management:

Monitoring cashier activities and cash flow is integral to maintaining the financial health of a business. NexoPOS provides tools to track cash-in and cash-out operations, enabling businesses to keep a close eye on transactions and maintain accurate records of financial activities at the point of sale.

7. Scalability for Businesses of All Sizes:

Whether a small boutique, a medium-sized retail outlet, or a large enterprise, NexoPOS is scalable to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. The flexibility of the system ensures that businesses can start with the features they need and scale up as their operations grow.

8. Regular Updates and Support:

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and business requirements, NexoPOS commits to providing regular updates to keep the system aligned with industry standards. Additionally, businesses benefit from ongoing support, ensuring that they have access to assistance and guidance as they navigate the POS software.

9. Security Measures:

Security is a top priority in the world of POS systems, and NexoPOS Free Download addresses this concern with robust security measures. Businesses can trust that their data, customer information, and financial transactions are protected, adhering to industry standards and best practices.

10. Streamlined Procurement Processes:

NexoPOS streamlines procurement processes, making it easier for businesses to manage and restock inventory promptly. This feature contributes to a smoother supply chain and minimizes disruptions due to stock shortages.

NexoPOS Nulled stands out as a web-based Point of Sale software that brings efficiency, transparency, and flexibility to businesses of varying sizes. With its intuitive UI, comprehensive reporting tools, automated loyalty points system, provider management capabilities, and commitment to regular updates and support, NexoPOS positions itself as a valuable asset for businesses seeking to streamline their POS operations and elevate their overall management efficiency. Whether you operate a small boutique or a large enterprise, NexoPOS offers a tailored solution for transforming your point of sale processes and driving success in the competitive business landscape.

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NexoPOS Store Management Script ChangeLog

NexoPOS 5.0.0 Latest

Release Notes for NexoPOS 5.x
We’re thrilled to announce the release of NexoPOS 5.x! This version was a challenging one to make compatible with the previous release, but we’ve managed to do it. However, please note that some modules that aren’t on version 5.x on our marketplace aren’t compatible with this release.

Major Updates
Dashboard Widgets: We’ve revamped our dashboard widgets to provide a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.
Customers are now Users: In our ongoing effort to streamline our system, customers are now referred to as users.
PHP Artisan Serve Support: We now support the php artisan serve command, making local development easier.
Laravel 10: We’ve upgraded our underlying framework to Laravel 10, bringing with it a host of improvements and new features.
Vue 3: We’ve updated from Vue 2 to Vue 3, allowing us to leverage the latest improvements in Vue.js.
Reports Update: Our reports have been updated and we’ve introduced new ones, providing more comprehensive data analysis.
New Components: We’ve added new components using Vue 3, enhancing our UI and UX.
We want to extend our deepest gratitude to all the contributors who made this release possible. Your hard work and dedication have been instrumental in bringing NexoPOS 5.x to life. Thank you!

Additional Changelogs:
Ensure compatibility with php artisan serve #1585
Added: migration to fix wrong purchase prices #1522
Fixed: product with modified price being set to 0 after loading
Added: default fields for quick products
Fixed: issue while opening order with the changed price
Fixed: tax computation of reopened order
Added: product tax on receipt if available
Fix #1558 : Displaying procurement for providers wasn’t limited to that provider
Removed: banned feature
Added: new event ProductBeforeUpdatedEvent
Refactored: user authentication
Updated: use “post()” instead of “all()” on Request
Refactored: Crud methods
Added: compute category count when product is updated.
Added: new product scope
Added: register reset fields
Added: a different message for updating orders
Fixed: Added factory for filling empty email and username
Fixed: nsLodingPopupVue not defined
Fixed: undeclared variable used on the template
Added: force check if the system is installed
Updated: refactored Setup.php service
Fixed: getPlainData to only use POST inputs
Fixed: test to use carbon “toDateTimeString()”
Fixed: yearly report not recomputing
Fixed: order types not used on the demo
Fixed: sale report row background color
Removed: unnecessary console.log()
Added: chunking vendors
Added: new background color for input on the crud component
Fixed: wrong attribute use on customer account history
Added: a new action hook for the header (to inject content on the header)
Fixed: $ no longer supported before braces on PHP 7.2
Added: new Popup implementation
Added: multiselect field to close on blur/click outside
Updated: changed active payment implementation on payment popup
Updated: ns-link no longer uses router-link
Updated: order details to display first_name & last_name
Updated: Popup implementation to use static method “show”
Fixed: using localization on customer popup
Updated: changed filter name from ns-dashboard-header to ns-dashboard-heade-file
Added: Link to edit customers from the order details popup
Refactored: Crud Components
Updated: Error Page For Not Allowed Exception
Added: address fields generator
Updated: changing “destroyed” to “unmounted” for vue3 compatibility
Updated: Popup no longer creates anonymous vue instances
Fixed: XSS flaw
Fixed: Permission Check Breach
Fixed: added permission on Coupon CRUD
Removed: deprecated api routes
Updated: renamed method used on console
Added: new not grouped scope to Product model
Updated: Telescope configuration
Updated: WithOrderTest.php trait
Fixed: removing merge conflict text
Fixed: #1220
Added: hook for product on default receipt
Added: dependency check for providers
Added: improved options saving
Added: ban customers and restrict from POS (implements #1325)
Added: search filter for modules
Added: migration for the module has a –down argument to undo database changes.
Added: module details command shows the API file + migrations.
Removed: searchable is no longer a valid argument. A product can only be either on sale or not.
Added: new header buttons can be added to CRUD component.
Added: crud-footer is now set to only be an action.
Added: permission has 2 new attributes that are fillable: (name & description).
Added: log notification dispatched to unassigned roles.
Fixed: Customer factory now generates customer properly.
Fixed: Options values are now better parsed.
Added: defineComponent & defineAsyncComponent available on global context (window).
Remove: slot from vue components
Updated: stored option to detect an array
Fixed: an issue that might only affect old installations
Added: clear temporary files
Added: new filesystem disks
Fixed: bug defining option values
Added: new casts
Updated: module generation command
Added: module delete command
Updated: Coupon Order History
Added: raw property for casts crud entry properties
Added: new module events
Fixed: options saving and retrieving with an array
Updated: modules service with test cases
Fixed: seeders for the providers
Fixed: DateTime on sale report
Added: keydown support for search field on crud component
Updated: coupon test to ensure history is created after a valid usage
Fixed: double submit event on vue components.
Fixed: handling cases when customers, groups, etc is not provided while creating coupons.
Added: reward relationship to CustomerReward model.
Removed: driver role
Updated: change return type for “getForm” method on SettingsPage service.
Removed: duplicate permission
Update: removed deprecated response implementation
Added: restrict coupons by customers and customers group
Added: 4 new events for enabling and disabling modules.
Fixed: use first_name instead of name.
Added: URL to order type options.
Added: support for tabs on settings Vue component.
Update: refactoring code.
Updated: moving tests on phpunit.ci.xml.
Added: new casts for OrderCrud.php.
Added: autoload for CouponOrderHistory.
Updated: Autogenerate username, email if necessary on CustomerCrud.
Updated: ensure the export feature can export around +700 columns.
Updated: refactored extractCrudValitation to extractValidation.
Updated: provide a better global scope for Customer.php model.
Updated: adding padding and fixing colors (light) for the crud table.
Fixed: ns-best-customers to use “first_name” in place or “name”
Fixed: test
Added: new casts
Added: new tabs on the user profile
Removed: deprecated hook
Updated: changing “name” and “surname” to “first_name” and “last_name”
Updated: ensure “Customer” model points to user but only loads user with customer role.
Updated: dashboard menus for a bette readability
Delete: unused tables
Fixed: DevShortcut command
Added: coupon usage history
Added: crud autoload
Deprecated: addAction on CrudEntry, use “action” instead
Added: dispatch user activation
Added: middleware to destroy sessions when app is not installed
Added: named arguments support on CrudService::table method
Added: new roles (customers & drivers)
Fixed: avatar image to ignore null src URL
Updated: export classes from ns-menu and ns-submenu
Updated: crud.blade.php generator to support PHP 8.1 syntax
Added: new tests for coupon usage
Added: new doctor command to recompute cash flow
Added: new template tag to display order type
Refactoring API Routes (will cause massive compatibility with v4.x modules
Added: Profile settings
Refactoring User model
Refactoring Various Crud Class
Added: Using Laravel Gate for authorization
Added: Crud to support cast
Updated: renaming Users class
Updated: improve performance by loading widgets only where it’s necessary
Added: new permission per widgets
Added: search field for permission
Fixed: ensures widgets are always provided as an array
Deprecated: dashid and alternative dashboard
Added: support for permission on widgets
Fixed: design issues
Added: profile widget & other metric widgets
Fixed: math accuracy when no precision is defined on the currency.
Added: new math service
Refactored: RecomputeCashFlowForDate
Update: UpdateService to ignore non-php files
Fixed: missing components on update.ts
Added: recurrence fields
Added: Warning for recurring salary
Added: new date range field
Fixed: missing user groups on expenses fields
Fixed: error while exporting an empty table
Added: calendar component
Added: vue 3 components previewer
Fix: #1133 prevent discount usage on payment popup.
First Build Vite+Vue3
Removed Vue2 Builds
Added: missing fonts
Refactored: login request subscription
Added: dependency protection on build deletion (customers).
Added: default type for the unsupported product type.
Added: adjust stock for order product if a reference exists.
Added: new cash register action
Fix: #1100 double records for sales
Updated: refactoring
Fixed: deleting own account from Crud List
Added: new hooks to inject content on top and bottom of a title
Added: a new test…
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NexoPOS 4.8.21
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NexoPOS 4.8.21
This updates brings few bug fixes on the current branch v4.x.
Update nl.json
Fix Language Json ISSUE

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