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WP Rocket Free Download v3.15.7 (Cache Plugin for WordPress Latest Version) NULLED

WP Rocket free download is a premium WordPress caching plugin packed with tons of performance optimization features such as file minification, elimination of render-blocking resources, database optimization, CDN integrations, and more. Wp Rocket download latest version makes your web pages load faster, improves your Core Web Vitals and other web performance metrics, and helps you deliver a better user experience.


Free Download WP Rocket Plugin is compatible with the most popular themes and plugins. In addition, it’s the only caching plugin accepted by the top Managed WordPress hostings.

What is WP Rocket Free Download again?

WP Rocket free download is an all-encompassing caching plugin specifically built for WordPress. Launched in 2013 to solve the problem of both slow loading websites and confusing caching plugins, WP Rocket Nulled was a revolution. The easy to use interface, minimal setup, and great support quickly established its presence as a market-leader. Today WP Rocket Caching Plugin Free Download powers in excess of 900,000 websites and continue to evolve as one of the leading caching plugins for WordPress.

WP Rocket Nulled in Action

Rather than talk endlessly about just how good “WP Rocket Nulled” is — instead, we want to show you real-life results from a test website. A bit about the test website. It’s set up using PHP 7.3 on a Linode server with WordPress 5.3, WP Rocket The theme I’m using for these tests is our very own Astra Pro Free Download, a blazingly fast lightweight WordPress theme. And I’m also using one of our Astra starter site templates allowing you to build a full site in minutes.

Everyone Needs a Fast Website

From personal blogs to big eCommerce stores, Free Download WP Rocket [Activated] is at the heart of any fast website.

For Bloggers

You’re writing great SEO-friendly content, but your blog’s bounce rate keeps going up and up and up. Make your blog run faster with WP Rocket (the most recent version), and keep your readers on their toes. You can get it for free.

For Freelancers and Agencies

It’s not enough to make WordPress sites that look good. They also need to load quickly and be easy for people to use. It’s your job to make great websites for your clients, so let WP Rocket Latest Version do the work for you.

For your eCommerce

57 per cent of people will leave a site that takes more than three seconds to load. If you have an online store, WP Rocket Latest Version can help you reach the stars thanks to its eCommerce optimizations.

WP Rocket Is More Than Just a Caching Plugin

Page caching is one of the absolute best things you can do to speed up your WordPress site. But here’s the thing: There are tons of popular free WordPress caching plugin, which means that in order for WP Rocket to justify its premium price tag, it needs to find a way to differentiate itself from those free options. WP Rocket tries to do that in three ways:
  • User interface – WP Rocket offers an interface that’s beginner-friendly and easier to use than many other caching plugins.
  • Unique features – In addition to handling page caching and other basic optimizations, WP Rocket offers some unique features that you won’t find in other WordPress performance plugins. These features can make meaningful improvements to your site’s performance.
  • Support – As a premium plugin, WP Rocket gives you dedicated support to help you use the plugin and configure it on your site.
You’ll see how the interface is designed a little later on, but let me lead quickly with some of those other optimization tweaks because I think they’re where most of WP Rocket’s value comes from. Here are some of the “standard” optimizations that you get. As you can find these features in some other optimization plugins, I don’t find them to be the biggest differentiators:
  • Minification – shrinks the size of your site’s code by removing unnecessary content, such as whitespace, without changing the code’s functionality.
  • Combine files – does what it says! Combines multiple files (e.g. multiple CSS files) into a single file. Personally, I don’t recommend using file combination if your host supports HTTP/2. Instead, you’ll want to use some of WP Rocket’s unique features.
  • Render-blocking CSS/JS – helps you get rid of the famous “Eliminate render-blocking resources” warning in Google PageSpeed Insights.
  • Lazy loading – speeds up your site by only loading certain media content once it enters the visitor’s viewport. Essentially, your site won’t load images and/or videos until absolutely needed.
  • Easy CDN integrations – helps you connect to CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) such as Cloudflare, or you can use WP Rocket’s official CDN service.
  • Database optimizer – lets you clean your database right from the user interface of WP Rocket, rather than requiring you to install a separate plugin.
  • Heartbeat control – enables you to take control of the WordPress Heartbeat API.
As I mentioned above, you can find those features in some other WordPress optimization plugins. But, where WP Rocket goes further is in these two features that they released in late 2021:
  • Remove unused CSS – This feature lets you remove unused CSS on a page-by-page basis. Personally, I’ve noticed that this can easily drop a page’s file size by 100+ KB.
  • Delay JavaScript execution – This feature allows you to improve initial page load times by delaying JavaScript execution until a user interaction (e.g. a click or scroll). You can also manually exclude certain JavaScript files to avoid any issues.
I’m not aware of any other WordPress plugin that offers these features. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist — but I can’t think of any other popular plugin that can fully match WP Rocket’s features list. So — do those features actually lead to a faster WordPress site? Let’s look at the data.

Putting WP Rocket Free Download to the Test – Real Performance Data

Because WP Rocket free download is all about improving your site’s performance, it wouldn’t be a WP Rocket review without some actual test data. As all the features I listed above are a moot point if WP Rocket (GPL) doesn’t actually make your site faster, I’m not going to make you wait to get a look at the data. Here’s how I’m going to test WP Rocket’s performance: I’ve set up an unoptimized test site hosted on a $5 droplet from DigitalOcean (managed by RunCloud). It’s using our lightweight Airi theme along with a full demo site powered by the Elementor page builder plugin. Airi itself is very lightweight, but Elementor obviously adds some weight, so this should give WP Rocket a good test. First, I’m going to test the site’s unoptimized performance. Then, I’m going to configure WP Rocket download and see how the performance changes. For both tests, I’ll use WebPageTest to collect the data. To collect accurate and useful data, I’ll configure it as follows:
  • Test from Ashburn VA, which is close to my DigitalOcean data center.
  • Run nine separate tests and take the median value.
  • Use a throttled FIOS connection — this results in “slower” load times than unthrottled tools such as Pingdom, but I think it gives a more reliable indicator of real-world performance.
After I share all that data with you, I’ll take you through the WP Rocket interface and actually show you the settings and features that make up the plugin. That way, you’ll know more than just WP Rocket’s features — you’ll also know how those features translate into real-life performance.

Download WP Rocket v3.15.7 [Latest Version]




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  • Unlimited use, you can install them on any site with full premium features available.
  • 100% clean files and free from viruses.
  • This item is for testing & studying purposes only and is not supported for commercial use.
  • We highly recommend buying WP Rocket Premium Cache Plugin from the official site.
  • If you can’t find the latest version of the product on the site or want any Theme/ Plugin, that is not available here, please contact us. I will upload it as soon as possible.

WP Rocket ChangeLog

3.15.7 January 04, 2024

Staggered relase, version available for 40% of customers
Bugfix: Fix Lazyload CSS Background image compatibility issue with Chrome 119+ (#6269)
Bugfix: Fix a minor scenario when wrong data was saved into the error_code database column for RUCSS feature (#6314)
Enhancement: Stop adding URLs to the wpr_rocket_cache table if Preload feature is disabled (#6278)
Enhancement: Save a default error code when RUCSS SaaS is not reachable (#6289)
3rd-party compatibility: Fix a problem when clearing the cache from post/page editor redirected to posts/pages list when using Classic Editor (#6301)
3rd-party compatibility: Fix JS error related to Contact Form 7 optimization (#6331)
3rd-party compatibility: Fix a conflict with ABEConnector plugin introduced in 3.15.4 (#6315)

3.15.6 December 05, 2023

Bugfix: Fix the newest RUCSS retry strategy, the last step was triggered too late (#6290)
Enhancement: Stop firing WP Cron when it’s disabled. It was used to proceed Used CSS for the homepage with priority (#6282)
3rd-party compatibility: Improve LazyLoad for Background images compatibility with WPML (#6224)
3rd-party compatibility: Contact Form 7 optimization, make sure not to load their static assets when the form is not present on the page (#6241)

3.15.5 November 23, 2023

Bugfix: Make RUCSS to-submit item failed if the plugin can’t send the request to SaaS (#6271)
Enhancement: Improve RUCSS retry strategy (#6222)
Enhancement: Make sure to update the modified date when changing the status or retries of Used CSS database row (#6229)
3rd-party compatibility: Clear cache only once after post update when WPML is enabled (#6214)
3rd-party compatibility: Stop clearing the cache when importing posts using WPAI to prevent high CPU usage (#4226)

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