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WordPress plugin: School Management lets you manage multiple schools and their different things, like classes and sections and students and exams. It also lets you keep track of things like ID cards and admit cards and teachers and staff and fees and expenses and so much more. There is a person in charge of the student and parent Dashboard. There is now a new way to manage eLearning: If you want, you can also upload the recorded video classes for each subject, as well as documents like PNG and JPG files, PDF files, and YouTube videos.

There are a lot of features in school management that aren’t just shown here:

  • In Multi-School Management, you can add multiple schools, assign admins and classes to each school, and manage each school on its own.
  • Set up new sessions and keep the records of previous sessions.
  • Classes and Sections:- Administrators can make classes and put them in schools. With each class, there can be a lot of different class sections.
  • School administrators and staff with the right permissions can add new students to the school by giving them an admission number, class, section, and roll number. It also makes a new enrollment number for each student record in a class.
  • Inquiries Management:- You can put an inquiry form for a school on a page with a shortcode. When you get questions about school, write down the next time you’ll talk and what you want to say.
  • Student Promotion:- Send students to a new class for a new term. When this happens, a new student is added to the next class for the first time.
  • A student can move from one school to another, or from one place to another. This also helps the school keep track of students who move in and out of the school. People who go to school every day:- Take their daily attendance. To make a copy of the attendance sheet for a class, print it out. As a bonus, students can see how many hours they’ve worked in their dashboard.
  • Student Dashboard:- This is where students can see their fees report, their admission details, their ID card, and pay the rest of their fees with the right payment method.
  • When you make new roles, like teacher or accountant, you give them the permissions they need to manage the school entities that belong to them.
  • For example, Multi-school admins can give a school an administrator. They can also hire staff for the school. The school administrator can hire as many people as he or she wants to help run the school.
  • Noticeboard Widget:- It has a widget that shows notices in the widget area of your website. Here, you can change the number of notices, the height and width of the widgets, and how far apart they are to match the design of your site.
  • Study Materials:- School staff who have the right permission can add study materials to classes. These study materials will show up on the student dashboard, where they can download and see the materials.
  • The home works of students can be added by school staff and teachers who have been given the right permission. Home Works will show up on the student dashboard and students will get a text message when they have to do them, When parents and students text each other, they can get the text message information. Send text messages and emails to students when there are new admissions, fee invoices, payment receipts, and so on. You can also make your own templates. There are a lot of companies that send text messages: Nexmo, Twilio, MsgClub, Text Striker, Msg91, Msg91 SMS, and more.
  • This is how you manage exams: You can make a single exam or set up exams for multiple classes. You can add exam papers, exam centres, dates, and room numbers.
  • If you want to show the exam timetable on the student dashboard or on a specific page of your website, you can use the shortcode to do that. You can also choose to make the exam timetable public.
  • Each time a student takes an exam, make an admit card for them. Also, put up the admit cards that students can download from their student dashboard.
  • Accounting Management:- This includes fee invoices, fee payment collection, income and expense management, as well as income and expense management.
  • For example, you can choose a group of people from a class and make fee invoices in bulk or for one person. This can also be used to collect a partial payment or a one-time payment.
  • Fees Collection Form:- Use a shortcode to put a form on a page that lets students search for their names and see what fees they still owe. Use a payment method to pay your fees.
  • There are three ways to pay fees: You can use Stripe, Razorpay, or Pesapal to make the payment.
  • After you add a fee invoice, you can print a fee invoice and a payment receipt. After making a payment, students or staff can also print the payment receipt to show them how much they paid.
  • You can change how much you spend and how much you make. Add costs and dates for a school.
  • It’s called the “Student Dashboard.” There, students can read the noticeboard, print their ID cards, see pending fees, make payments, and see their payment history, as well as make payments. As a bonus, they can also download study aids, exam dates, and more.
  • If you want to show the student login form on a page, use shortcode. You can also put it in a widget on your site.

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School Management ChangeLog

Version 10.3.4 [20-12-2023]

Fixed: PHP v8.3 updated.
Ver 3.2.3 (16-12-2023 )
Fixed: Staff permission edit issue fixed

Version 10.3.3 [14-12-2023]

Fixed: hostel dashboard counter added.
Fixed: admission form have hostel types boys and girls now.
Updated: In hostel added rooms counts.
Updated: staff holiday and late options added.
Updated: translation pot file updated.
Updated: transport fair will generate an invoice on student admission.

Version 10.3.1 [17-11-2023]

Fixed: Update attendance sheet tables to use smaller font size.
Fixed: study material api url parameter added.

Version 10.3.2 [20-11-2023]

Fixed: Admit card subjects was not showing
Added: Attendance api holidays and late counts.

Version 10.3.1 [17-11-2023]

Fixed: Update attendance sheet tables to use smaller font size.
Fixed: study material api url parameter added.

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