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Free Download Magzine Theme v2.4 – Elementor Review and Magazine Theme Latest Version [Activated]

Magzine Theme is a review and magazine WordPress theme that utilises the power of the free Elementor plugin that is used by over 5 million users. It allows you to build your website with ease using a drag and drop editor. Elementor on its own is limited to the way your posts and pages look. This is where Magzine comes in. With this theme you can easily create your own headers, footers, archive pages, search pages, review posts, review boxes etc. Plus it comes packed with over 40 custom elements. And if you don’t want to build your own website you don’t need to. The theme comes with lots of prebuilt websites (more coming soon). These aren’t just different landing pages. Each design comes complete with everything including header, footer, 404 page, post page, category pages etc.

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  • All Themes/Plugins presented on the website are released under GNU General Public License.
  • Unlimited use, you can install them on any site with full premium features available.
  • 100% clean files and free from viruses.
  • This item is for testing & studying purposes only and is not supported for commercial use.
  • We highly recommend buying Magzinc Theme from the official site.
  • If you can’t find the latest version of the product on the site or want any Theme/ Plugin, that is not available here, please contact us. I will upload it as soon as possible.

Magzine Theme ChangeLog

Version 2.10 (03-Jan-24)

Update: Updated GhostPool Core to v2.10
Update: Updated LayerSlider to v7.9.6
Update: BuddyPress 12.0.0 compatible
Update: Added “ghostpool_get_associated_review_id” and “ghostpool_get_associated_hub_id” filters
Update: Added $this argument to each element filter
Update: Post Submission Form: Added Heading data type option
Tweak: Post Submission Form: “ghostpool_custom_field_*_” removed from meta key name when “Name” field is used – if you are referencing custom fields created from your post submission form, newly created posts will have a different custom field name to posts that have already been created
Fix: Styling issues with BuddyPress Activity page comments
Fix: PMPro membership SQL syntax issue
Fix: Invalid comment schema
Fix: bbPress login form would open login popup instead of logging in
Fix: Post Submission Form: Placeholder text was not working in Select field
Fix: Incorrect parameters added to ghostpool_taxonomies_settings, ghostpool_menu_settings and ghostpool_metaboxes_settings filters
Fix: Conditional fields and hub_posts ajax data was not working with taxonomy term options
Fix: Post Submission Form: select2 CSS and Javascript was not being loaded

Version 2.9 (28-Nov-23)

Update: Updated GhostPool Core to v2.9
Update: Updated LayerSlider to v7.9.4
Update: Added ghostpool_comments_reply_title_label filter to Comments element
Update: Added ghostpool_sorting_values filter – add new sorting options
Update: Added ghostpool_sorting_query filter – add new sorting query
Update: Included latest version of select2 script
Fix: Additional widget spacing was being added to imported demos
Fix: Number of styling issues in Socializer demo
Fix: Number of styling issues with BuddyPress and rtMedia
Fix: rtMedia buttons were not hidden on Activity element as they do not function
Fix: Error 500 notice when saving Elementor template when using BP Activity element
Fix: BuddyPress widgets were not styled correctly when Youzify was not activated
Fix: Unused “Allow Comments” option in BP Activity element
Fix: Youzify was not shown as optional plugin for Socializer demo
Fix: BuddyPress Access settings were not accessible when Youzify was activated
Fix: Some text fields were not full width on Paid Memberships Pro register form
Fix: Paid Memberships Pro tables were not responsive
Fix: Items Element: Ajax loading of posts caused pagination to flicker
Fix: Fatal error on BuddyPress profile pages when Activity component was disabled
Fix: Criteria ratings were not always converted to numerical values when calculating average rating
Fix: PMPro Levels: HTML code was not working in description

Version 2.8.1 (13-Oct-23)

Update: Updated GhostPool Core to 2.8.1
Fix: Login email was not being sent out to user
Fix: Post Meta element: Only one term was displayed per taxonomy

Version 2.8 (13-Oct-23)

Update: Updated GhostPool Core to 2.8
Update: Updated LayerSlider 7.8.0
Update: Button element: Added %SITE_URL% support to button link option
Update: Form element: Added uniqid to end of login url to help bust server caches
Update: Post Meta element: Add option to add term colour to individual terms links
Update: Added filter ghostpool_attribute_SLUG_hierarchical to disable category display for individual an attributes
Update: Author Info Box: Add option to add website name so you can still add a separate label for the Website field
Update: Author Info Box: Added option to disable full width of fields so they can be aligned next to each other
Update: Author Info Box: Added options to style field labels and values globally
Update: Author Info Box: Added options to control background, border, border radius, box shadow, padding options for individual fields
Fix: Author Info Box: Paid Membership Pro option was not showing level name
Fix: Heading element: Horizontal line through text alignment option was not working
Fix: Comment form was not shown for logged out users if the multiple comments option was disabled
Fix: Importing Display Conditions and Attributes .txt files from Tools page was not working
Fix: Items element: Page would jump when filtering items
Fix: In the Template Editor dropdown menu, if page had no page template, the “Current Page” link was added to template section above it 
Fix: Styling issues in multiple demos 
Fix: Theme’s version of Paid Memberships Pro checkout.php file was not up to date

Version 2.7 (30-Aug-23)

Update: Updated GhostPool Core to 2.7
Update: Post Submission Form: When a user submitted post is deleted any newly created terms and media of this submitted post are also deleted
Update: Post Submission Form: Added option to show child categories of parent category
Update: Advanced Tabs: Added styling options for tabs menu
Update: Added %SITE_URL% support to login, register, lost password url options
Update: Attributes that have archives now show category interface instead of tags interface on posts/pages
Update: Added “ghostpool_post_meta_post_date” filter to change post date output in Post Meta element
Fix: Items element: Items were not fading in smoothly when filtering
Fix: Template Editor was shown in admin bar even if user didn’t have permission to edit templates
Fix: Incorrect text domain used in BuddyPress theme template files
Fix: Missing text domain in text
Fix: Heading element: Sort By and Taxonomy values were not being remembered when using Attributes filters
Fix: Heading element: Responsive text alignment was not working
Fix: BuddyPress profile percentage match was covering online indicator in small avatar view

Version 2.6 (29-Jun-23)

Update: Updated GhostPool Core to 2.6
Update: Post Submission Form: Users can now add new terms to taxonomies via input field
Update: Post Submission Form: Added Select2 support to select field
Update: Post Submission Form: Added Classes setting to add custom class to each field
Update: Comments: Added “ghostpool_comment_rating_field_template” filter to change comment form rating template ID
Update: Comments: Added “comment_list_rating_template” filter to change comment list rating template ID
Update: Attributes Filter: Added “ghostpool_attributes_filter_option_values” and “ghostpool_attributes_filter_terms” filters to have more control over custom option values
Update: Advanced Tabs: Added “ghostpool_advanced_tabs_tab” filter to modify tabs
Update: Post Submission: Added “ghostpool_post_submission_form_has_error” and “ghostpool_post_submission_form_error_codes” filters to add custom error messages
Update: Added “ghostpool_sorting_name” filter to change sort by text
Update: Attributes Filter: Add Select2 support to dropdown menus
Update: Attributes Filter: Can now filter byPost Title
Update: Attributes Filter: Can now filter via textual input (typed data must be an exact match)
Tweak: “Most/Least Helpful” sort by option text changed to “Most/Least Likes” for consistency
Tweak: Comments: Sort Options changed from “Highest/Lowest Rating” to “Highest/Lowest Rated”
Fix: Non-members were not showing in Members Directory when allowed to
Fix: Page would scroll when clicking navigation in menus
Fix: Post Submission Form: Required Taxonomy dropdown fields weren’t flagged as required by browser
Fix: Comments: Form did not reduce in opacity when submitting comment
Fix: Up/Down Voting: Down vote label hover settings were not working
Fix: Attributes Filter: Dropdown menu widths were exceeding parent container
Fix: BuddyPress notification button moving off screen on smaller devices on smaller devices

Version 2.5 (08-Jun-23)

Update: Updated GhostPool Core to 2.5
Update: Updated LayerSlider to 7.7.7
Update: Added option to disable theme comment features under Elementor > Settings > Integrations
Fix: Container was showing below BuddyPress member avatars when empty if user is logged out
Fix: BuddyPress Member/Group styling issues
Fix: rtMedia styling issues
Fix: “Move To Separate Line” for after text in Post Meta element option was not working
Fix: Removed duplicate “After Text” setting in Post Meta element
Fix: get_page_by_title function is deprecated
Fix: Paid Memberships Pro checkout styling issues
Fix: Asterisks not added to required Paid Memberships Pro fields created via plugin settings

Version 2.4 (09-Feb-23)

Update: Updated GhostPool Core to 2.4
Update: Clicking pagination links now takes you back to the top of the Items element
Fix: Issues with using Gutenberg typography settings on some of the default blocks
Fix: Display issue with Akismet spam button on Activity page 
Fix: Clicking “Add Another” for Category conditions on Display Condition page was not working
Fix: Disabling link on menu items prevented dropdown menu icon from showing

Version 2.3 (25-Jan-23)

Update: Updated GhostPool Core to 2.3
Update: Updated LayerSlider to 7.6.8
Fix: Activity element Maximum Items option was not working
Fix: Activity not being loaded for Activity element since BuddyPress 11.0
Fix: Deprecated notices for “register_widget_type”
Fix: Items elements column number, horizontal and vertical gaps were not being handled correctly

Version 2.2 (19-Dec-22)

Update: Updated GhostPool Core to 2.2
Update: Updated LayerSlider to 7.6.7
Tweak: Plugins custom messages will now be displayed in login/registration forms
Fix: Some login/registration form messages were not being displayed
Fix: Couldn’t click on input/select repeater fields on mobile devices
Fix: Online indicator was not displaying user’s status correctly in some circumstances
Fix: Carousel was not working when loaded in anything but first tab of Advanced Tabs element

Version 2.1 (01-Nov-22)

Update: Updated GhostPool Core to 2.1
Update: Updated LayerSlider to 7.5.3
Update: Added width, placeholder and readonly attributes to text area field
Fix: Video thumbnails not loading in Carousel element
Fix: Zero site ratings were not displaying in Show Rating element or in Site Rating meta field
Fix: Issue with video resizing in Items element when using pagination
Fix: Custom Templates option on post/page showing in the wrong place
Fix: Child themes couldn’t override individual theme BuddyPress templates
Fix: PHP notice generated by popup templates
Fix: When no unit was specified for the dropdown menu width and max width an error occurred
Fix: Heading element taxonomy filter not working on category pages
Fix: Heading element sorting filter not working on category pages with custom order already set
Fix: Good and Bad points container was shown even when points were empty
Fix: Alignment issues with dropdown menu links and dropdown icons

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