eGrocer (v1.9.6) Online Multi Vendor Grocery Store Free Download

eGrocer Online Multi Vendor Grocery Store, eCommerce Flutter Full App Admin Panel Web Version Free Download stands as a revolutionary solution in the world of online grocery shopping, offering a complete Flutter Full App along with an Admin Panel and Web Version. This comprehensive package is designed to empower entrepreneurs and businesses to venture into the thriving market of online grocery retail. With a focus on multi-vendor functionality and a seamless user experience, eGrocer emerges as a game-changer in the eCommerce landscape, providing a feature-rich platform for both customers and grocery store owners.

eGrocer Free Download

1. Multi-Vendor Grocery Shopping:

At the core of eGrocer is its multi-vendor functionality, allowing multiple grocery stores to operate on a single platform. This approach transforms the app into a one-stop destination for users, providing access to a diverse range of products from various local grocery stores. The multi-vendor model enhances product variety and supports local businesses.

2. Flutter Full App for Cross-Platform Accessibility:

eGrocer is built on Flutter, a versatile framework known for its cross-platform compatibility. This means that the app works seamlessly on both iOS and Android devices, offering a consistent and high-quality user experience across different platforms. The Flutter Full App ensures broad accessibility for a larger user base.

3. Admin Panel for Seamless Store Management:

To streamline the operations of grocery store owners and administrators, eGrocer includes a robust Admin Panel. This panel serves as a centralized hub for managing product listings, vendor accounts, order processing, and overall platform configuration. The Admin Panel ensures efficient store management and facilitates real-time decision-making.

4. Web Version for Enhanced Accessibility:

In addition to the mobile app, eGrocer eGrocer Online Multi Vendor Grocery Store, eCommerce Flutter Full App Admin Panel Web Version Nulled extends its accessibility to the web with a dedicated Web Version. This allows users to shop for groceries using their preferred devices, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. The web version ensures flexibility and convenience in accessing the platform.

5. Comprehensive Product Listings:

eGrocer offers a comprehensive catalog of product listings, covering a wide range of grocery items. From fresh produce to pantry essentials and household goods, users can explore and add items to their virtual shopping carts. The detailed product listings provide users with accurate information, helping them make informed purchasing decisions.

6. User-Friendly Shopping Experience:

The user interface of eGrocer is designed for maximum user-friendliness. Intuitive navigation, clear categorization of products, and a straightforward checkout process contribute to a positive shopping experience. The app’s user-centric design encourages users to explore, select, and complete their grocery shopping effortlessly.

7. Secure and Convenient Checkout:

eGrocer prioritizes the security of user transactions and ensures a convenient checkout process. The app incorporates secure payment gateways, allowing users to make payments using various methods, including credit/debit cards and digital wallets. The checkout process is optimized for speed and ease of use.

8. Real-Time Order Tracking:

To enhance transparency and keep users informed, eGrocer features real-time order tracking. Users can monitor the status of their orders from the moment of purchase to delivery. This real-time tracking feature adds a layer of convenience and builds trust between the platform and its users.

9. Vendor-Specific Storefronts:

Each vendor on eGrocer Free Download has its own storefront, allowing grocery stores to showcase their unique offerings and branding. Vendor-specific storefronts provide a personalized shopping experience for users and allow grocery stores to establish their distinct identities within the platform.

10. Analytics and Reporting for Informed Decisions:

The Admin Panel of eGrocer includes analytics and reporting tools, providing valuable insights into platform performance. Store owners and administrators can access data on sales trends, customer behavior, and inventory management. These analytics empower businesses to make informed decisions and optimize their operations.

eGrocer Nulled emerges as a comprehensive and transformative solution for online multi-vendor grocery shopping. By combining the power of Flutter for cross-platform accessibility, an intuitive Admin Panel for efficient store management, and a dedicated Web Version for enhanced accessibility, eGrocer sets a new standard in the eCommerce landscape.

The platform’s focus on user-friendliness, security, and analytics positions it as a valuable tool for both customers and grocery store owners, contributing to the evolution of the online grocery retail experience. Whether you are a tech entrepreneur or an established grocery retailer, eGrocer opens up new possibilities in the digital grocery shopping realm.

Download eGrocer (v1.9.6) Online Multi Vendor Grocery Store

eGrocer Free Download


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eGrocer ChangeLog

Version 1.9.6
( 29 Dec 2023 )

+ [Added] Return order item system with wallet
+ [Added] Cancel order item system with wallet
+ [Added] Seller side product add option
+ [Added] Wallet system added 
+ [Improved] Website Flow
+ [Fixes] Other improvements and fixes

Version 1.9.5
( 1 Nov 2023 )

+ [Improvement] Input validations (Admin panel)
+ [Improvement] Promo code validations (Admin panel, website, app)
+ [Improvement] In order page address validations (Admin panel, website, app)
+ [Improvement] Library updated (Website)
+ [Improvement] Security enhancements (Website)
+ [Improvement] User interface enhancements (Website)
+ [Improvement] Page loading performance (Website)
+ [Improvement] Checkout page validations (App)
+ [Improvement] App theme (App)
+ [Improvement] App fully compatible with iOS 17
+ [Fixes] Address various other improvements and fixes across the platform

Version 1.9.4
( 20 Sep 2023 )

+ [Added] Brand-wise sale feature on both the website and app
+ [Added] Options to toggle Brand Wise Sale visibility and set the number of items displayed in the Admin panel
+ [Added] Options to show/hide categories and specify the number of items to display in the Admin panel
+ [Improvement] Enhance the phone input option during the login process on the website
+ [Improvement] Automatically hide time slots that have passed today's time
+ [Fixes] Address various other improvements and fixes across the platform

Version 1.9.3
( 05 Sep 2023 )

+ [Added] Order detail page (Website)
+ [Added] FSSAI detail inclusion in product detail page (Website, App, Panel)
+ [Added] Get direction of seller store and customer location (Seller/Delivery Boy App)
+ [Added] Call to seller and customer  (Seller/Delivery Boy App)
+ [Fixed] Seller commission issue. (Admin panel)
+ [Update] Admin panel product detail page variant image preview issue
+ [Improve] Slug routings (Website)
+ [Improve] Installation steps(Admin Panel)
+ [Improve] Auto update system (Admin Panel)
+ [Re-Design] Order tracker(Customer App)

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